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  1. that will get you thereabouts 6 months for full bass development but that subtle then one day you think "hang on"
  2. Maverick

    Newbie Intro's

    welcome! it's a fantastic event, move mountains to get there - mix of systems, nobody selling stuff and we will pay requests - in fact we beg for them
  3. Sven's long standing advice is less than 2m apart, bass units inwards. Less than that outwards, I've stuck to that.
  4. likely me, glad you like it - it's on my Kegworth (remember that?) playlist
  5. ability to sleep upright in a chair optional
  6. you are correct no vaccine is 100% effective, this will not change you may want to watch this (new) video from Professor Tim Spector ( Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Kings) worth listening all the way through: (4) Drop in COVID cases resumes after slowdown | Prof Tim Spector - YouTube the ZOE study has >4.6m contributors PS it occurs to me that Kegworth in September may be best with a minimum age limit, like 50
  7. well I'm not giving you mouth to mouth Al ! All joking aside the whole point of the vaccination is to massively mitigate the effects of COV-19 on vulnerable groups, particularly the old. Once the vaccinations are rolled out to everyone the situation will be the same next March I think. The ZOE group are reporting case levels today of 10-15% of January, the chances are it will still be around in September but many will be not be identified. My lad at Uni was given it by an idiot (symptomatic and so should not have been in his flat), he had a headache and sniffles for 3/4 days and then fine. ah the benefits of being a very fit 20 year old eh? Still he has rubbish music tastes so I'm better off
  8. I suspect they will be clinicians actually administering the vaccine, triage will be a doctor, any staff logging will have NHS cards and secure access. Volunteers will be doing important stuff like stopping overcrowding, managing queues and most of all reassuring people - not just car parking duties. As you say bless them. I think not as high as that, my wife could quote exact %, but there are a few even in her somewhat deprived area
  9. Even the 10% will be protected but I agree not fully immune, unless you refuse the vaccine in which case my sympathy levels are not high. My wife is running a vaccination centre today as well as her day job, so she will be working tomorrow unpaid. I do think that we will be back to influenza being the killer next winter in the UK. Pro tip: get vaccinated against pneumococcal infections if you qualify under NHS guidelines (it’s not just age can be health or occupational reasons) ‘cos if you end up in hospital for any reason it will help you. Also available privately.
  10. agree, SS amps tend not to double up into 4ohm, the John Wood KT88 monster owned by Mark that we use at Kegworth easily does (hence the hand wound transformers weighting like an average hippo. Current is key, hence I went to my modded A5 and the Meridian 556 couldn't
  11. fair point, well made how about barely "functioning" ?
  12. my experience differs YMMV run != dynamic