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  1. [1987] Mike Oldfield - Islands [HDCD 24/44 flac]
  2. [1977] Vangelis ‎– Spiral [flac]
  3. [2020] Taylor Swift ‎– Folklore [flac]
  4. [2017] Daniel Cavanagh ‎– Monochrome [flac]
  5. [2017] Robert Plant ‎– Carry Fire [flac]
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  7. Its August... so time for my very latest Sound.&.Texture.Session... https://www.mixcloud.com/orbscure/soundtexturesessions0820/ Enjoy
  8. [1971] David Bowie ‎– Hunky Dory [flac]
  9. Many thanks Mr Uzzy... reading my previous post back again this morning and I'm not very clear with what I'm looking for. Rather than the laser, I actually meant if the complete drive assemblies from all of the PD-S stable platter players were interchangeable.... as can be seen below... In fact, having just removed the top metal assembly (yes, the front two silver screws aren't original) I now note that part of the plastic (circled) appears to have broken away... But I'm not sure if that is what's causing the issues...
  10. Thread resurrection time... the PD-S703 discussed above had long since been returned to me, so I've been taking a look at her again to see if I could find out what the issue is. Even though it powers on and the disc tray opens/closes to accept a CD, it simply makes a short spinning up noise but refuses to read the CD. With this in mind, does anybody know if the drives from other stable platter players could be fitted? Plan would be to find a spare & repair player and use the drive from that...
  11. [1971] Roy Harper ‎– Stormcock [flac]