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  1. It's not all about you... . Nice one. As usual, I read the first page of posts and put finger to keyboard. One day I'll tell you why I am called TheFlash and it's nothing to do with being fast!
  2. My biggest (most costly) hifi mistake ever was to buy (different brand) speakers which "cheated" like this ie. in the search for aesthetically pleasing domestically acceptable slimness, had side-facing bass drivers. I'd heard them twice at shows but let my eyes fool my ears; maybe in the right space and in isolation they work, but compare them directly with a more traditional speaker design at the same price point and they were woefully inadequate. PS. This pair went for £950 so someone has taken a hit.
  3. I "inherited" these custom-made stands with a pair of Gale 401A which popped into my er, collection, and swiftly popped out again. I haven't used them myself. The platforms are 10" x 12" (25 x 30cm in new money) and nearly 9" (22.5cm) high. The stands are of unitary construction - no bolts and so cannot be filled - but they are already very heavy (I can weigh them if you are the measurements type). Most of the specs you can see are spider poo from storage... sorry, needed to catch the light today. Ah yes, location and price: near Melton Mowbray/Scalford and suggested £20... to a charity of your choice.
  4. The Welcome was genuine, couldn’t resist the font thing , sorry! Hope you managed to make contact.
  5. Welcome to the Wam. You may want to send him a private message (top right) as people have different alerts set. Great font but a bit big!
  6. That list really is the sine qua non of lists, id est the best. I haven't looked at it yet, obviously. I didn't get where I am today by reviewing the evidence before commenting on it.
  7. Good explanation but mine was simply a cheap gag about being “bottom”… sorry! Exspecto ut cum in Daventry mi amice!
  8. The thing I most appreciate in a bottom end is its tightness. We’re talking annus mirabilis* here. I’m fairly sure @uzzy didn’t do Latin at school, or if he did was well known for being bottom of his class. *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annus_mirabilis
  9. Crikey, John, I almost had to ring the Samaritans after reading that lot. You must have been really really naughty in a previous life. So pleased you're sorted (touch wood, and all that).
  10. I think I can help here. The answer is “nearly £875”. All part of the service!
  11. Allow me to help you comply with the requirements for all adverts. You need to add your location.
  12. Gosh, so you did. Speed-reading and multi-tasking strike again. Apols. “As Martin astutely points out…”
  13. This assumes all energy providers acquiesce to being on (taking the financial hit for being on) comparison websites. I don't think, for example, that Ecotricity are on any, but if anyone knows different then do let me/us know. Scrap that... they are. PS: Time to switch arguments! ... I guess the decision of whether or not to use a price comparison website depends on whether price is the most important factor in choosing an energy provider. I suspect a large number of people are about to discover that it might not be.
  14. I think my main objection to bitcoin is that its primary use is opaque, and most certainly nothing to do with simply using it as a currency to buy stuff. Seems to be a great tool for (a) gambling - or as people who do it like to call it, speculating (b) scamming and (c) potentially dodgy dealings where folk are more interested in the crypto- than in the -currency. If it's also an energy burner, someone will have to enlighten me as to why the world is a better place because of it. Yes, it's off-topic. It's a Wam tradition, I believe.
  15. I sometimes think (acknowledge!) this as it is objectively undeniable. The trouble is that it’s profoundly disempowering (a shrug of the shoulders, anyone?) and ignores the scaled impact of millions of individual decisions and actions. To take an extreme example, even if I commit big time and completely give up my car, give up meat, give up flying … on the grand global scale it will go completely unnoticed. Ditto if my whole neighbourhood, town or even county did so. But if a whole country did, if the whole world did… the planet would be grateful to its billions of stay-at-home vegetarian pedestrians/cyclists. In fact, when you think about it, it’s only such individual decisions which will ultimately make a difference. Industry and government is in huge part a reflection of our own values and behaviours not just a collection of posh tw&ts in it for selfish gain. ”Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” was commonly given advice in my childhood. Small actions add up. Now, where did I put the keys to my Jag?
  16. Report back! I'm very happy with my Gaia II's but always up for a bit of tinkering...
  17. Apologies accepted, set your alarm clock next time. I may myself have been misleading: I do indeed know of cables which change the frequency response but people don't think they're using/buy them to use as tone controls, they think they're buying something which is "better"! Years ago, I had Townshend Isolda speaker cables, having thought they were quite extraordinary in the clarity/shape of the bass and less extremely so in the treble. What I didn't realise is that this cable (due to its high capacitance?) was quieter, so I turned the wick up (same measured volume), to the benefit of the frequency extremes and at the expense of the important mid-range. I didn't choose them as tone controls but that's effectively what they were acting as. Lesson learned after a couple of years where I found my system "impressive" in the audition sense but realised I also listened to music less often.
  18. Nah. You’ll be telling us the primary purpose of hifi is to allow you to listen to music next. As if the looks and specs don’t matter at all. Like cars, it’s more complicated for most of us than that!
  19. There is a good argument to be had, thouh not perhaps here, about the "embedded energy" in a car - the energy used to produce the steel, shape the panels, make the engine, skin the cows... etc. It's absolutely huge, and there is something to be said for keeping a thirsty-ish car well-maintained and going for many years rather than using Green Guilt (I just made that up but it might stick!) to justify buying a new electric car every three years when the MoT is due. Just a thought.
  20. Not sure many people buy an electric car of the Tesla persuasion with the express purpose of lining Musk's pockets. They buy one because they care and the cars work. I can get a free bus pass soon. The trouble is there are no buses. As @MF 1000says, every little helps.
  21. I do question such decisions of course, We need to be careful, though. We can all criticise others for their actions, even calling them hypocrites. On one level, that's fair enough, but if we use the criticism of the obvious failures/inconsistencies/inadequacies of others as an excuse to carry on with no personal changes of our own then that's the danger zone. I'm not saying that's what you're doing, I just wouldn't want anyone to pick up on your words with that purpose.
  22. Agreed. If you're studiously switching your amps off but still flying to Ibiza for the weekend, you're missing the point. We all have our balance to strike of course. If an SUV-driving, BA-Gold-Card-carrying carnivore friend of mine takes up cycling, I'll celebrate it rather than berating about the rest.
  23. Have you done these then? I’m surprised you didn’t include “stop flying” which is high on the naughty list.
  24. Ridiculous. There are plenty of people here who will tell you what to decide; you just have to not ask!
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