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  1. Price reduced to £3900.00 before they go on Fleabay. That's a bargain surely!!!
  2. If anyone has or knows of a immaculate pair of P3 ESR's in Rosewood then I would be most grateful for a steer. Unfortunately they have to be in Rosewood to match an existing sideboard that they will be sitting on. Thank you.
  3. Looking for a lovely pair of LS3/5A's to buy, ideally in the Rosewood finish. Drawn to a pair of Falcon Acoustics Gold Badges but happy to be pointed to others Any recommendations re what to buy would also be gratefully received. Thanks for any help/pointers
  4. Decided to part with my SOTM bundle which was bought new in 2017 from Elite Audio Distribution. Both are in immaculate condition but will need setting up from scratch. I think I paid £900-1000 for the pair back in 2017. Hopefully a bargain for someone at £400 for the pair.
  5. Thanks all, I decided on a minty Leak ST20 in the end.
  6. For sale are my mint Shahinian Obelisk II's that I bought new from Audio-T in Reading in 2017. I haven't really had much chance to use them so they probably have less than 75 hours on them. Only selling as I have a pair of Tannoy D700's and fancy a pair of Falcon LS3/5a gold badges for a smaller second system They are serial numbers 10591 and 10592 (see photos) I have the original boxes (each one is double boxed) with all the packaging and the sales receipt made out in my name. They are totally blemish and mark free, the only thing worth mentioning is that the black pyramid cloth tops may have very slightly faded even though I kept them out of direct sunlight. These are £8000 new so £4250.00 seems like a fair price. Will post but would prefer collection. Im in Herts (Rickmansworth)
  7. Thanks for all the replies chaps. The PL5 looks interesting (have sent a PM re this) so thanks v much for the heads up on that. The Pye Mozart is a thing of real beauty, wow. Would a Leak ST20 with a passive pre be a bad match for the P3ESR's? I just love that bronzey gold finish (makes me a superficial tart I know) I should have said that I want something with the valves on show and which is not too big. Are there any modern relatively inexpensive valve amps that people really rate (power or integrated). My max budget is £1000. Thanks
  8. Id like to have a small second system in my dining room with some bookshelf speakers (maybe a pair of Harbeth P3's) and would love to have on the sideboard an old, smallish and really pretty valve power amp. I love the look of the Leak ST20 but was wondering what else there may be out there which is vintage, still sounds great and would be a pleasure to look at? Apologies for almost putting form before function! Thanks for any thoughts/advice
  9. Thanks chaps. Apologies for being so ignorant but what does "no attenuation" mean re my ZH270 integrated amp"? Im just borrowing the atom for a week as a stand-in streamer and I dont want/need a one-box solution. The Atom has a 40 watt Class A/B amp so is under-powered for my Tannoy D700's. My ZH270 is a lot more suitable (although probably still not optimal) so want that to do the amplification until my proper streamer returns. Thank you!!
  10. Hi Im currently borrowing a Uniti Atom to stream music. Its a lovely bit of kit but I dont want to use its amp and so have hooked up its preamp RCA outputs to my Berning ZH270 amp. Im not sure what volume I should have each bit of kit set at and how to use the 2 volume controls if you see what I mean. I have the Berning set at 50% vol level and am using the Atoms remte control to adjust the volume but maybe thats wrong? Can anyone assist how to use the 2 together optimally? Thanks
  11. Thanks for all your comments and thoughts. Could my SQ be affected by my v limited play-back options at the moment which consists of CDs played through a early 2000's Oppo BDP 93EU bluray player? Ive had to fall-back on this recently after Roon stopped "seeing" my SOTM streamer. The last time I played CDs was through a CD63 MKII signature (before it gave up the ghost) and that was a sweet sounding machine.
  12. Hi All I have 2 pairs of speakers: a glorious pair of rosewood Tannoy D700's that I bought off philwalm of this parish a couple of weeks ago and a pair of Shaihinian Obelisks MK2. I use a Berning ZH270 which is 70 watts and a tube hybrid. Only one set of speakers can stay but I dont think I should decide until I have tried out a really muscular amp as I believe that both speakers represent difficult loads and the Berning may not be an ideal match. At the moment the D700's are edging it as they present a bigger, fuller sound but the treble is a tad harsh/too bright. The Obs are also much much more wife friendly! Anyway, would it be a ludicrous ask to see whether anyone has something completely OTT that I might be able to borrow for a week or so? Hopefully philwalm would vouch for me. Im in Rickmansworth, Herts (Jn 18 M25) but would travel for an hour or so. I appreciate I could buy an amp on a sale/return and may have to do that but I feel a bit bad mucking a dealer around when Im unsure as to what I want to do. Any thoughts/advice or help would be much appreciated. Cheers Matt
  13. As per the title, if anyone knows of a 350sa that may be for sale or has one themselves and has an itch for a change then please let me know. Thank you.
  14. Thanks Lostwin. Do you happen to know whether the Audio Consultants one was Bethelcats (from this parish)? Do people agree £4k is about the right price for one?
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