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  1. Give those Albatrosses some air, now!
  2. And another rack… if he goes any higher, he’ll need a stepladder or stilts…
  3. Might also be worth posting a link to this thread in Audio Show thread in the the Bake-Offs area because a good few wammers will be near Daventry at the weekend for this and some may be coming from the south...
  4. Once eBay says “it’s time to ship…” you can do so safely ie. at eBay’s risk not at your own. I appreciate that PayPal costs and had forgotten that advantage of the new system. I do get enough 80% fee reduction offers to make using eBay worthwhile… … and I have no time for those who use eBay for its huge reach but then try to circumvent the fees entirely! I just wish eBay would use Faster Payments where the receiving bank can handle them. Using old-fashioned BACS is what causes the delay, and apparently they have to do this because some banks can’t cope otherwise.
  5. Move away from PayPal as default payment mech represents a huge downgrading of the selling experience. The buyer paid on Saturday. Paypal would have made the funds available within minutes. I received this 48 hours after payment was made.
  6. Is this fabulous CD player still for sale? Yes, you’re in luck! Excellent. PM sent
  7. Isn't it obvious? Prospective buyers will know they no longer need to make a special trip to Bracknell to collect their purchase... they can either make a special trip to Northants (which saves them a 1.5-2 hour drive each way) or they'll be going to the show anyway. If I were trying to sell this amp I'd be shouting this from the rooftops! For example, I'm thinking this makes it far more doable for @Dipstick. Hope this helps.
  8. I don’t suppose you’re going to the Audio Show near Daventry next weekend @Adrian C ? A good few wammers will be there and shows offer a great opportunity to hand over goodies. Just saying…
  9. What we need is a bit of class. Where are the Wam tie and the Wam blazer when you need them?
  10. Based on previous shows, you will be one of a select few.
  11. See you there. I should be pretty identifiable.
  12. Tell folk where you're trying to get them to (from Wolverhampton) and we may be able to come up with a cunning plan...
  13. The TDA1541 sound signature has a huge fan base, but of course the specific implementation is key and Arcam are masters at this. Compared with their ringDAC based players, there is more urgency to the sound here; I wasn’t sure I liked this at first but it quickly grew on me and I’ve found myself listening to different music from usual and listening for longer... which must be a good sign. Roll up, roll up!
  14. If there was a digital in, it would be a lot pricier, like with many spinners! Thankfully there are plenty of folk still using the silver things out there. Just waiting for the right discerning one to come along!
  15. Some great stuff to see and hear. I presume Willow Tree Audio will be showing off the latest DENAFRIPS DACs for example. Nice.
  16. All purpose, with extra clean and shine. Hard to argue, really.
  17. Neither: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Flash_Family.jpg And next year I shall be hitting the silver screen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flash_(film) It’s a lot to live up to.
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