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  1. I agree about mains cables, though I like mine to be shielded; that's all the fanciness I ask. The only way a mains cable can affect the sound of a system is if it's chucking out noise which is picked up by other (signal) cables or by equipment. Shielding does not need to make a cable mega-expensive. Nick's cable isn't supposed to address a real issue, it does address a real. But your point about variability in equipment sensitivity to the problem is a wholly valid one. The issue is not universal. Finally, I think proof is a difficult concept here. If you mean evidence in the form of
  2. Thanks @DomT. And it would be nice to think, wouldn't it, that such a compelling experience would be welcomed by wammers who have not yet had the opportunity to hear such a difference for themselves. But instead, there seems to be more than enough carping and bitching, a lot of armchair experts saying how something can't possibly be, people equating premium price with foo, people asking for measurements when they're not genuinely interested, they've already made up their minds, etc etc. I find it all rather depressing, frankly. I think I might find myself a hifi forum.
  3. Which reminds me. A piece of string walks into a bar. The bartender asks "excuse me, are you a piece of string?". "Yes", says the piece of string, "do you have a problem with that?" "No", says the bartender, "it's just that we don't get many in here". A few minutes later, another piece of string walks into the bar. The bartender asks "excuse me, are you a piece of string?". "Yes", says the second, "do you have a problem with that?" "No", says the bartender, "it's just that we don't get many in here, and I think that might be a friend of yours over there". Ano
  4. That would be a treat! I'd happily bring my Wave(s), though just want to be sure you are not confusing your Nicks with your Nigels... similar names and we live only 15 mins apart. Sweet dreams. Oh no, he's already nodded off.
  5. Apologies, I had thought Nick's Icon Audios which preceded the Pass Labs were 300B's; they may have been 845's.
  6. What John says. This is a ready-pimped Node with the interface board already installed and an SBooster in the package. It's a substantial step up from the stock Node, and a well-priced bundle. Sorry, got mixed up. I meant the PFM Getgaff bundle.
  7. I know the Icon Audios have disappeared, Nick, but you still have the Border Patrol, don't you? Scrap that, clearly not! You mentioned this in one of my distracted moments, probably...
  8. Great post! It's actually become the Defence-of-Wave thread. Those of us who enjoy them getting a little grumpy about people who haven't heard them dismissing them or grouping them with other reassuringly expensive cables because of their price point or asking for measurements to "prove" something. I agree, to judge you'd have to hear their difference (or not! your ears might be different and your system most likely will be, and I'd suggest this is a system noise thing rather than a personal preference thing). And then check your wallet if relevant. Absolutely with you on your a
  9. I'd sooooo love to hear your DAC. Nick and I do tend to lean different ways on the DAC front, though we both manage to enjoy each other's systems very much when allowed to do so!
  10. There you go again, Rabski. It's people like you... . . . ... just teasing!
  11. Agreed. We should be shooting the message not the messenger.
  12. Out of order. I love the way people I've never met can read my mind and know exactly my motivations for acting and communicating as I do. It's really clever. Except it is not. There is no touting going on here, defences are being mounted because a product is being dismissed as an X, and an "expensive X" at that, whereas some of us have heard the difference it makes. If you did too, you'd understand. Perhaps your system is noise-free compared with my dCS and Node set up, and Chord Blu2/DAVE setups around the world, and you wouldn't hear any difference at all. That's great. You ar
  13. It’s the analogue bit of the DAC which is affected by the noise. Seriously, you will “get” this if you hear a system with such a cable in it... unless your equipment mix is so devoid of noise-generating stuff that it has no job to do. If this thread is about helping the OP, it’s not right to discuss such finishing touches here. He has a great system and lots of listening to do!
  14. Without reference to any particular post, but to a few pages of, er, excitement, I trust we all slept well. One could be forgiven for thinking, from the energy exerted in finger-on-keyboard action, that some of us have been - what’s the phrase, ah yes - locked down for a while and needed to release tension!
  15. I’d support Van Damme and add that I used Mark Grant’s Canare XLR’s to my SCM40A’s but have now settled on Belden 1800F from Blue Jeans. They’re lower capacitance.
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