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  1. Absolutely no worries Roy, good luck with your sale✌️
  2. I am aware of that Rabski but it's not the matching element. The speakers are in an open plan kitchen/Living room so I don't want the extra boxes and cabling.
  3. Agree on the base/stand point Rabski. Also agree that it'll probably be easier on the wallet to part ex rather than upgrade with Definitive... still pricey though. Thats why I'm checking out what's out's out there?🕵🏻
  4. I have considered that Paul and also thought about getting my R2's upgraded. They are a beautiful burr oak with no fading etc & I'd be lucky to find a finish I like as much. We'll see. Just not suitable for the room they're in Shaun. I'd be interested to see that stand though
  5. You know I love that finish Roy but you also know I don't have the room for the extra boxes🕵🏻 A better idea is .... for someone to upgrade & buy those knowing that I'm waiting in the wings to buy their IBX's 😉
  6. Evening folks, I'm looking for a pair of the above speakers. All models considered. Sorry to be choosy but I'm not interested in some finishes... eg Santos Rosewood but please get in touch with what you have. I have cash but have some gear that might interest in part ex deals.... Living Voice IBX- R2's, audio note speaker cable etc. cheers
  7. Don't like bumping my ads too much but I think it's fair enough by now😜
  8. Point noted & understood Rabski. To be honest I wish everyone (myself included) stuck to chatting about hifi on a hifi forum. I love the banter on the site & I like the input from members helping others on subjects outside of hifi. When it comes to people using the forum to express opinions about matters of life & death then things change. Attitudes are going to get polarised...language gets strong .. fair enough. Personal attacks not. I wanted to 'regurgitate' some of these posts to ask whether the authors still stand by their comments.
  9. Thanks for the reply Bazzer. Yes, I understand that some threads get a bit 'hot' but it's a tad disappointing. I would of liked to resurrect some comments made at the time. 40,000 deaths later some wammers seem to have altered their opinion... shock horror.
  10. I searched for a couple of posts I made in my own profile but .... They are no longer to be seen. Is this because the whole thread/ topic has been removed from the Wam? I can't remember the thread titles specifically but they were in relation to covid/corona/distancing/ going to the pub etc Could someone please advise
  11. Thanks for the offer Deebee but I'm definitely after the Auditorium 23. Just to be clear, I'm after a pair of RCA analogue interconnects. Sorry about the bad thread title😬
  12. If this is the case, then it should be passed on to me David. It would be like 2 brothers being reunited after being decades apart😜 I even dusted it down for extra "I'm a smug twat" factor! shit photo though🙃
  13. Fantastic set up Phil. I was tempted by those monos myself. Great sounds to look forward to✌️