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  1. I'll probably wear my wam t-shirt I'm not challenged in the follicles department, and I'll try to book into the hairdressers a few days before to get my grey highlights topped up
  2. when I was training we had a middle manager who had a TERRIBLE wig, you could see the cloth etc. I mean REALLY BAD Was in the days before air con we had fans in the summer and someone would be nominated as the "decoy chat"** right in front of a fan, this meant that the 'wig' would flap up and down to our great and very childish amusement ** he had an eye for the ladies so our lovely female team leader was a perfect choice - we assumed that he thought the 'wig' would aid his chances
  3. that only work in soft southern parts or said in a Dick Van Dyke accent
  4. trust me. very much pot calling kettle here
  5. you don't scare me - I have 2 daughters and a wife
  6. I expected nothing less from an all powerful moderator
  7. how did I know that you wouldn't be able to resist? anyway that's a Maybach and well beyond the means of a poor Northern Cabbie
  8. Andrew, I'll be there plus 2 wammers travelling with me
  9. Oh so many possible retorts, but I know that @Bazzer has his hand on the ban hammer . . .
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