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  1. [2021] Elbow ‎– Asleep In The Back [flac]
  2. [2015] Steven Wilson ‎– Transience [flac]
  3. [2997] Eat Static - De-Classified [flac]
  4. Keep me posted John... especially if there's flexibility with the £1k asking price
  5. [1975] Pink Floyd ‎– Wish You Were Here [2011 remastered/reissued CD]
  6. [1993] Dire Straits ‎– On The Night [flac]
  7. [2001] Electric Light Orchestra ‎– Zoom [CD]
  8. Although I'm 100% sure I'd withdrawn my interest for the original show and had booked a room in the other hotel so that I could attend as a visitor, I note that I appear on the current list. However, I may be up for these revised dates and will edit the spreadsheet accordingly
  9. As my trusty Milty Zerostat 3 has given up the ghost, does anybody have one sat in a draw which isn't being used that they'd like to sell?
  10. [1995] Dire Straits ‎– Live At The BBC [flac]
  11. [1991] Dire Straits - On Every Street [CD]
  12. [1986] Kraftwerk ‎– Electric Cafe [CD]
  13. [1991] Ultramarine ‎– Every Man And Woman Is A Star [CD)
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