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  1. I have a pair of Elrog 211 valves that I bought from Kevin Scott a while ago, and then hardly ever used thereafter. I paid £1,000 for them new - current price is 1590 Euros. Weirdly, although I bought them new, they have a slightly different internal structure: However, I did have them tested, and recall that they measured almost identically. Conservatively, there's 100 hours on them, but actually much less, because I sold my Consonance 211 monos soon after buying them. (The Consonance/Elrog combo sounded totally awesome driving my Tune Audio Anima horns.) I have absolutely no need for the Elrogs now, having recently gone fully active with multiple Neurochrome amps in both my systems. Would be happy to take £600 for the pair shipped (within UK). Mani.
  2. Having gone fully active with both my systems, I have no need for a 2-channel amp. Hence why the Marvels are going. But I'll mention the Moonriver to whomever ends up with the Marvels. Mani.
  3. Here's a vid of the H2s being run actively (with no copyright issues): [For those in the know, these are not the original Kevlar tweeters, they're the updated Teflon tweeters, which I bought NOS. Have a peak at around 3kHz which needs to be tamed - easily done with DSP.] Mani.
  4. Hadn't heard of Moonriver before. Like the retro look - very cool. My Animas sound stunning being run actively with 6x mono amps. I'm sure the my Marvels would sound 'marvellous' with the Moonriver. You could buy them and find out . Mani.
  5. Mods, you could move this into the sold thread please? Thanks.
  6. I've started a thread over at ASR on how I set up an active crossover with Roon for my H2s: If link doesn't work, just search 'setting up an active crossover with Roon' over at Audio Science Review. Mani.
  7. Yes, exactly the reason why I'm selling - they're just a tad too big for my refurbished home office. Just let me know if you'd like to take a listen anyway though. Mani.
  8. The fundamentals of the bass strings of the guitar lie at 100Hz and 200Hz respectively and come across perfectly well on the video. But I agree, there's no deep bass. The speakers are perfectly capable of deep, room-shaking bass though, and require very little power to do so. But in any event, probably best not to further contaminate this thread. Feel free to post on the FS listing itself if you'd like to explore things further, or indeed in the YouTube comments section. Mani.
  9. Not sure of your budget, but I have a pair of Tune Audio Marvels for sale that I think would suit your amp very well: In the video, they're playing in a room substantially smaller than yours. I hope you'd agree that they sound superb. I've never owned AN speakers, but have heard them in others' systems. Personally, I'd take the TAs over the ANs any day. (I have a pair of TA Animas in my main system.) Good luck with your search. Mani.
  10. My Rock 7 is sold. I'm on the verge of doing a deal on my Thöress Phono Enhancer. Can I entice anyone to take these beauties for the stupidly low price I'm asking? Believe me, they really are very good. Mani.
  11. Just wondering if the Rock 7 was sold ?

  12. Glad you like it. It's called Frogs, by Ralf Illenberger.
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