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  1. He has a nuvista 800 starting at £3.5k , someone might land a bargain.
  2. The ushers are great speakers, I have the dmd versions myself. I can't comment on how they would work with your amp as I have no experience of it but what I can tell you is that good stands make a huge difference in the bass. I have mine on partington broadsides which are sand filled, astonishing bass for a standmount.
  3. Itchy trigger fingers all round
  4. I have a mk1 Brooklyn which I got stupid cheap off fleabay, Fantastic thing, the meters are the bobbins they tell me exactly how much green, yellow and red I am getting.
  5. These amp are superb , I know, I've got one glws.
  6. That's a great price for an 800, glwts.
  7. I actually quite like these
  8. I have a Diane also, although mine is the nn version (Dianne). Do what she says, Dian(n)es are not to be trifled with as you well know!
  9. Nicky

    Dali 2.8 suite I had a pair of these, great speakers fot the money
  10. Nicky

    Oracle Delphi

    Thought this might be of interest
  11. ....other than the fully working pair which only have one tweeter...
  12. A look at his other items reveals that he only deals in speakers with SUPERB SOUND!!!!!!
  13. Uzzy the Ushers don't vibrate in anyway the whole setup is rock solid, I think hski was talking about speakers he had. I agree with you about the footprint but I love standmounts.....for the time being anyway.
  14. Agreed, it all sounds good as and any benefit would be minimal to non existent I guess. I shall point my idle fingers elsewhere.