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  1. Indeed we do! I'm all for saving the planet, but you're doing enough recycling for the rest of us.
  2. On the bases, it's a good call to use the existing bases as templates. I don't think there is any need to make them any bigger; I'm surprised by how stable my own pair are with granite bases probably around the same size as the marble(?) ones on the black pair @chrisph now has (mine are possibly slightly smaller but slightly thicker). On the crossovers, as you might know from my teak thread, the original ones in the black pair are great quality, oversized if anything, whereas the teak ones had a cheap as chips knock-off (see the post in that thread for a side by side comparison). I got Willy's HiFi to make me two clones of the black ones for the teaks.
  3. How do they sound? Do you enjoy them? It would be a shame if the measurement tail were to wag the listening experience dog. Or are you just getting restless?
  4. I think that echoes the feedback from a recent bake-off at John's @Lurch's place. Nice one.
  5. Thanks for this. Earlier posts in this thread - and links to related - should enlighten re some of your points. Not sure why Jens sold the company/design to others but my teak Posselts had hugel inferior mid-bass drivers, a hugely inferior crossover and a choked bass port. I only know this because, as told earlier and through bizarre happenstance, I ended up with two pairs at the same time. IMHO, given the same drivers, the MDF ones are to be preferred technically (due to lower resonance cabs) and the teak ones are to be preferred aesthetically, though I wholly acknowledge this is personal. The lack of magic in the Dantax? Based on personal experience, I strongly suspect the quality of drivers but am happy to be corrected by a Dantax Albatross owner who can shed light on the drivers used. N
  6. Glad you're enjoying them. Yes, with heavy bases as originally designed, they're remarkably stable; with MDF or other lighter adaptations, I'b be nervous...
  7. 4WD and front wheel drive probably have the same issues, don't they, due to the mechanics of powered steered wheels? So if you dislike FWD because of the turning circle, I guess you're limited to rear wheel drive. Which is fine, of course!
  8. Apollo, black, smart looking IMHO, £50, Sheffield. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1113353519411822/
  9. Well, I'm happy to give a bump to any thread which includes "masion du audiophile" in the title. Bon courage, mon brave!
  10. Thanks, all looks as it should do. Which of course you knew!
  11. Would you do me a favour, @StingRay, and humour me with some screenshots for the avoidance of doubt as they say? 1) Share your own Tidal settings screenshot similar to above. 2) Share your BluOS settings: Settings > Audio similar to below Thanks.
  12. Why did you change from Qobuz to Tidal, as a matter of interest?
  13. That’s what I thought. Surely an exaggeration
  14. Ah right… I wasn’t aware of the availability of MQA-free Tidal. So on this HiFi level, you are supposedly listening at CD quality (I know you say it doesn’t sound like it). On Qobuz, were you also listening at CD quality? Just trying to rule out variables.
  15. That’s sort of what I mean.. you might have the MQA settings wrong. A lot of Tidal is MQA and if I remember correctly you need to choose whether you have a DAC which does the unfolding (whatever that is). You might need your 2i to do this. If you have it set on the basis that your DAC is doing something it can’t… well, you see where I’m going. One of the reasons I moved from Tidal to Qobuz is to get away from MQA. With Radio Paradise you can select CD quality and avoid; Tidal offers no such option AFAIK. So I’m not sure how accurate your first sentence is. You might be right, I’m just saying that if I’d had the option to use Tidal without MQA I might well have stuck with it. Hope this helps.
  16. Hmmm. I switched to Qobuz but not for sound quality reasons. Have you checked your MQA unfolding settings under main menu not Tidal? Not sure it could explain MP3 quality but you’ll want it set right.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2034949809998183/
  18. The big reveal! Nice one, Graham, and welcome to the posse.
  19. You're missing context, which may or may not be relevant to the post in hand. The criticism arose from an outlier review by Goldensound of the dCS Bartok posted by Miller-8 and the, er, discussion which followed. Though I can understand why he did so, perhaps Nick was wrong to allow that exchange to influence his response here. The same poster did later speak of his own experiences of the Mojo, which is at least a blood relative. Let's see how this thread develops.
  20. Indeed he has! Crikey, this is like a murder mystery.
  21. Excellent. That aligns with my own experiences. The Allo Shanti is a real improvement and fab value for money but the SBooster is the best of the mid-priced (ie. non-exotic) bunch. Enjoy!
  22. And I've messaged our purchasing (allegedly) wammer to see if he followed through and to draw his attention to this thread!
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