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  1. Maverick

    Newbie Intro's

    welcome Paul - always good to have another on here! John is serious in his offer, top bloke and as well as helping he'll introduce you to nearby 'wammers. When such things are allowed we do meet up, so watch the bake off section, mention cake is a good way to obtain an invite. Wammers like cake. John has a few and I keep threatening to drag myself sown from Yorkshire, so maybe we'll meet. in normal times we have an annual show, which is a blast. John will explain I'm sure
  2. 2x bouncers on every door on a sunny Sunday afternoon with mostly families
  3. some renaming and Barnsley could be included
  4. so do you have it at the moment then Chris? I've slightly lost track, there again I am a bear of very little brain at times . . .
  5. fits at least part of the thread title
  6. Begging to feel left out of the group hug
  7. that should give the stands a proper chance to work, will follow with interest
  8. in the spring yes, or so Barry tells me
  9. it's a tough job eh?