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  1. Nooo!!! Not dunce, definitely not dunce. Message me and we can talk about my £5k+ speaker purchase only last year, and i think I'm a pretty seasoned pro here. Dealer recommended burn-in first (done) and £2k fancy cables second (saw this one coming! I'm no cable sceptic but these were not going to fix a fundamental flaw). Don't panic into anything. You have some great components there.
  2. You mean wammers not warmers. This is forum life!
  3. Lifestyle indicators there. He might be a diabetic teetotaller! I think the internationally agreed Medium-Large Carrot and Standard Halloumi should also be considered as easily recognised units of measure.
  4. You mean "practice". So here we have a guy selling DACs from £1,000 to £10,000 with his holier than though prouncements about "snake oil" as if he's the only guy making an honest living out of hifi and eveyone else is pulling a fast one. Let me think about that. Chord products make up 80% of the OP's £11,000; you might not sell or like them, but it doesn't make them snake oil. Careful, you're approaching libel here. You're in the hifi industry. It might be helpful if you could identify which parts of that industry (the industry which earns you your livelihood but you appear generally to hold in disdain) you hold in high esteem; I'm not sure how much remains once you have removed magazines, manufacturers and dealers. GLWS!
  5. I suppose you're right (you always are, as we both know) but you need to be gentle on fellow wammers who took the title "Streamer/DAC - Where did I go wrong?" as their steer!
  6. In my experience, the (Nick's) cables do make a real sonic difference. I think the problem here is that they give more Chord and it appears to me that for the OP Chord is simply not his sound.
  7. Are you now selling only the drivers? Your title still says "speakers" so may confuse if so. GLWTS
  8. This post is about Morel 704 speakers but opens with this from @SMEagol: "I've always had a weak spot for Morel drivers ever since owning one of my all time favourite speakers The Posselt Albatross, looking like a classic Tapered Quarter Wavelength in piano black with marble bases they were something else. The horn loaded tweeter and both mids were Morels, and they sounded incredible. So anyway, cut to ebay, I'd had a couple of beers and happened across these Morel 704's which were new old stock from 1994."
  9. Obviously this ad is on hold for now as no-one can audition and I won't be using couriers!
  10. Many of you know the story . One day fellow wammers might actually get to hear these and one pair might find another home... so, requiring a moment's escape from the grind, I thought I'd set up an Owners Club with links to related posts. Enjoy.
  11. Apologies for the bum steer... I mentioned Auralic because the OP has one and I really don't think he should be ditching it. I researched the streamer thing as you may recall and it came down to Auralic vs Bluesound; I went for the latter for the reason you mention but sonically switching out the Auralic isn't going to change a lot or fix anything much.
  12. Features (Airplay) not sound; for all intents and purposes, I'd think of these as the same box. I've heard people argue the case for a slightly improved sound on the Node2i but I'm not convinced it's anything other than new = better. And that miht b using the internal DAC; I struggle to see how the actual streaming bit could be better, if used into a standalone DAC; see related threads. I have both Node2 and Node2i, but life is too short to do a blind-listening test and report back, seriously. Sonically, I would expect the Auralic to be up there and absolutely not a weak point.
  13. I was going to "like" this post until I got to the last sentence... simplify the set-up and live with it for at least a couple of weeks but for goodnes sake don't change the highly regarded speakers - yet. See how you feel (first) and try not to think and analyse too much. After a couple of weeks, I'd suggest (and not while you're feeling) you then think about what you do and don't like, what might be missing from your sound. Finally, if all else fails, take some measurements. This last point is an "in" joke; don't. There are so many factors interacting here, between various bits of your kit, between your kit and your room, and between your room and your ears. Take it steady. Here are some personal reflections to confuse you: Chord digital kit: I am always impressed but I can't say I particularly enjoy. When I do enjoy, it often depends on other factors. Chord amplfiers: glad you didn't go there, they do nout for me Naim: beloved of many dealers (if not your local one), they rarely fail to impress me at first listen but usually, in my experience, become fatiguing far too rapidly If you can borrow your mate's Naim kit for a few days then you might start to get a clearer idea of whether you find it impressive or enjoyable - or both Harbeths: highly rated by many here; though I have yet to hear a pair, I'd caution against ditching these too soon I ditched a pair of "ProAc" (not actually ProAc but modern Celef; think Tablette 10) standmounts because of the range of music I enjoy which includes bass-rich tracks but I have to say I still think they are/were unbeatable on many types of music. All systems are about compromises and priorities; you have an accurate, highly detailed front end, which is fabulous if that suits your tastes and works well with the rest of your system. Some of the systems I have enjoyed most are not the most accurate or detailed The main thing is to breathe deeply rather than panic, especially the sort of panic which involves spending money.