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  1. and my wife wonders why I drink . .
  2. eskimo joke stolen, and the instruments jokes need to stop
  3. John you really should get off the fence on this . . . . . I have noted BO#2 new date but at present I can make either of the new dates now if you need to shuffle people about
  4. if only I had access to the ban button
  5. WELCOME! trust us, there are some people who drag a LOT of kit a long way, for some of them Kegworth is a loooog way down or across country this tends to lend credibility to our partner's views that we are all a little bit mad
  6. I'd hold until the next big announcement, only a short while now personally I think that unless the outlook is horrendous the phycological pressures on people will weigh heavy in the balance of the decision on next steps
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