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    SOLD ...

    I am a genuine seller, I just feel that the money being lost on these speakers is too great. I am not really hurting for cash and only selling because traveling with such a large chunk of loudspeaker is a bit problematic. Sorry folks but offers of £7500 and even £8000 is just too much of a loss to take on the chin. I am sure others will turn up elsewhere (I see there are some stunning 802s up for sale in the USA). There really isn't any time wasted as I had not agreed to sell and certainly no one came to my house to collect or anything, no agreements were made to back out of. I also insist on in person transactions as in people collect so I cannot see how the scam accusation holds. I love these speakers -- a lot, but they are impractically huge and heavy and will cost a lot for me to ship and import plus they need powerful amps to cart around and I am happier with less but that does not mean I will accept low offers on £18K speakers. I would rather keep them than lose too much on them. Apologies if peoples feelings are hurt that I do not accept low offers but I will not just sell them at any price because I am not desperate for cash. I felt my initial ask of £8.5K was too low for me in the end and yes I have been umming and ahhing about their sale because I like them that much -- they are definitely the endgame speakers. I think many of us have been where I am before. Its something I think I might live to regret if I sold them at a knockdown price. Skaface I hope you eventually find your pair.
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    now sorted xx
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