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  1. If anyone is still watching, I'm in denial by the way. Resisting sending the Canary Audio back just yet even though more listening yesterday confirmed that the Baby Ref makes music in a way I simply didn't expect. It was supposed to be merely a transparent benchmark to help me pick which tube pre to own. Where's expectation bias when you need it?
  2. Do you subscribe to a music streaming service? Which one(s) if so?
  3. Why would Airplay be an issue? You don't want that! Airplay uses wifi to send a music signal direct from the device to the Airplay-capable streamer. Typically router > device > streamer rather than Node style router > streamer. I presume you don't use Airplay today.
  4. Thanks. You have a decent vinyl front end there too! This is an interesting post but the DAC thing might get the attention it deserves over here; definitely worth putting a link to this post over there:
  5. Yep. Fourlegs' experimentation may well enlighten me otherwise and I'm open to that.
  6. No, one could carry on using the Node 2i exactly as today. The only difference is remembering to switch the DAC on before playing music... if you are in the habit of switching it off, like I am.
  7. It woud be unusual if adding an external DAC affected its functionality. Most DACs are simply fit-and-forget unless you're the filter-tinkering sort.
  8. Interesting. And what do you two gentlemen draw from this yourselves? I’ll give it a part of my life if you can hint at the conclusions either he or you draw. Thanks!
  9. DAC suggestions (in which case see related DAC thread started earlier today, which may help if the conversation takes off)? Or streamer suggestions?
  10. I think as a naked streamer the Node 2i is going to take a lot of beating. To the point where exploring different streamers is not on my radar.
  11. I'm afraid your line of reasoning isn't working for me. You may need to break it down but I need to hit the sack soon as lockdown isn't translating as shorter working days for me. There's nothing I can do about the limited auditioning opportunities in Benelux I'm afraid. If iFi SMPS's reduce noise back into the mains because they're quiet SMPS's then that is a good thing. You've given me an idea to try same here. But we should perhaps try to focus on getting a linear PSU to Belgium on loan so you can hear, or not hear, the difference yourself for only the shipping costs.
  12. How do you double-plus-like a post?
  13. Bigging this up. And missing Serge.
  14. Great thread, and big thanks for carving it out. If everyone just talks about anything regardless of thread topic, the forum will eventually implode. Still, I'll give it 2 pages to turn into a lively debate on mains conditioners! Seriously, great space to carve out a discussion on DACs. Let me ask the FAQ (Fiendish Anticipated Question): IMHO the DAC can make far more difference to the sound than a streamer can. So why DAC options for Bluesound rather than plain old DAC options? I am actually more interested in the focused question than the generic, but someone will ask...