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  1. Have you tried doing a factory reset and reflashing it to the latest firmware? Got to be worth a try first.
  2. Are you an imposter or has @TheFlash account been hacked?
  3. About £36 But in all honesty i've never noticed any discernible difference with optical cables.
  4. I'd like peter Gabriel So if it's still available?
  5. Just to add my 'tuppence ha'penny worth' to this thread....... I received the LPSU that i ordered from Fidelity Audio for my Oppo 205 today. Happy to report that it has made a marked improvement in audio, haven't put a blu-ray on to see if PQ has improved, but have just played 2 cd's. Unfortunately i didn't do it 'unsighted' as it was difficult enough fitting it as it was So a very basic and quick comparison between analogue & digital, using 2 discs i know pretty well. The first thing that i noticed was improved bass, difficult to describe, but a bit more of a 'thud' to it and seems to be faster if that makes sense? The rest of the audio seems to be a bit clearer, slightly better defined! As i say, not an extensive test and just my initial first impressions.
  6. With inbuilt tactile transducers...... Won't know whether i've got flatulence ......or if i'm just feeling the music
  7. I'll let you know when it arrives and i get it fitted
  8. I'm waiting on a LPSU from Fidelity Audio for my Oppo 205, hopefully it will be worth the expense.
  9. @Gazjam only just seen this, really interested in the mods you've done job too I'd be very interested in modding my 205, but something a little less extreme than your efforts, something like just the psu/iec & power cable to mainboard.
  10. Frank_S_571

    Arcam avr550

    Hi, The problem is the impedance of the speakers, or more accurately the fact that the Arcam AVR 550 isn't rated to handle <4 Ohm loads and when driven harder your speakers might dip below this, which in turn causes the 550 to shut down. You can go into the extended menu on the 550 (long press on the menu button) and adjust the sensitivity if really need that much volume? What other speakers do you have running through the 550, am assuming more than just the 603's as it's an AVR ? .....If running with a Sub, try upping your crossover and make sure speakers are set as SMALL.
  11. @stevebrown Many thanks for that, think the Oppo 205 is a bit better than the 105, although never compared them side by side as i had the 103D before the 205. Quite a fan of Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music myself, Avalon is excellent in SACD. I'm very interested in trying the 20's for stereo duties, i already have Dual PSA S1811's (sealed 18" Subs) so don't really need the C5 . If you don't mind me asking, what speakers do you have?
  12. Thought i'd ask here as i've not been able to dig up any more information on a couple of older ATC speakers. The ones i'm having difficulty finding out about are: ATC C5CA Active Centre ATC C5 Sub Have found C1, C2, C3, C4 and C6 Subs but can't find any reference to a C5, also not having much luck turning up anything on the C5CA Active Centre? To the best of my knowledge the speakers are about 10 years old, or older, they may have come as part of a 5.1 package, and also may have been originally purchased in the USA, the other speakers are: 2 X ATC SCM20-2 Active Monitors 2 X ATC SCM10-2 Active Monitors But it does seem to be a bit of a strange combination, maybe region specific if they did come from USA? I have been in contact with ATC, but unfortunately i haven't got the serial numbers for all of the speakers at the moment. I also have a thread in 2 channel, so will keep an eye on that one as it seems to be a bit more active than this one. Thanks in advance for any help. Shane
  13. Thanks very much for you contributions so far, very much appreciated. I have already been in contact with ATC via their website, unfortunately when i initially went to look at the speakers, i didn't get the serial Numbers of all of them, took pictures of 1 of each, so hoping the others will be consecutive numbers, the ones i did get have been provided to ATC, so hopefully they will get back to me soon. Unfortunately my friend is out of the country for a couple of weeks, i have arranged to go over and hopefully get all of the speakers inspected and photographed properly. She is pretty sure that she still has all the boxes, so that's a bonus when it comes to selling and transporting them. I must admit that i am quite interested in the 20's myself, i'd like to give them a try compared to my current XTZ M8's for stereo music playing. As an aside to that, does anyone know if they'll play hooked up to the dedicated stereo XLR outs of my Oppo UDP-205, also wondering if i can hook them up to my Astell & Kern Kann via an XLR splitter cable, i have a TRRS to XLR (F) so i can swap out headphones, so a XLR (M) to dual XLR (F) splitter should enable me to connect the speakers? Thanks to everyone who has commented so far to this thread.