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  1. Thanks for the offer Deebee but I'm definitely after the Auditorium 23. Just to be clear, I'm after a pair of RCA analogue interconnects. Sorry about the bad thread title😬
  2. If this is the case, then it should be passed on to me David. It would be like 2 brothers being reunited after being decades apart😜 I even dusted it down for extra "I'm a smug twat" factor! shit photo though🙃
  3. Fantastic set up Phil. I was tempted by those monos myself. Great sounds to look forward to✌️
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed mine, well recommended. Also the chance to do some rolling to get your preferred sound. I did find that I had one valve too many in my system (tube pre & power) for my taste. Mind you, I felt the same whenever I tried a valve based dac. Could be perfect for you Jag👍
  5. If I was gonna buy the Emporium one I'd check exactly what's inside it. If close to the 'standard' 1 I'd certainly negotiate a more appropriate price. .... Probably nearer £1K
  6. Agreed. Don't be alarmed if there's a few pings on start up too, depends on which valves it has.
  7. Nice one Phil, I think you made the right choice 👌
  8. Hi Fled here's an eBay link to the SJS Arcadia pre being sold by Emporium. Without knowing what is inside the unit I cannot say whether it's a good price or not. What I can say is... Simon Shilton is one of the most helpful guys in hifi. He will suggest upgrades (if needed) on a bang per buck basis & quote prices beforehand. Communication is exemplary for a busy guy. His products ooze quality & sound brilliant to me. I originally had the mark 1 pre which he upgraded to what is commonly known as the 1.5. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to bag a Pre2 so I moved like castor oil through a cat to get it. It still plays brilliantly in my system. I can't see me ever looking for another pre. He now makes the pre7 which is supposed to be different class but unfortunately it's a bit too expensive for me. I'm sure I'll cope with what I have 👍 Hope this helps
  9. Absolutely right Simon. That's exactly what I'm using .. Western digital 4tb external hard drive directly into one of the USB-a ports. No NAS required etc.
  10. Good afternoon folks. Has anyone out there compared the sound quality of the NDac against the dac-V1? If yes, I'd love to hear your opinions. Cheers
  11. I replaced my XS 01 with the 05. The 01 is fantastic value for money but the 05 is better.
  12. Need 8 but let me know if you have lesser amounts.
  13. Looking for the above size M8, I need 8 in total. Please get in touch if you have any spare.