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  1. SOLD https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1432731687112011/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A7cdca2fb-6876-4c37-8116-452a4ebbe43a
  2. I couldn't find one, Barry.
  3. Arcam changed hands. The A49 is from that brief period of Canadian (I think) ownership where everything got bigger and over-engineered. The SA range came after they were sold to Harman-Kardon or whoever is top of the family tree these days.
  4. As @radiant red says: this is not an old amp, it’s “modern” if not current. Nothing Arcam have produced since is in the same league - or price bracket.
  5. Jump! The D33 is very good but they do come up for sale reasonably regularly. The A49 on the other hand does not, this being the first I’ve seen for sale for a long time.
  6. Good price for a pretty rare cracker of an amp.
  7. Technically there's one of those things you're not allowed to say unless it's true, I think a well known furniture shop was prosecuted once. Technically, it’s now sold. I’m allowed to say that because it’s true.
  8. Hi Andrea, I hope you are well. Fellow wammers, it may be of interest that back in 2016 I bought from infrequent wammer Andrea the OL Illustrious arm which continues to adorn my Michell Gyro SE in Kendal. It arrived in immaculate condition complete with original wooden box, counterweight etc. Just saying.
  9. Price slash, closing down sale, all stock must go, limited period only, buy now while stocks last, when it's gone it's gone...
  10. TheFlash


    I think they'd probably sound better if placed further apart and away from the corners...
  11. Nice word play... nice dog!
  12. Aha, so it will drive a Node 2i then (for example).
  13. Let me help you comply with the rules: a great turntable deserves a pic and the Wam classifieds demand one. And a location; I'll leave that to you though your username suggests strongly...
  14. Suggested title: "Wanted Wam taxi Colchester to W Sussex"
  15. If you’re splitting, perhaps it’s worth confirming the output voltage of the linear PSU as this will increase your target audience. Is the Qutest 12v? Good luck with sale.
  16. Currently formatted as exFAT and in RAID 0 for maximum capacity of 6TB. The WD Utilities app allows at least HFS+J format to be selected and allows RAID 1 (mirrored 3TB) or JBOD (2 x 3TB) to be selected, but it’s also common to use NTFS or other formats, presumably via Disk Utility on a Mac or the Windows equivalent in that world.
  17. TheFlash


    Good price. I enjoy mine!
  18. It shows them how it should be done* . . *this may or may not be true but it's a sale thread so he's not going to tell you and the world it is woefully inadequate!
  19. The device is the previous generation - the current one is squared off - though I believe only the styling has changed, and I don't know when this was. The drives inside were bought new by me for the Synology NAS I've just replaced. 5-6 years old? Never put a foot wrong. I would have been happy to rely on them for 20+ more years but simply needed more capacity.
  20. It should take any standard drives eg 2 x 10TB, but dig out the manual online and check. I bought it 6 months ago for its original 2 x 6TB WD Red drives (also CMR) which I've nabbed to use in my Synology NAS (the Mybook is not a NAS, as I suspect you know), replacing my two 3TB drives which I've installed here. Personally, whatever the size, I'd strongly recommend stick with WD Red.
  21. Excellent. Will mark as “sold”. PM me when ready to collect as I i’m unlikely to be popping back here regularly.
  22. RNLI: excellent. Yes, can do: grateful if you could make RNLI £20 richer in the next day or two and I will mark these as "sold". Nice one.
  23. Well it seems to work elsewhere... PRICE SLASH! Also on the 'bay but a great way of storing music so here too, with modest Wam discounts available as always. Near Melton Mowbray. £149 £125 less a sliver of a Wam discount, UK shipped.
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