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  1. wtb gato amp-150, anniversary if possible PM if available
  2. Hi, does anyone have packaging for a roksan Caspian M2 they may wish to sell
  3. Hi My music streaming setup is as follows: mac mini 2012 (audirvana) https://www.iglooaudio.co.uk/m2tech-hiface-two.html/shawline rca rega dac r This works great, sound good to my ear. I had a spare hiface and have decided to experient. I bought a cheap nvidia shield 2017 and I've connected to dac the same way as i've attached my macmini. I'm getting sound and sounds better than before when watching netflix etc. I have however noted that it is permantly at 192, when most of the time it should be 44/48. Do any of you advice on how to fix this?
  4. 'ello lovely hifi community. I have been into hifi for years, but only with some knowledge. I let reviews, hifi shop guys, and friends guide me. I'm beginning to understand the relationship between sensitivity and required power. For example, my Proac d20r speakers have a sensitivity of 88.5db/1w/1m. If at same distance I wanted to increase by 3db, my amp would need to output 2w and for an additional 3db I'd need to output 4w, and so on. Now, nobody sits 1 metre from their speakers. I am currently about 3-4 metres from my rig and my phone db metre says i'm hitting an average of 81
  5. @Sir_Franc is an, honest, responsive, fair and helpful seller - highly recommend. Have had the hiface outputting from macmini into rega dac r using chord shawline rca for a few hours now and i'm blown away, it feels like a properly expensive upgrade. Compared to optical the sound is warmer, but not overly so, and the bass and mid more controlled than before, plus extra level of detail. Excuse french, but f*ck optical
  6. Ello wanted - M2Tech HiFace Two (usb-coax/rca). PM if available, cheers
  7. Hi My query is linked this post: https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/149766-amp-upgrade-no-experience-of-pre-and-power/ My hifi mate has recommended some power amps, but i'm unsure of output impedance of my roksan caspian m2. I have found this advice: ' When matching preamps to power amps, a general rule of thumb is for the load (amp) input impedance to be at least 10 times higher than the source (preamp) output impedance to provide a suitably flat frequency response. Many prefer using a minimum ratio closer to 20 to 1, or having an amp with input impedance 20 times or more grea
  8. @Minicoupeman getting that impression. Just a guess, but imagining back in the daty, before technology evolved pre/power might have been preferred, if not only solution to gain more power, open stage. I still have my first ever amp, bought secondhand at a market stall, keeping just in case things go tits up, but more for sentimental reasons - a jvc A-S3. My mate, who got me into hifi, is more into vintage, he's got toshiba aurex sb77 amp and kef 105 mkII (says it's best amp he's heard, and tried a few)
  9. @uzzycheers, you have been really helpful, thanks
  10. @uzzy so the avn, with more power, a viable option. Sorry to bother you, and be assured i won't simply buy if you say yes, but am i on right lines?
  11. this has put cat amongst pigeons, although prob stick hang tight: https://www.vickershifi.com/products/ur150/unison-research-unico-150-valve-hybrid-integrated-amplifier https://www.whathifi.com/unison-research/unico-150/review In reference to the sugden a21, if i've understood @uzzy correctly, it is under powered (30w into 8ohm) for my proac d20r speakers (sensitivity: 88.5db). Would the sugden anv50 not be a better option? sourced one for around 3k
  12. @uzzy and all others, really useful, thank you. As said earlier, i'm sure (not really), that my rig knows i'm looking around and has decided to sound particularly good in the past few days. I did find a roksan caspian m2 pwr on hifi sale for 800, and guy just along the road, but sold last month I think i'll hold my fire
  13. Remote not necessary, have some movement in right hand
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