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  1. Touch Yello, first listen with new V-Cap CUTF output caps in my SETs amp Ohhhh Yeahhh.....
  2. The Chord Huie has both XLR and RCA inputs. It has a good amount of Adjustability. Small form factor might be helpful. Edit scratch that it's two outputs not two inputs sorry.
  3. Superb album, the vocal on Thunder Road is worth the cost of the LP on its own imo.
  4. That reminds me I will have to dig my copy out it's in a box in the garage I hope. Probably in need of a deep clean.
  5. Im a bit of a night owl and it's not often I'm in bed before 1am the music normally quieten downs a bit after midnight Just finished Leave your hat on. Now playing You don't have to be rich
  6. In my back garden listening to Tom Jones at the Isle of Wight festival which is taking place just down the road from me.
  7. Saw her perform in Whangarei NZ on the tour of this album (Beautiful Collision) The following year she released Live in Concert which is my favourite album of hers a selection of her own songs and a few covers but with orchestral arrangements. A super voice for sure
  8. One box solution sell the power amp get the new Bluesound Powernode. Buy beer or records with change.
  9. Nelson Pass makes an adjustable active crossover specifically for open baffle speakers it's call the B5 or B6 active crossover might be jfet based. Apparently it can make a significant improvement with bass integration. Think diyaudio might have kits available for it.
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