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  1. I had a Eastern Electric minimax DAC with a selectable valve output stage a few years ago. Nice bit of kit
  2. I get what your saying but think your looking at it from the wrong end of the stick. If your thinking midfi kit then definitely yes. But when you think of highly desirable audio kit your talking hiend luxury items. If Porsche or Ferrari were to stop production there would be huge demand to have the last model of those makers with enthusiasts prepared to pay big premiums to secure their piece of automotive history.
  3. Desirability, availability, demand all play there part in each individuals rational of a purchase some have limited budgets others limitless. If something is good there will always be demand you don't have to look far to find classic amps, turntables, tone arms that sell for many multiples of the original price. Also someone looking to put together a great sounding system is a bit different to a enthusiast who might want to experience differing setups and who's goal is not driven ultimately by hifidelity.
  4. Have a look at the Leema Acoustics Elements £1300 new but can often be found in the £450-£650 range used.