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  1. I am... and there is no rush as there appears to be some Rabski-Purite action keeping wammers entertained in the meantime.
  2. It's not miles away, you are! Trouble with turntables in general and sprung turntables in particular is that few people, even if they have the original packaging, will want to disassemble for shipping and take the risks of damage in transit. You'll need to be patient...
  3. Now there is something where stacking can only take away not add! (FYI, I use a BT Gigabit switch but let's not stray too far from clocking...)
  4. less than 24 hours to go:
  5. To be picky (but helpful if doing online searches: the one in the case is called a Gyrodec, the one you mean is called a Gyro SE not a Gyrodec SE.
  6. You need to get yourself to Kendal again, Nick, so you can see and hear it! Looks even better in the metal, I can assure you. Can't wait to hear this into the Posselts... if it overwhelms them then I have the Thiels on the subs bench but I can't see that being necessary.
  7. Calling @This boy can wait. Are you receiving!
  8. Yes, analogue anoraks, look away now... I had heard of the Innuos Phoenix but a Mutec MC-3+ USB reclocker came up for sale on the Wam. It was snapped up pretty sharpish but my interest was piqued, purely academic of course (must remember the dangers of that). The Phoenix handles USB in/out but the MC-3+ USB handles USB and SPDIF inputs (that USB suffix is because there is a cheaper non-USB vesion of the MC-3+). The one drawback of the Bluesound Node 2i, an otherwise stonking streamer IMHO, is its lack of USB out which means no matter how decent the DAC it feeds, the signal is clocked at the Node 2i end not the DAC end. A reclocker should make a better job of this than a mid-priced streamer... and then I read reviews raving about the Mutec magic in a range of higher end setups. On eBay came up a pair of MC-3+ USB's with the PSU's ripped out and replacd by a short cable, ready for a linear PSU to power them. I bought them. Two? Why do you need two? Well some mad folk "cascade" them - no, I don't get it either. Anyway I got the second one for close to 50% of the first as a bundle so why not. I bought an Allo Shanti LPSU which has two 5v outputs. Instead of Node 2i > Metrum Pavane DAC, you go Node > Mutec > Metrum - or in my case Node 2i > Mutec > Mutec > Metrum. It's mad, clearly. But it works. More detail, which I don't chase per se but here it gives more tightness, a shape to the notes. By definition reclocking must work across the spectrum but I particularly noticed the bass has a more obvious pluck or attack and things like vocals and guitar have more air around them. So they're staying. These are a studio device which a hifi enthusiast noticed and the word spread. Studios use them to align the time signals on multiple digital devices, hence huge connectivity. You can use an external clock (like Mutec's own at c.£3,000 - crikey) or the MC-3+'s internal clock which is damned good. They have far more functionality than mere mortal music lovers require and what looks like a complicated set of lights, but I can assure you that configuration is dead straightforward, far easier than say on an equally ugly/functional RME ADI-2 DAC: just two buttons and a bit of toggling and you're done. The lights are extinguishable: pressing two buttons locks the panel and kills the lights, stopping someone in a studio or concert hall from accidentally ruining a performance... Both photos show them powered up, with and without lights on. These are now tucked away behind my cabinet.
  9. Yep... it was an optional extra at cost. If not taken up, there is just a blank here. A very decent amp!
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, those two RCA's top right on the rear suggest this has the in-built MM phono stage which is a desirable extra for some folk.
  11. Yeah sure, it's great decision-making but it's not a hobby or an obsession is it? I mean where are the moments of ecstasy and moments of doubt spread out over several years? Where's the restlessness? The Wam wouldn't exist if everyone was as good at picking a great system as Griff has been... No classifieds. No "thinking of a change" threads. No "how to choose a hifi system" advice. It's missing the point. I think in a couple of months time, Griff needs to decide he really really wants to play vinyl. That will give us turntables, arms, carts and phono stages to advise on. There must be at least another four weeks of chat right there.
  12. You're a great storyteller! Nicely put and a serious front end you've ended up with there. However, I think you're missing something really important... ... you're supposed to take ages to get here. You fiddle and tweak, you move from huge smiley satisfaction at your system's sound one day to a niggling concern that you could do better the next. You seek advice from online forums and get hugely conflicting advice. You buy some stuff you keep for a while and some stuff you move on pretty quickly. You start to discern the difference between what you are, apparently, supposed to like and what you actually enjoy. It's been nice having on the Wam, thanks for popping in, but I think you're done now. Stay safe!
  13. I think that’s worth repeating.