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  1. The sound of mine has never been the same since I stopped drinking 3 years ago , so much so I am on a 1 box option now ,
  2. could always sign up with the mrs email
  3. https://offer.tidal.com/campaigns/5de986d679c686003235ab72/products?geo=GB&campaignId=5de986d679c686003235ab72 I cancelled mine a few months ago , but might sign back up , is there a catch
  4. one of my opal speakers is making a crackling noise in standby , if i fiddle with the adjusters on the front of the speaker , the cones move aswell , seems like a static type problem , is this a quick fix like a contact cleaner on the knobs or will i have t find someone to repair , if so does anyone know any one in birmingham who could take a look
  5. I don’t want to do this but last drop £300 no offers
  6. I got one of these and sold all my other kit , I use the the pre amp straight to a set of event opals , I love mine , GLWTS
  7. Another bump will take another £50 of the price call it £350 ovno
  8. http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/pro-ject-pre-box-rs-pre-amplifier currently £699 in audio affair , i will lower the price to £400 ovno see how that goes
  9. j this might help , i got it as is
  10. weekend bump, any offers before it goes on ebay
  11. weekend bump any offers , before it goes on ebay
  12. pro-ject pre box rs in black owned for about 3 years , i have 3 sets of valves for this so can have a little bit of valve rolling , comes with the original power box and also another power supply ,looking for about £300 ovno ,comes with remote and its box im in west bromwich in the west midlands
  13. jolida glass fx tube dac 3 ,for sale i have owned it for about 3 years and has served me well it has all its power cables and a usb cable , its has modwright upgrade , im looking for around £300 ovno , it has the original valves and a set of siemens valves , comes with all its boxes , any questions please ask im in west bromwich in the west midlands
  14. it dosent say iphone 6 do you know for sure it works ,thanks for the reply
  15. is there a iphone 6 docking station that supports coaxial or an spdif output cant seem to find anything i have an pure i20 and they dont work with an apple adapter the 5 does anyone help
  16. i have recently had problems with my streaming ,and i think i know what the problem is ,its the quality of the recording , so i am trialing tidal and i couldnt be more pleased, it dosent matter if i play through airplay into my denon 720ae or if my ipad sits on my pure ipad dock feeding into my jolida fx modded dac with a £150 of quality valves in it .there is no difference . why waist any money
  17. i have been looking at one of these ,to try and solve my streaming sound problems ,they have got a good review ,has anyone got one and what do they think .heres a review http://www.goodsound.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/667-cambridge-audio-azur-851n-network-music-player-dac-digital-preamplifier
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    how is this

    i have just started a free trial of tidal, and the sound is wonderful ,i cant get my cd or playing flac files from my nas to sound anywhere as good as this .i am streaming tidal from a ipad into a denon 720ae via airplay to my jolida valve dac to the amp ,why is this