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  1. Ok, I'm not sure how, but i've fixed the issue and added radio. I have audirvana and j river running, with output from audiranva going through jriver. There is now parity between source and output. I have audirvana remote and jriver remote, with the latter used to select radio stations added to jriver. And most importantly, sounding better than it did. Oh and music is being streamed from tidal, something which j river does not do by default Update - fix not worked. It plays two tracks of any given playlist then craps out. This is driving me insane. All i want to bit-perfect playback and the bloody radio.
  2. Fiddled about with midi output settings, but nothing seems to alter that it always outputs at 24bit. The sample rate always matches source, up to 96 obviously
  3. Hi This is a follow up to this lengthy thread: I have my pc (main computer) and 2012 mac mini connected to my rega dac r, using optical connection. I am still considering using an A-B usb to connect pc, freeing up optical to tv (this post with include a question on this.) The mac and pc both have this streaming software install: Setting are the same on the pc and mac, with pc outputting using WAPSI and mac Core Audio. My first question is, why are source and output identical on pc (eg 16/44.1-16/44.1), but on mac it always outputs at maximum bit depth (eg 16/44.1 - 24/44.1)? Is this a common thing with Core Audio? The second question I have is to ask whether or not audio grade usbs are just hifi bull****. I could pick up a basic one for a few quid or buy something like these: I'd happily take any advice you have on suitable usbs. The final question i have is in regard to a radio streamer. is a nice piece of streaming software, but it does not have the capability of adding radio URLs. Please might you be able to suggest mac radio streaming software that has the ability to be controlled from a phone app (like the remote for audirvana). NB. I VNC into the mac from my pc for management. Cheers
  4. Really do think i'm just going to use spare (not so good dacmagic) dac for tv, that way everything is connected through optical. It's difficult for me to try things, as I am disabled and I'm unable to use my hands properly. A friend will help me set up and i don't want to confuse matters for someone who isn't hifi savy. The tv really isn't that important to me, i just need sound for the rare occasions i watch it
  5. either the coax or,Kanye West's Yeezus with conviction.
  6. Thanks for all the advice. Think i've come down to 3 options: 1. use toslink/coax convertor 2. connect main computer via usb 3. Use my old dac (dacmagic 100) for tv I'm vearing towards third option, as rarely watch tv, i just need sound on the rare occasions that i do
  7. This is what i've ordered Plan to install this:
  8. Hi quick question. I've just ordered a 2012 mac mini for a streamer. I plan to connect to my rega -dac-r using mini toslink to toslink cable. The issue is, both optical inputs on dac are currently used (main computer and tv). I wonder can i use something like this to connect tv to dac: . I know i could use usb to connect dac to main computer, but i have read that the sound isn't as good, plus i want my dac to be integrated into hifi rather than sat on computer desk. More importantly i have nice 1 meter chord rca cables and dac needs to be close to hifi to use. Alternatively, might there be a way for tv sound to connect to mac via bluetooth and sound passed through to dac. i don't think this latter suggestion is possible, but no harm asking.
  9. Afternoon. I'm not sure if i'm posting in correct section, I'm sure there used to be a digital music thread. My apologies if my question is in wrong part of forum. I have just ordered a second hand rega dac-r. This will replace my CA dacmagic 100. I have chosen to upgrade for the following reasons: I have not scratched my hifi itch in a while the dacmagic has only 1 optical connection (which is taken by tv) the dac-r seems to get a good write up sub £500 (I did consider the m-dac, but seems to have a bewildering number of filtering options and has gotten average reviews) Reviews i've seen regarding usb connectivity of the dac-r seem to be a bit meh. I therefore would like to connect to my pc via optical s/pif. My computer has the following motherboard: . This is where my question(s) lie: how do I correctly connect using optical (do i activate onboard audio in bios and then output shows in control panel/sounds, allowing me to set as default)? are there any additional things i need to do in windows to get best out of dac? will any s/pif optical cable suffice for connection? what filter is best all round (i know probably subjective, but never had experience of filters) can preferred filters on dac be saved for source type? I mainly use tidal (inc masters) for playback and have a small library of music files stored on a nas drive. Weirdly, since ordering the dac-r, the wee dacmagic 100 is sounding better than it ever has, almost like it knows it's about to be replaced. I expect delivery mid-week and any advice is appreciated.
  10. 'ello, apologies in advance if this goes on a bit, but I'd really appreciate some advice. I've bought this: plus an additional 16 ram. The main aim being to transcode plex at an affordable cost. Should do the job nicely with files stored on a synology nas (4tb). I am however also thinking it will do nicely as a music server. I've found an old xonar d2 lying around the house which I'm thinking i could use. This is where my questions come. Is it possible to to connect coax out to my external dac, so that the xonar pumps out the signal without processing? I'd want external dac to do the job Another question is in regard to power. Does the xonar really need as much as 155 watts. Seems a bit excessive for a sound card when the processor for my proposed server requires 69 watts. The PSU in the server is only 240 watts, that why i raise this concern. Your help is much appreciated.
  11. Think he may have wired it up, but getting no sound. Makes me think it has no phono board installed. Would this be a fair assumption and do think think the phono link i've suggested is the right option?
  12. a work colleague has a naim nac92 pre amp and he's just picked up a project III turntable for £1 (17 quid to replace motor). He's asked me about connecting it up. I've found the correct internal board for him ( ) and have also suggested a similar alternative external stage (trichord dino). I am however, unsure how to connect to the naim pre-amp, a it seem to have xlr balanced inputs. I've evener used these, have any of you got some advice to give me? Cheers
  13. Hi I received an Amazon echo dot as a christmas present. I yet to unbox it, as i am doing some research as to how to get the best from it and integrated it into my hifi. My initial thought is to buy a bluetooth receiver with an optical out and connect the receiver to a spare optical in on my dac. Do any of you guys think this will work, or is it possible the internal dac on the dot, which i assume it has, will cause problems?
  14. Got the nas today. Niffty little piece of kit. Not too much faffing around to get it up and running - toons playing nicely through jriiver and may stream a movie while i fall asleep in bed. Cheers for advice Chris - top advice from a top bloke!
  15. Thought for a few extra quid I may as well get 4tb, rather than 3tb
  16. went for this: Synology Disk Station DS116 1 Bay SATA 6Gb/s NAS Server £285 with sat delivery Will buy back up drive next pay day. Won't have anything never 4tb of data on it in 4 weeks.
  17. gotta love the triphop matey: takes me back to being a student. One of the reason got into hifi...I'll leave it to you imagination why. You have been a great help chris, saved me from making huge mistake, thanks so much for your help. Now just have to decide whether or not to take the plunge. Might try and find shiner back up drive. I take it i would leave this connected at all times and schedule back up through nas os?
  18. one more question. Some of my audio files which i play in jriver are between 1-3gb: two hour latin jazz, nu jazz and triphop mixes. will they play fine over a network?
  19. Something like this: x2 £369 inc p&p