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  1. Welcome, well done on filing out your profile maybe add your name. There's an active bake-off scene on the south coast, led by John @Lurch who I am sure would include a newbie, mention bringing cake, wammers like cake
  2. and also note space for upgrade, but shush SWMBO maybe listening!
  3. Yes they do, very welcome to come over. Must be under 25mins drive here is one for scale next to my new rack built by Paul @Knipester of this parish (note the TV turntable)
  4. tut tut that's not 'wam tradition, we love spending other people's money
  5. Kev There are floor standers and there are floor standers. Welcome to come over and have a listen to my Boenicke W8s, hoping to borrow some W5s for the wam show in the autumn. kind regards, Paul
  6. I'm north side of Huddersfield
  7. last announcement from admin was that it would be autumn so maybe
  8. welcome, do fill out your profile so we know who you are and what to call you! If UK based a revived post-covid wam show is being planned which you should attend
  9. @aejoker and very nice sounding, especially considering the build cost if anyone fancies a go
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum DialC (do try and fill out your profile when you get chance) I have W8s and they are VERY power hungry (rated to 1000w), I did try a sub but the W8s are so fast it didn't integrate well. I suspect in your proposal you would a need a very sophisticated sub and some hefty power to match into the W5s. I'm not sure if you are in the UK but if you are might be worth attending the Wam show in the autumn as I've been offered a loan pair of W5s for the show by David at Whole Note Distribution, hopefully that will happen. OR you could drop a mail to David and see if he has a loan pair. Trust me the W5s are perfectly capable of filling a large space and my mate @aejoker will confirm. kind regards, Paul
  11. yes, a new venue is needed - hopefully one which will last autumn is when it is likely to happen, here is the last announcement, please read down to Duvet's post 7th December
  12. and this numpty doesn't know the difference between a socket and a plug (correctly a plug top) and that hysterically he thinks RFI stands for Radio Frequency Information . but have to agree the insides are a joke!
  13. welcome mate, you have been warned about this bunch of fools spending your money so I won't repeat Seriously a lot of people on here have built wonderful sounding systems over years buying carefully. Once we all feel safe watch for bake offs near you, the other side of London there is a lively group herded by @Lurch (even I've made the trek down) and newbies will always be welcome (mention bringing cake, wammers like cake and pies ). Otherwise make sure you get to the wam show (normally annual but for some strange reason we've missed a couple ) a great chance to hear a large number of home systems (have a look in the shows archive section), you'll hear lots of great systems and we play requests and not hotel lobby muzak (like trade shows). You'll like what you hear in many rooms, and one day you'll hear something and go "wow, I REALLY like that" - which will start you on a hunt . . . kind regards, Paul
  14. we've missed 2 shows I think the decision to move 2022 to autumn is looking a wise move IMHO
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