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  1. Interested in this mini fanless pc. Do you connect direct to external dac (no audio card in pc?). Do you leave pc running 24/7? Music on hard drives attached? or external on nas? Sorry for loads of questions but might try this at some point.
  2. Not sure of why and how's but here is an answer i saw from another forum, which is why I was put off from buying. "The Bluesound Node 2 has the ability to index 'up to' 100,000 songs, the Bluesound Node 2i 'up to' 200,000 songs. But these are both theoretical limits, hence the 'up to' notation. These are maximums in ideal conditions as the database indexes the metadata, so if you have a lot of information in the metadata, like long track names or titles and associated artwork, this 'theoretical' maximum can be substantially less as there is more data to index. I have used a Vault, Bluesound Node, Node 2 and 2i as my best mate is committed to the Bluesound ecosystem but not much of a geek - I apparently am, so I look after them for him when he has problems. The only real issues he has had are in relation to this song limit as he has a huge ripped FLAC library. As an example his Node 2i starts to struggle with over 130,000 songs, which is well below to it's supposed maximum. It works, but nowhere near as well as when he's got under 100,000 songs indexed. It can hang or just be slow to respond on the apps. It doesn't affect the sound quality, just responsiveness." regards
  3. Cheers for that as just wondered. I am sitting at 130k tracks and thought about Bluesound but read it starts to get a bit flaky after 100k tracks, and will not support much more (200k is max in optimal condition probably low bitrate mp3, short tracks etc). So not ideal for me unfortunately. I now also avoid Nas as try to limit boxes or travel for music to speaker, not always easy though.
  4. Can I ask how you store your 'massive digital library'? Also, is it attached to Node 2i via external hard drive? Am I correct in believing the Node 2i has a limit to tracks it can index (200k). is your 'massive digital library' near or over this limit? cheers
  5. Many might know about this, but I didn't. I gave it a whirl, followed easy instructions and all worked as planned. Thanks for that.
  6. Running my Pi4 with flirc case. Runs 24/7 with 2 hard drives attached. Currently sitting at 39 degrees.
  7. Sounds interesting. Forgive my ignorance, did you wipe max2play and install Moode instead? How do you get squeezelite and Moode together?
  8. Always keen to give things a whirl. I use LMS via Max2play and added this as per instruction (ssh and auto install). Definite change of sound for the better, but I have no idea what it has done? I assume there is no indicator to show it working or anything? Is there anything to adjust? cheers anyway, will leave it installed for now
  9. Excellent thread with great outcome. I too use Pi4 direct usb into dac, but house the Pi in one of these. I believe the Pi4 can get quite hot, and this helps keep heat down, without a fan. Pi 4 case
  10. Looks interesting, but I prefer running Pi as can use as server and player. This looks just player, so will need to store music elsewhere.
  11. Anyone using Material Skin can download free app to use on phone/tablet, Android. Go here Releases · CDrummond/lms-material-app · GitHub Download apk file and install on android device. Works beautifully.
  12. Try using this WinSCP :: Official Site :: Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows
  13. Apologies, I was slow coming back...Releases · CDrummond/lms-material-app · GitHub Just download the newest apk file and install on android a usual.
  14. There is also a lovely app for Android users for Material Skin
  15. Just played a live album for first time since reacquainting myself with LMS. But gaps between tracks annoying. This is a one concert album and played on other distros such as volumio and runeaudio, played without track breaks.
  16. Cheers, but checked that. Unless cross fade is same thing? (forgive ignorance)
  17. Anyone know if and where setting for gapless play is in Material Skin (or LMS). cheers
  18. Cheers, There wasn't a setting in LMS to install it, but Ronnie kindly sorted me out.
  19. Cheers, finally got there. After running the sudo apt install lame -y it installed lame. However, squeezelite would not launch. Couple reboots and a few changes to advanced setting re my dac and bingo. Many many thanks hermano
  20. cheers tried that. update ok, but lame message of "invalid operation lame" onwards and upwards
  21. Hi Folks, thought I would give max2play another go. Have got it installed, running and playing (eventually). However, saying no Lame installed. Any idea how I install this? been all over the max2play settings but no sign. cheers
  22. Couldn't agree more with your sentiment. Good thing is we can test and swap these different systems as often as we like for little to no cost. 😄 Happy days
  23. RuneAudio does support Pi4, but even better is the newly developed versions by rern. Most recent is RuneAudio+R e4 which can be downloaded below. I have no affiliation to this other than I use it, having used virtually every other distro available in the past years. I find this suits my needs and looks and sounds great, with no issues that I have had with some other Pi softwares (usually related to large size of library and fact I run both player and server from Pi). Regarding "give it a whirl", it is same as Volumio to install (and much easier than moode). Just download the image for PI4 from link and write image to sd card, and pop in Pi (info and link below). https://www.runeaudio.com/forum/runeaudio-r-e4-t7084.html
  24. No, RuneAudio is free and similar to Moode and Volumio, although does include things like artist look up and similar artists etc. Give it a whirl.
  25. Or another (excellent) option is the new community led version of RuneAudio from rern.. Try it here: https://www.runeaudio.com/forum/runeaudio-r-e4-t7084.html
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