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  1. The 651 allows you to defeat the rumble filter. Look at the spec.
  2. It's always on. Search Results Web results 551P/651P - Cambridge Audio Support › Azur_651P_User_Manual_English PDF ... + our passion. Phone pre-amplifier. User's manual. 2. ENGLISH. 551P/651P azur ... The subsonic filter cuts out very low frequency 'rumble', caused by vinyl.
  3. Try a Cambridge Audio Azur 551P. They have a subsonic filter.
  4. That looks like a great solution. Go for it.
  5. That's the solution. Or a different cartridge might help. Subsonic noise on LPs is normal though.
  6. Amp Jap Speakers Brit Table Dutch CD Jap
  7. Unfortunately for you we live in a democracy.
  8. The BBC is pretty neutral politically.
  9. And for when you want proper bass from stand mounts.
  10. Triode output valves are non-linear with massive waveform distortion at anything other than very low power outputs and push pull amplifiers don't reduce quality. Apart from that, spot on!
  11. Do class D amplifiers generally sound worse than AB? Unless they do, then switching noise isn't a problem, and nor is your fantasy RFI.
  12. Sales bullshit for subjectivists to believe so they buy the product.