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  1. Really appreciate the feedback guys thanks
  2. Currently looking at moving we have only had has heating but as we are looking to move to a more rural location it's likely to be oil or lpg. I have a relation who has lpg But looking for some first hand feedback on using a oil fired boiler for central heating if anyone us able to shed a little light on typical cost to run heating four bed house, service a oil boiler any pitfall s etc. Cheers Jamie
  3. I put together a DIY version of the Bastani Mandala speakers the drivers are often seen on eBay it's 100db and consists of 2x12" free range Bastani drivers (no crossover) with tweeter assist + a 15" bass driver per channel. The 15" bass driver can either be configured to run off the same amp as the other drivers or allows for separate bi amping or just left disconnected. I've used it with a bunch of low power amps currently it's powered directly from my Chord Dave (no amp in-between) with pleasing results the Dave's can output 2W. However its bit of a beast and WAF is pretty low. I started with a single version inspired after reading this thread much higher WAF then added a second pair of mandala drivers won on a eBay auction about 12months later.
  4. It's always a good learning experience to try such modifications in my book. I've tried many of the high end capacitor brands in different DIY amplifier builds including the Duelund Cast Copper. The Duelund JDM Silver bypass caps are a bit of a bargain imho if bypassing output capacitors I've been very impressed with the results of doing so myself. However I haven't used it in crossover. Fwiw I also use Duelund DCA wire for speaker cable, be mindful that there are more than a few reports online saying it takes around100hrs of use to come on song. I certainly thought performance improved given a week or two of play time myself.
  5. To be honest I'm a bit underwhelmed at the looks the big display looks pretty much the same as in my 15 year old Marantz NA7004. Certainly I would expect to see a better colour screen with the ability to display some album artwork on a new release especially as it's network capable and given the price.