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  1. It’s not a really good point at all. It’s a red (or green!) herring. See my reply.
  2. Apology accepted. You’re being pedantic in part, which is permitted under the AUP but are wrong also. See below. Of course I know that the actual electricity which arrives at my consumer unit does not contain special electrons made by a windmill. But the equivalent of the electricity I buy is generated today from a renewable source. I’m not simply investing in future renewable energy.
  3. Photo upload sorted with thanks to advisors.
  4. You are indeed an angel. Now do your back exercises.
  5. Will try, but the last time this happened it was just after a membership renewal where the payment had not been reflected in status. PM/text me an easy way of finding and deleting my uploaded images?
  6. Thanks Stuart. I've checked and my super wammer membership was automatically renewed on 26/8 but I suspect the distractions of a couple of weeks ago may mean my account status has yet reflect the payment. It's happened before, but this time it's more understandable! PS> The Tech Support mailbox is giving that weird "pink box cursor" error where you compose a message but can't send. For mere mortal members, this means their inbox is full.
  7. Frustrated of Leicestershire right now. If there's one thing I don't like it's slow wit and repartee. I've PM'd one of my two favourite admins @DUVET II to find out why the hell my photo upload limit has dropped from 5MB to 184kB and counting down... (I can't PM the Tech Support mailbox because I suspect it's full!)
  8. I like my system to sound as natural and organic as possible. After a moderate degree of burn-in, extensive research and exhaustive testing, I’ve found these devices to be the best. They don’t emit RFI but can facilitate sporadic accusations; they don’t consume electricity, from batteries or otherwise, but do seem to work best on red wine.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, as they day, I can hardly get all sanctimonious about this, as in Kendal I have a Class A beast of an amp which when doing its job is thirstier than a thirsty thing on a very hot day… though on standby is remarkably restrained. Actually, scrap that, cue sanctimony: 100% of my electrickery both in Kendal and here in Leicestershire is renewable. As is the electrickery at the gym I own. Price premium is zero-to-modest; seriously, I was pleasantly surprised. Hardly a hair-shirted existence then but we do what we can while still enjoying life including music.
  10. But they are the future! You read it here first.
  11. I hid my disappointment at your cavalier attitude to saving the planet based on your need to avoid lower back stress that well? Result!
  12. I have always done this, and my wife does the same. I tend to switch the SCM40A’s on 10 mins or so ahead of use, but they do get switched off if I know that’s it for the day.
  13. It’s big and heavy… careful with your back!
  14. If the FLS4 is basically the power bit of the integrated FLS10 (it is), it does run hot. As it is Class A (or very very heavily biased to Class A) like your tube amp, it will also need time to warm up to perform at its best. Any chance you can audition?
  15. The mods don't scroll through every thread. Please change your title to include SOLD or "Report" your initial post (three dots top right).
  16. You're looking for "Sold STP"... Ok, will report the post so the ad gets archived
  17. As is the Metrum Pavane. True R2R but not true Ladder.
  18. You could just leave it casual for the day. We’d all be kind and not mention your flyaway hair.
  19. As soon as I hit Submit Reply I knew I was setting up an open goal for one of my favourite wags (as I call them/you - for short ). See you there my friend!
  20. Agreed. The confusion starts with Vinshine who cleverly set up the “Denafrips” website which is actually their own, claiming sole gobal distributor rights which is, er, an exaggeration. Willow Tree are described as a UK partner or some similar term. They’re legit but don’t offer home demo. It would be good to clarify whether @Musicraft do, as this would be appreciated by many who simply can’t commit purely on the basis of reviews by others.
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