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  1. Joshua Tree 30th anniversary vinyl box set
  2. George thanks for the heads up on that. Thats interesting Nick and sort of fits the idea of the amp I've developed in my mind so far from what I've read. I've a couple of other amps I'm interested in as well so will look forward to reading Mr Underhill's review.
  3. Hi I'm hoping for some feedback on the Etude if anyone can share any experience with it. Feedback seem a bit thin on the ground. Cheers Jamie.
  4. Can you not use a app on your mobile phone and stream to your system with something like Chromecast or Bluetooth?
  5. Dressage obviously takes lots of skill and training of both horse and rider and has its place but personally think it's inclusion as a Olympic sport is well past it's due date. It's seems far more a pivalaged sport than an inclusive sport. Sure it has its place along with Carriage racing, Polo and other equine sports event and I enjoy watching such but as a modern Olympic event it's probably getting harder to justify its inclusion. Out of interest are there any other Olimpic sports that include animals?
  6. Very happy with the SACD playback on my Oppo 205 it's a super bit of kit imho. Mind it would be great to give a dedicated higher end scad player a listen.
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