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  1. Just follow James Martin's recipe. Apart from the ingredients I've found best results come from sieving the flour prior to mixing then passing the mix through a sieve into a jug and getting it chilled down in the fridge prior to using. Use the big batter pud moulds, chilled mix goes into very hot tubs with a bit of preheated oil or lard. Fantastic results every time. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/james-martins-yorkshire-puds/amp
  2. A few years back I put together up a little system made up from past DIY projects they were never originally built to all use together as a system just different projects completed over a few years. Thought I would hook them all up together and was bowled over by the results. Approx costs. Bottlehead Quickie kit a battery powered directly heated triode pre amp £99 Nelson Pass Amp Camp Amp 6W built from purchase of just the small PCB and a reused heat sink. £100 Boozhound jfet battery powered MM phono full hand matched Russian surplus Teflon capacitor RIAA stage and teflon output caps. £100 Rebuilt a beat up Thorens TD150 (cannonball arm) with the Chadwick mods £100 Sub £500 for what was a insanely good little system.
  3. Emiliana Torrini from Iceland Superb and varied work good selection of albums and a impressive amount of vocals in film scores most would have heard her vocals in something or other Golums song from lord of the rings for example.
  4. I always thought it curious when this review first came out that often with the pursuit of the perfect system he does a bunch of sound demos even on the inexpensive stuff But with these none when it would have been a good opportunity to perhaps demonstrate the Leema Amps amazing synergy which was highlighted in comparison to what ever else was used.
  5. Ok maybe a bit controversial but I'm inclined to think the majority of headphones are pretty mediocre even while they might be enjoyable there are to many flavours and house sounds and more often than not a distinct lack of technical ability. Its not really until you start looking at the top tier offerings that things start to get really interesting performance wise.
  6. That depends on the frequency of use and decibel level. Plenty of folk use headphones all day for work purposes. Damage to hearing can equally be caused by non headphone misadventures with exposure to anything even moderately loud for sustained periods. Edit that might also included my wife
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