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  1. The Jico and A&R P77 is a very nice combination.
  2. This sounds like you might have some debris stuck in the bottom of the jack hole if it's been in a pocket something may have found its way in and be at the bottom stopping the jack from getting fully down into the stereo position hence one channel. When you pull it out to make it work in both channels it's could be mono your hearing in both rather than stereo if so.
  3. Swapping out the electrolytic cathode bypass for films made a noticeable difference in my phono stage I used Valab (Taiwanese a modern film foil in oil) they were 250v 100uf mind and took up a fair bit of space but as I had them already it's what was used.
  4. I would buy in confidence from the diyaudio store. Nelson Pass himself is supplying the vfets.
  5. The dcs Rossini + clock which is around £5k less seems the most obvious benchmark for comparison.
  6. My personal view is most companies charge what they think they think their customers will bear. If component wise the cost is sub £1000 which it surely must be then every 24 units sold is a million quid!
  7. Your not alone I have the same issue several enquiries a month on listings marked sold that have been deleted by me two or three years ago from my control panel. Think next one I receive I will start telling them to avoid listings on the Megastore as my experience has been pretty poor with it to be honest.
  8. I suspect most of the folk who purchase one will never listen to one prior to purchase. They will have it specified for their yacht, jet or home, second home, third home etc by a interior designer. It's easy to overlook for the majority of those who will purchase the cost is ultimately pretty insignificant.
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