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  1. Apologies to @jamesrfisher who I also should have tagged for the NTFS suggestion. Awesome, dude, as they say in... actually, where do they say that?
  2. Crikey, that seems bargaintastic even at original price. Steal warning here! Can you point interested parties to somewhere they can find further info on the attenuator etc. Asking for a friend...
  3. Thanks folks. I am pleased to report that I have a huge chunk of music on my NTFS-formatted MyPassport drive. I've reconnected to complete the process. It takes far longer than I expected but seems to be working. I can see all the folders and files (albums and tracks) in my Finder view. I tried to drag and drop from NAS to drive on my laptop to compare speed but it refused. I'm guessing this is because it's NTFS formatted. Just for the hell of it, I've downloaded the £15.95 Paragon software (thanks @jamster) and when I reboot will check it out. Then, with luck and a fair wind, o
  4. TheFlash

    Second bit

    Is it transportable? Kegworth by any chance?
  5. TheFlash

    Second bit

    That looks seriously smart (both do). Though I have to say: Have you thought about just buying stuff instead? I heard the other day about a thing called circuit boards: apparently they help boxes make sound without using valves and they last (nearly) forever. Valves are just SO old-fashioned. Look into it, and I think you'll agree solid state is the future. Hope this saves you some trouble. I know you're into your hifi but for me it's all about the music. Peace and love.
  6. Brilliant. Usbshare1-2 it is. Let me give that a shot tomorrow. Crikey, what a forum. It has, you know, like experts and stuff.
  7. Crikey Dave, this is awesome. You could be a teacher! And use a Raspberry Pi and make it work. I am however trying to transfer only music files at this stage. So this may not be a factor. Must catch up soon. Living and learning.
  8. Noooo! Don't ask him that! Nick's system makes my multi-box complicated thing look like straightforward. And cheap. Mind you, I understand that it was probably sounding its best ever at the weekend. Just me and the horses listening from outside of course.
  9. I'll have a look in my cables box, will let you know if I find anything that long. It will probably be reassuringly expensive. It may be called Deep Cryo X Ultimate Platinum MkIV. If this looks like it has been written on hurriedly in biro, rest assured this is the even more valuable Stealth version and this is done to fool thieves into thinking it has little value.
  10. I've never worked that out and have never noticed which labels use MQA more than others, never mind exclusively. Thanks, I now know. Will keep Deezer in reserve. I agree about Spotify interface, I never had an issue with that and it was my first and longest lasting streaming experience. CD quality Spotify would/will be interesting.
  11. I intend to use Hyper Backup in my final config. However, I want to be able to see the data files/folders, possibly attach the MyPassport to another computer/streamer not to have to restore it to access it. At this stage, I don't want a "proper" backup, just a copy of my music files, just like @SnapperMike did. As you can see here my total library is under 0.5TB. This is what I am used to seeing when using Finder and looking at my NAS: tracks within album folders, all reassuring. If on my desktop I drag and drop albums from NAS to MyPassport, I see the same structure
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