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  1. 2 hours ago, Mickyricky said:

    Nigel ! The title of your posting with the March date etc is very misleading ,seeing as no date or venue has been set yet ..Some people may believe it as fact and prematurely adding it to their diary..

    True!! It was correct at the time but to say circumstances have changed would be an understatement.

    New thread title then… But what is it to be? Answers on a virtual postcard to the usual address. I’ll put a sticking plaster on it for now.

  2. Just let’s be careful we don’t slip too easily into disempowering ourselves. You @Fourlegs and @StingRay are of course correct in pointing out how insignificant the actions of even the whole UK, never mind one household, are in impacting global carbon emissions. No point in recycling, insulating, reusing, generating, spending/investing, or whatever with a conscience, because it will make no measurable difference at all then…

    But if every single person on the planet bought, decided, acted, travelled, invested etc with serious intent then we would of course have a collective impact beyond measure. If on the other hand each of us simply points to the behaviours other individuals and other countries to justify a laissez faire attitude and lack of any personal accountability then we will reap what we sow. Or rather, our children and grandchildren will.

    I think most of us (you included, as rehearsed elsewhere) do indeed do what we can within parameters we set for ourselves. No hairshirts here. I tried Class D once, honest, and it wasn’t for me, but did I really need to go as far as Class A…?

    Right, off to put earplugs in all the keyholes.

  3. We looked at heat pumps, despite hating the idea of an ugly box whirring away outside. The massive cost (£15k-ish in our case) is offset by grants but the whole process seems ripe for exploitation by “advisors” and others and there are real technical challenges. We’ve put off the decision by now, despite using green leccie and having solar panels installed, as a step too far.

    Our biggest learning (and decision factor) is that heat pump systems run out around 2/3 of the temperature of a typical central heating system. So in many houses you’ll have to replace your rads with ones 50% larger. With our cast iron ones, the cost is prohibitive (no grants towards this essential part of the conversion cost).

    We’ve taken the message about insulation to heart instead (probably sensible anyway) and are replacing all our remaining single glazed windows with doubles glazed, on the basis that the first thing we should all be doing is reducing the amount of power we consume... and only after that, working out how to make sure the power we do need is appropriately generated. 

    Still, our solid fuel central heating system is clearly well out of kilter with the times so we’re going to need to sort something out! Not sure anything will make up for the loss of the gorgeous smell of woodsmoke...

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  4. A couple of clarifications (I think!):

    It’s perhaps as misleading to say “no more boilers after 2035” and to say “no more petrol/Diesel engines cars after 2030”. The key word is “new” and it should be included in both shock horror headlines...

    As far as I know, from 2025 no new homes will be built with gas boilers installed, and from 2035 it will not be possible to purchase /install a new gas boiler. 

    And petrol/diesel cars won’t be banned from the roads from 2030, you just won’t be able to buy a new one.

    Of course as others have said, the government is bound to use carrots and sticks (taxes, grants) to nudge in the desired direction faster. The last thing they’ll want to see is a mad rush to install millions of new gas boilers just before the deadline!

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  5. Anyway, tetchiness aside... am I allowed, as a Remain voter, to point out something else without being called Mr Picky?

    Britain is still in Europe. It is just not in the European Union. As I sit here on the south coast of France, I find it comforting to know that I am only as far from home as I was when I came here in 2018. We haven’t been cast adrift into the mid-Atlantic. Well, not geographically even if politically!

    Bon courage, mes braves.

  6. 10 hours ago, hearingisbelieving said:

    Omg excuse me for trying to help in the spiritof the wam! Who rattled your cage?

    Back at you! You are clearly suffering from factophobia. My tongue was of course heading towards my cheek but some folk missed that.

    Your offer remains a generous one, saving fellow wammers both the costs and delays of commercial shipping. 🙏

  7. 33 minutes ago, hearingisbelieving said:

    Maybe I can help?

    Fabulous! Do you have an HGV license? If not, you might want to keep your voice down to help manage demand! 😏

    I’ll leave it to someone else to point out that import charges are still due…

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  8. I bought a CD player on eBay from a French seller for £240. All negotiated discounts wiped out by additional import costs of £60. 

    Hardly going to persuade anyone who voted Leave to realise the error of their ways unfortunately. No doubt dismissed as a First World problem with a non-Gallic shrug of the shoulders. Unlike lots of other avoidable Leave-induced difficulties which affect everyone.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Cool Dude Ted said:

    hi Nigel

    Thanks for replying.

    Being a (fairly) new member, I’ve see ‘WAM taxi’ previously mentioned, but not really sure what it means.

    Is it very simply that you’re looking for a fellow WAMMer who may be making a trip between the two points mentioned.?

    Apologies if there’s a sticky somewhere which explains it all.


    Absolutely that… and sometimes it’s a chain of wammers!

     In your case, you might find a wammer living near Reading (69 miles from Gloucester) who would act as a repository, and another wammer who’s travelling from Eastbourne to Reading for business. That sort of thing. Definitely worth a shot as a separate ad.

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  10. 19 minutes ago, Bigman80 said:

    I'm not here to argue about it, I was only pointing out that your blanket statement on TVCs vs Active preamps was incorrect, and I stand by what I have said.

    I can't find any specs/measurements for your preamp.....I'd be happy to measure it and post the results?

    Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk

    I use an Arcam A49 as an active pre into my ATC SCM40A’s and an Audia Flight FLS10 integrated into my Posselt Albatross. I retain no passives.

    I stand by my blanket statement, happy to differ.

    And I have no interest in measurements. I’m interested in design principles of course, but we both know that trying to use a a graph to compare the sound of any passive with the sound of any active is a fool’s errand.

  11. 12 hours ago, JANDL100 said:

    That might be your experience but it isn't mine. 

    There's a few too many definitive statements that are actually subjective opinions in this thread than is really healthy. 

    Take your own medicine and name names? Of which specific TVC pre’s and active pre’s do you have experience?

    My only definitive statements are based on the electrical principles employed by passive and active pre’s. I have never suggested, for example, that all passive pre’s, or even all TVC passive pre’s, are “better” than active pre’s. I’m purely pointing out that the minimal circuitry (little more than the attenuator) in passives means they take less of the original signal away than an active does. Actives can affect the signal in all sorts of ways from nice to nasty, but they’d struggle to let more of the incoming signal through than a bit of wire.

  12. 10 hours ago, Bigman80 said:


    We have measured around 11 TVCs, the best in terms of bandwidth being a pair of Tribute Silver wound TVCs, that includes Sowter made TVC. Also, don't be fooled...they all sounded different, thus imparting their own sound on the signal.

    Same with the SUTS I tried. Ortofons, Hashimotos, Bobs devices.....you name them!

    However, all of the other issues remain. Including bandwidth and linearity issues.

    Regardless of who makes them and what they cost.

    Just to add, I used a Slagle for months and it was beautiful. I still miss it at times, but that had a definite character too. Mainly in the LF which was not what I would describe as "measuring acceptably"

    Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk


    I’m not fooled, don’t worry! The MFA Baby Ref (mine—>Lurch’s) is in a different league from the Classic V1 and V2) from the same stable.

    But you’re using ambiguous and potentially misleading language when you speak of TVC passives “imparting their own sound on” the signal: to be clear, all a passive can do is take more or less of the incoming signal away in passing it through its internal wiring including attenuator, perhaps as has been suggested above moreso in the HF than anywhere else. What any passive “imparts” is only by subtraction not addition. For the avoidance of doubt, and all that.

    Whereas an active pre can subtract, add, whatever.

  13. 10 hours ago, mtbmarkymark said:

    Following your train of thought ......

    Since i hear a more dynamic sound using a preamp compared to using the output stage in the DAC then if the preamp can't add the dynamics then the volume control / Output stage in the DAC's must be squashing the dynamics instead. An equally unpalatable suggestion to some i'm sure

    maybe the impedence matching aspect is important here ?

    Impedance matching is important with active preamps; I guess with passives, you need to look at the impedance of the devices on either side of the pre.

     I can absolutely see (have absolutely heard) how an active pre can add weight, punch, drive or whatever anyone wants to call it. And I’ve sometimes enjoyed the difference the pre brought to the party.

    And that is what yours is doing. It’s an active device which could also include tone controls (whether visible/adjustable or not) to boost certain frequencies; it could do all sorts of magic to the incoming signal, and many of us enjoy a particular flavour of magic. It wouldn’t be correct to blame the volume control on the DAC in most devices for any lack of drive; what people miss without a pre is the aforementioned magic which it adds.

    I only get all stubborn and picky when people talk about an active pre “letting more of the signal through” than without it in the playback chain. That’s simply impossible, electrically.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Bigman80 said:

    Oh dear, I'm afraid this is just absolutely not true.

    While many would love to believe that TVCs are the perfect weapon, they are not.

    As you can see in the picture below, the TVC being measured here actually exhibits quite monumental HF roll off within the audible range. TVCs also are totally susceptible to hum and airborne RF. They also introduce inductance and are very easy to achieve mismatched impedance with.

    I am not knocking anyone for using one, or criticizing TVCs, I hear the appeal, but they are not as linear as well designed solid state preamps, and almost all of them cant achieve anywhere near the same bandwidth.

    The same issues exist with SUTS, which is why I abandoned those too.

    I have a active (unity gain buffer) preamp here that has the following spec:

    Frequency Response: D.C. – >500kHz
    THD: S+N/N Ratio: >108dB (IEC ‘A’)
    Crosstalk: >90dB (10Hz – 20kHz)

    Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk


    Perhaps I should have said MFA TVC. 

    Which TVC were you using when you saw HF rolloff?

  15. 12 minutes ago, JANDL100 said:

    Heh heh, where I come from that's fighting talk! 😄

    As far as I am concerned, at any rate, it's not about equipment adding extra emotion of its own, it's about allowing the emotion of the musical performance through. Surprisingly few hifi components are very good at that ime. 

    Adding a preamp into a chain which previously had none simply cannot let more of the original signal through. No additional component can do this.

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  16. 10 minutes ago, JANDL100 said:

    Heh heh, where I come from that's fighting talk! 😄

    As far as I am concerned, at any rate, it's not about equipment adding extra emotion of its own, it's about allowing the emotion of the musical performance through. Surprisingly few hifi components are very good at that ime. 

    Most active pre’s add their flavour. None can let through more than a TVC passive pre.

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