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  1. I have a separate speed box which when switched off (platter not spinning) remains in standby with an illuminated blue dot . To totally switch it off it has to be unplugged . Cheers
  2. If you want fuss free and fantastic sound what about an LSD best sounding turntable mentioned so far .
  3. Adam that Pioneer is lovely, was it at Scalford last year? If so it sounds lovely too Yeah I like the Conductor.
  4. Need to catch up on a few WAC albums, but jumping back in on this as I have it. Not a fan really, very well executed but it always just sounds like a very polished performance . Where's the soul?
  5. Yeah sorry its just another pre output really (silly manufacturer terminology) so all amps are connected to the same preamp. Yeah no crossovers .
  6. yeah I thought about a passive, the two amps driving the mid and bass are being fed from the same pre output and are identical amps so theoretically they should be producing the same output. there are no crossovers involved.
  7. I use a fifty year old S15T, I have no idea how many thousands of hours its played but it must be double figures. Still on its original tip and the suspension shows no sign of sagging, not bad for a cartridge that weighs 30 grams.
  8. Thanks, I understand now, I have been messing around with a pair of 3 way Rehdeko's using separate power amps for each driver. So far controlling the output of the amps has not been an issue as I am using two of the same model for bass and midrange and the amp for the treble units has its own volume pot so is being fed from a direct output (no volume control) from my preamp. I just fancied maybe using a different amp for the midrange but as its a different power output to the bass amp I need a way of controlling its output and thought the Nadja may be what I was looking for. It isn't I have looked on their site and it looks far to serious for me.
  9. Hi Edd, yes I mean the volume of the amps being that they are different power output etc. I just wondered how it is all controlled . Cheers.
  10. loo

    Replacement for my LV OBX R2s

    Hi sorry what are those drive units? Your link doesn't work for me
  11. So in an active system ( one like Haywards 5 way horns ) where the drivers are all being driven by different amps, where does the DSP go? And how are all the outputs of the amps controlled? Is it done by DSP?
  12. Yeah 230v is the European commissions 1994 harmonisation figure derived by finding the middle figure between the euro 220 and UK 240, Genius, shame nobody actually supplies 230v.
  13. People beating the **** out of each other for the entertainment of an audience is tragic.