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  1. Unless you want to sell it only to someone who knows their Auralic, it might be worth saying what the output voltage is. Good luck with your sale.
  2. Nah, it’s a stable in name and external aesthetics only, as you’ve probably guessed! Includes a yoga studio and a wannabe workshop… and obviously now a data centre!
  3. I don't know half of the artists but am tempted to buy some based purely on their names!
  4. Shout out here for the Gold Note phono stage. Loving mine!
  5. I've just realised that I never did come back to this thread to thank all my special advisors for their help, as I'm now fully up and running but wanted to let it prove itself for a month or two: the DS220+ is doing its reliable, quiet NAS thing (RAID 1, 10TB) in the house, CAT6 wired to streamer I've successfully installed the 2 x 6TB drives into the DS212+ (12TB in RAID 0) at second attempt - first time around, I selected "no raid" which doesn't default to RAID 0 but to the Synology's own hybrid RAID (SHR) thing which gave only 6TB of capacity I moved this DS212+ it into the stable 60m+ from the house so my backups are now offsite. Broadband connection is via a TP LINK thing over the mains which is proving 99% reliable (occasional re-pairing required, say once every few weeks). And I sold the donor MyBook Duo with the DS212+'s original 3TB drives installed (suitably wiped of course). All is good. Thanks chaps. A bit of a journey but I learned a lot along the way. Nigel
  6. “Report” your opening post and the mods will archive your ad
  7. Quite possibly… I’m just dealing with the situation in front of us where I believe the streamer is a fixed factor not a variable. Other pure streamers are available though I wouldn’t personally be spending time re-evaluating streamer options, I’d be doing exactly what he’s doing.
  8. Absolutely. I used the internal for a couple of months after purchase and then started experimenting wirth external ones, all of which I found better but in different ways. When I took the plunge and did the linear PSU thing, I was expecting a modest improvement precisely because it was by then acting only as a streamer. It was more than a modest improvement to my ears. I guess the level of improvement is ultimately limited by how revealing anyone's system is further downstream - we don't all choose the most revealing systems for our listening pleasure - but I wouldn't be without mine. Indeed, after further experimentation, I ended up using an SBooster rather than a DC2. Not all linear PSU's are made equal. Hope this helps.
  9. Andrew @bencat mentioned a gift he gave me. What a big heart the man has! Not sure its tenure in the lounge will last more than the afternoon but the backlighting is what makes it magical. Thanks Andrew!
  10. I enjoyed the Node (egg-shaped) speakers last show but couldn’t get in the room this time. Definitely not a case of form over function.
  11. Great review, Andrew, and for me this ^ sums it up: too many rooms were too bright/forward for my ears. I didn’t go in every room, avoiding those where they insisted in closing the door or where (Bluesound) you were either in or out for a fixed demo, no entry mid-slot. I saw no end of people being turned away and invited to come back later; it’s a sales ploy but not one I’d use! I did enjoy both the rooms with Hegel amps into Amphion speakers large and small (Auden ran one, Audio Consultants possibly the other). Shout out for RMB Loudspeakers too, making nice sounds with their Model 40/4 at a very reasonable £3,300 (stock photo).
  12. I reckon the DAC first, and there have been a couple of good affordable suggestions here. The PSU would make a big difference to the performance of the internal DAC but external is probably the way to go first.
  13. Most of us who use the Node 2i love it as a streamer (great interface). The internal DAC is "adequate"; compared with a lot of external DACs it lacks a bit of everything. I have two DACs in two different systems, each fed by a "pimped" Node 2i acting purely as a streamer, the pimping being use of a linear PSU to replace the internal SMPS; neither of my Nodes is therefore as per original spec therefore, but one feeds a dCS DAC which 10 years ago had RRP nudging £20k and the other feeds a £2k DAC board inside my Audia Flight amp. Neither is outclassed by the DAC it feeds ie I feel I can do everything I want to my sound quality without replacing the Node 2i. So I would encourage experimentation in the DAC sphere while sticking with the Node if you're happy with the interface. The alternative is to switch wholesale to another streamer/DAC eg Auralic.
  14. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…
  15. Told you to get a proper car, not a taxi!
  16. And if I’d kept the black ones, I would have done the same. It’s about both personal taste and aesthetic fit of course, and in my Kendal pad only white would work.
  17. Are you open to generous offers? Thanks for your interest. Yes!
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