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  1. At least it has a real inside, like with wires and stuff. (What is that stuff?)
  2. Incoming news from Supratek Supremo Mick. Some learning remotes will work, and if I get stuck he can send me another original. Which is pretty peachy!
  3. I respect your opinion whilst holding a completely different one myself!
  4. A fine looking, and no doubt sounding, amp. GLWS
  5. Well you know my opinion of the V1: extraordinary. The V2 must be stellar. GLWS
  6. No!! The key is the pivotal icon of the customer experience! Not convinced? Hold an Audia Flight remote for a few minutes. The amp is awesome and the remote reassures you that expectation bias is wholly justified as you're in the presence of quality. A different topic perhaps, and one on which wammers are as likely to agree as on cables.
  7. Possibly bingo... AMERICAN HIGH, CURTIS MATHES, GE, PANASONIC, QUASAR, TECHNICS! Will try the 11414 code using my Arcam remote in the next day or two and report back. Thanks everyone.
  8. Thanks again. My code is 11414. That's the reprogramming code afte battery change, should be the same thing I think... but may not be.
  9. Thanks. My Arcam remote is a hugely advanced remote, with a massive list of different manufacturers and devices which can be controlled. But I think all these are possible because RC5 is just about universal. I had a older Musical Fidelity pre/power and there was no way this could be controlled by anything other than the original (or a smilar age/spec MF) remote. I suspect if your Harmony can control it, my Arcam can... but I need to know how to programme it, and whether 11414 is the code I need. Heading north later today so will give it a shot anyway!
  10. Thanks, useful site! The code I have to re-enter to reprogramme after changing batteries is 11414; unfotunately, that code is not listed. Hopefully Mick will advise.
  11. Thanks Phil. If the 9910 means this has the same board inside then that would be peachy! If I change the batteries on the remote I have to reprogramme it using code 11414. Most RC5 remotes remember the code once it’s been set. I’ve just remembered that my Arcam remotes can be taught to control other devices... that should be my starting point then. Maybe 11414 is the actual RC5 code I need! I don’t expect to find Supratek in any code list at the back of another manual. Will keep you posted. 👍
  12. I like it very much. 100% agree on the ugliness and cheapness of many remotes for otherwise premium brands! I have asked Mick what compatible replacement I should use but he’s slower than usual to respond. If he’s using same remote board inside the amp then whatever remote he supplies these days, however ugly, would be really useful to know. Could you post a photo or link? _________________________ In response to others, whilst I appreciate your suggestions, I know all about learning remotes, perhaps I should have said. Two reservations: 1) They might not work. The “universal” is probably not universal. These are RC5 devices to replace RC5 devices. If anyone has used one to learn from a Select 1 then fine but otherwise it’s a gamble. Also people seem to be forget that the reason I’ve posted is my remote has died. It therefore won’t have anything to teach another! I’d need to enter the codes from a list and only Mick can tell me if the remote is RC5 compatible and what the code is. 2) All I want is volume up and down. Most of these are not only ugly as f..., they have 100 buttons. I’m holding out for something as simple as the original... and hopefully prettier.
  13. It now seems to be Send with Buyer Protection or Send to Someone You Trust. I guess we’ll all just make our own words up then!