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  1. Err hum ...? Is this now a quad thread? 😜
  2. Same here Stingray, I've got a Xiang Sheng 05 dac in silver but want the black version.
  3. Thanks uzzy & Headcoat. Im not interested in quad stuff so no worries there. The Acoustic Research is probably great but it's beyond my budget & I wouldn't buy from that dealer anyway. I could use my Cambridge 851N streamers dac & then use as a pre but I feel the sound via my dac (no pre output) is a tad better so then I need an integrated amp. Cheers
  4. It does tick all the 'my requirements' boxes CnoEvil but I'm afraid the reviews I've read in the past have put me off. Looks are not really to my taste either. Thanks anyway. The Vincent SV-234 seems ideal but at 289w it's massively overpowered for my needs, the SV-500 is 70w is fine but no XLR 🙄... Annoying. My speakers are 93dB ish, nominal 6 Ohms.
  5. I bet it's a cracker chezi but as I mentioned in the original post, I don't really want exposed tube designs even ones with cages. Styles such as Audio note Oto, Leben 300 are ok. At the moment, Lavardin, Sugden lower powered & seem to be heading my list but don't have XLR inputs. Unison research Unico do but it's their 100w model which is unnecessarily powerful. ive been looking at the Vincent hybrids (sv-500 & 234) which seem to tick most boxes but I don't know much about them. So, any opinions about the Vincents or indeed any further suggestions are welcome. oh ... remote control would be nice.
  6. Thanks Alex, but the only listing I can see is already too pricey for me at £1750 ......with 4 days to go☹️
  7. I'm using a Xiang Sheng 05b dac. Many people rate the 01 incuding myself & this is a step up. This has seen off many more expensive DACs so I clearly like it.... a subjective opinion of course. I compared the 851 vs 05 in the same manner you have & feel the 05 edges it. This wouldn't be the case if I had compared against previous DACs & I would of been quite happy using the 851 direct.
  8. I run my 851n into a dac into amp. I think it's a tad better, my friend isn't convinced & likes the Cambridge direct to amp. It's that close.
  9. Thank you very much for the replies gentlemen & especially Rabski's comprehensive opinion. Ive owned LV speakers ( various models) for approx 20 years & believe that whilst they sound great with low powered valve amps I feel they are even better with a tad more grunt. I understand the point of balanced with valves so maybe that's folly. Maybe I'll ditch the XLR requirement which is a pity because my dac is supposedly at its best utilising these connections. could write more but I've bored myself shitless.
  10. Simple one... I have a Xiang sheng 05b dac in silver & I'd like to swap for the same in black👍
  11. Hi folks, I'm looking for the above tweeter for my Living Voice OBX Speaker. I'm aware of the ones on eBay, checking here first👍
  12. Hi Rick, what sort of value do you have in mind for tha Audio Synthesis Dac?

    Nice Odeons by the way.

    Best wishes, Richard

    1. bandit pilot

      bandit pilot

      About a grand Rich.

    2. Slightly Athletic

      Slightly Athletic

      Ok mate, sorry to ask... But is everything working as it should, any marks etc worth mentioning, original box? Etc

      cheers, Richard

    3. bandit pilot

      bandit pilot

      It's in perfect working order mate. Cosmetically 8/10 but very clean. No original box but it does have the uber rare remote.

  13. Hi folks, has anyone out there tried the above amplifier? I've read a couple of reviews on line & the concensus seems to be favourable but I'd much prefer to hear 'real world' opinions. There's very little info on the forums so all input would be appreciated. Cheers