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  1. Mine is what Arthur Salvatore refers to as the T1 version. It's the original, but with a linear (not a switching) power supply. It's available for anyone who's willing to come over and collect in person. (It's just more effort than it's worth to organise shipping.) Mani.
  2. I've no idea if the Thöress is better, but it's the best I've heard. I just don't need it any more... I can't imagine you'd be anything but totally delighted with it . Mani.
  3. Truth be told, I'd be perfectly happy if it didn't - it's the only one of my listings that I've never bumped. It's utterly superb, I'll never get hold of one again in this condition, and it has the amazing Excalibur II arm. But... I'm just not using it very much nowadays, which seems a waste of a great piece of kit. At this point in time, I could still be persuaded to part with it. And BTW, the Marvels are still available. Mani.
  4. I'd put this up against pretty much any phono preamp out there. I've only got one TT/arm left and no longer need multiple inputs. Going for less than 1/2 retail price. In 'as new' condition' with original packaging. Mani.
  5. Come on. This has got to be worth taking a punt on at only £350... for what Arthur Salvatore considers the most perfect electronic audio device, of any type, that I he's ever heard! I don't agree, but I think it's a bloody good preamp going for 1/3 of its retail price (once shipping and duties are taken into account). In pretty much 'as new' condition. Mani.
  6. Hi Ian, Looking at the 3rd pic in the original post, the armboards have cutouts for: top left - 12" Ultracraft top middle - SME (aftermarket armboard) top right - blank (aftermarket armboard) bottom left - not sure, was already cut out when I bought TT/plinth (is a pretty large diameter) bottom right - tiny hole for Trans Fi Terminator t3 Pro bolt (perhaps armboard could be recut if required?) HTH. Mani.
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