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  1. I think McIntosh missed the mark terribly with their new MC2152. The new amp seems to have taken cues from Audio Research and Prima Luna and married them terribly. Its not just a huge difference from the classic McIntosh look but the large square transformers do not conform to the curvature of the Amps chassis. I am sure the MC2152 sounds remarkable but I will not be a buyer. I have ordered the C70 preamp.
  2. The McIntosh MC2000 is a dual mono "Stereo" amp only, there is no switch for mono or stereo. They were never sold in pairs. I am sure of this as I have a pair of MC2000's. You can however have a cable made to run the amps as mono blocks but the configuration is quite complicated for most. The McIntosh MC2102 has a switch for mono or stereo.
  3. Personally I feel the new McIntosh MC2152 amplifier is a departure from the classic look. The C70 preamp looks more traditional McIntosh. What are your opinions on the new look?
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  5. I could not find any info on a McIntosh owners club on this site, so I thought I would start one. Please share your McIntosh audio pics. I will kick this off with a few of my own.
  6. Thanks. VPI TNT with 12" arm, tri-pulley & flywheel