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  1. Selling my last pair of Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre RCA, includes original box. These are excellent interconnects, pictures of the actual cables. £575.00 Postage £12.00
  2. Looking for some more E188CC (pair) other makes also considered. Cheers
  3. TOWNSHEND ISOLDA speaker cables for sale. 7 metre in length ea. £500.00 + shipping Bananas both ends. UK Shipping. Thanks for looking
  4. Hi As per title need some Philips E188CC SQ ideally NOS or low hours Cheers
  5. HD Plex 100W Linear Power. 5V/9V/12V/19V power rails (output). With adjustable 7.5V-19.5V voltage via external pot on one output. The 19V output can be adjusted 15V-19V via the internal copper knob. Near new (mint) condition, boxed with accessories in pictures, you will need to supply power cable. Instruction leaflet included (Not Pictured) Price £290.00 + shipping
  6. Hi The BDA2 does not do DSD. The reviewer indicates he used the CD layer as the digital output to the BDA-2. Cheers
  7. A Girl Called Eddy, album of the same name. Tracks, Somebody Hurt You Heartache
  8. Still for sale £1125.00 Thanks for looking