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  1. That will be expectation bias then. If the perception is that analogue sounds analogue then it will too. However, I'm not sure I understand what this analogue sound or digital sound is. The former is almost always used as a compliment and the latter almost always used as a criticism. When actually listening, I can enjoy both analogue and digital sources, thank you, and I suspect many of us here do just that.
  2. TheFlash

    Iinnous mk2

    Unlikely. Probably my ten-mins-away doppelganger Nick @Fourlegs...
  3. TheFlash

    Iinnous mk2

    I am happy to provide, at no cost, advice on how to correct an erroneous thread title. As DomT gently points out, your thread title says Linnous. Your initial post speaks of innous. Maybe there are manufacturers called Linnous and Innous. To some of us, this matters. Mind you, it serves them right for choosing a name that can so easily be misspelt. I bet Sonny, Yamahar and Lucksman have no such issues.
  4. “It” is actually “they” - one amplifier per driver. They can easily compete because of where they reside: after the crossover not before it. If you heard active ATC’s vs the equivalent passives with some serious amplification, you’d see (hear) this for yourself.
  5. That's outrageously close to a personal attack but funny enough to get away with it... I do think you're making cheap jokes for the sake of it, though. Pizza is an Italian speciality which should be made the Italian way. That's a fact, I'm confident, though I was unable to find a scientifically validated paper confirming this. We must differentiate between whether a pizza is high quality (authentic) and whether we personally enjoy it. For example, some people like certain toppings; this is their prerogative but we should not confuse our personal preference for one or other pizza with whether that pizza is an accurate representation of Pizza. Tastebuds are notoriously unreliable and there are all sorts of external factors which can affect our perception at any given moment: ambience, accompanying salad (or not), accompanying wine. Let's not kid ourselves. I look forward to the bake-off. Regards, Flashie.
  6. You said there is no rush... In about two months' time we have the Wam Show at Kegworth (20 miles north of Rearsby) and the HiFi Show near Daventry (I think). Quite a few wammers will be going to one or both shows. Will you be one of them? I presume not or you'll be your own taxi. You might however stand a better chance of identifying a London-bound wammer around the time of these shows. PS. Top tip. Change your title from "Wam taxi request" to "Wam taxi request Leicestershire to London - flexible timing". Make it easier for those whose help you seek to work out whether your cry for help is relevant to them. Good luck.
  7. I doubt it... I could be mistaken but the AF One and the CD 1 would generally be viewed as a class or two above the MA's - as would the Opera Callas. I'm not sure this is the right thread to get proper advice on the system synergies here, as few if any AF owners are likely to pair the AF with MA's. If you start a new thread, be sure to say what you think is missing in the sound of your current system. PS. Is this your system? There can't be that many similar systems out there!
  8. As some eagle-eyed wammers have already spotted, the hifi system at Flash Towers is featured* in this month's HiFi News magazine. . . . * I asked whether they had ever cracked the DAC board conundrum on the FLS integrated they reviewed and/or had a manual for it as I couldn't get one from manufacturer or dealer. I was invited to write a letter, including my hifi history and some nice pics, and they would then invite the manufacturer to respond. Incredibly helpful team there, very impressed. Hence one page "feature" = letter. The update is that I bought the DAC board, installed it, and all is working and straightforward... and sounding rather special.
  9. Whooshhh! Did someone shine the FlashLight? Thankfully my superhero skills were not required over the weekend as beer was involved but now I'm Lycra-clad and ready for action... though someone appears to have cunningly tightened my suit around the waist, so I'm generally A Round. Including being A Round on Thursday. I'm working so timings will be important. Sounds good. I can't offer to bring the dCS stack, it would take me until Thu to extract it... could possibly bring just the (vintage?) Elgar Plus at risk of popping the dCS "legend" balloon. Depends on how the comparative listening is to be conducted of course, and the balance between listening for details (Chord then) or the whole (more debatable). Nice idea!
  10. You’d need to ask elsewhere, but I believe valve amps have relatively high current output for their wattage.
  11. Funny I thought it was the other way around, valve amps were great at voltage while beefy SS amps were good at providing current. I’m not sure what you mean by voltage… do you mean wattage? To be discussed elsewhere perhaps!
  12. My FLS10 based system adorns the letters pages of HiFi News (September issue). It was an attempt to flush out a user manual for the optional DAC board as I didn’t know whether the board is plug and play user-installable or factory fit only how to select from the 7 available filters The ploy didn’t work but I took the plunge on a pre-owned board courtesy of a very helpful seller who sent me a couple of short videos. In summary, the DAC board is indeed plug and play, it simply slides into place and digital source appears after the analogue ones selection of filters is an extension of the Set functionality and works in ex tly the same way. It’s a great DAC. I’m currently favouring Filter 6.
  13. Yes, must grab myself a copy! Thanks to @andyp64 for doing some of the close-up photography during his stay too
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