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  1. If DIY audio counts I have really enjoyed a phono stage from Boozhound, Bottlehead valve based kitd headphone amps Sets stereo Amp and theit Eros Phono is pretty special imo also Nelson Pass for mono blocks and headphone amps. Both my Pass Whammy headphone and Bottlehead Mainline headphone amps can be used as very nice preamps. I've also had a off the shelf Lounge Audio LCR phono which was praised by reviews but eas a bit of a disappointment and didn't even get close to my Eros phonos performance There was also a NOS Dac I purchased from the states years ago for a short spell but can not remember the make. Wonderful mid range but at the expense of top and bottom range. I didn't hang on to it long.
  2. A MG A&R P77 upgraded with a Jico SAS 1 micro ridge stylus with the boron cantilever is a bit of Q cart imo. I compared it to the Shure V3 and a Denon 103 and the P77 SAS combo was easily my preferred cart the others having long gone now. The mg p77 turns up on eBay pretty regularly.
  3. RME would be worth a look they make some home user dac headphone combo options of their highly regarded professional studio dac range.
  4. The power node 2i is on my watch list as well. If your not in any hurry to purchase I have noticed occasionally they turn up in seven oaks sound and vision clearance section with a descent discount.
  5. When thinking robustness the beyerdynamic DT 770 pro springs to mind however it does not have a detachable cable and is also closed back. But Well within budget and often used in studio s for their performance and robustness.
  6. Fwiw If you didn't know David Shaw of (Icon Audio fame) was appointed Ming da's technical consultant in 2008 Mingda have had a close working relationship with Icon for some time. Not sure if it's relevent to this phono stage but thought it worth a general mention.
  7. Fwiw around 5 or 6 years ago I built the Bottlehead Mainline headphone kit a Parafeed design using CCS and the Russian 6c45p tube (output caps upgraded to 10uf RTI Teflon tin foils). It's still in regular use and its performance still amazes me. It also doubles as a superb sounding pre amp for my power amp.
  8. Sell both try something new you can always pick them up again both are old designs and will only get less expensive to buy used in the future.
  9. Valve based custom Bottlehead Eros with NOS EF86 Telefunken chrome plate valves and a hand matched Teflon capacitor RIAA stage with Duelund Cast copper output capacitors. Simply wonderful and end game for me.
  10. Vinyl is a hobby just like many others spend what your budget allows and enjoy the experience. My mate has a vintage Thorens TD150 a old marantz reciever with built in phono all hooked up to a pair of 40 year old JR Rogers 149 speakers (which he purchase new) and honestly it sounds really rather lovely for the music he listens to.
  11. JamieMcC

    SET amps

    For a dht preamp it doesn't get much simpler than a bottlehead quickie. Pretty sure the schematic is available online with a search. I paired one with a Nelson Pass 6w ACA total build was under £150 if I rember and that was using some nice components. Amazing sonics for peanuts. Sold it a while back but fancy building one again sometime.
  12. JamieMcC

    SET amps

    Maybe have a search over on the bottlehead forum there are some threads on converting their 2a3 amps to use 45 and I'm pretty sure several builders have documented the process you might find some useful info
  13. Always liked the look of the Eastern Electric minimax amps their kit seems to always get glowing reviews