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  1. Video of Phono Enhancer playing here: Mani.
  2. Have had the Zen Stream in my office for a couple of days now. Haven't done a to-and-fro with the SOtM sMS-200 Neo yet, but am confident it's at least as good. Suspect it might be quite a bit better, but will hold off from making a judgment until I've done a detailed back-to-back comparison, including capturing and analysing the analogue outputs from my DAC. (Will have to wait a couple of weeks now until the interior decorating is all finished and I've reassembled everything.) Mani.
  3. Looks like the new iFi Zen Stream would be a good option for you - it has both USB and spdif outputs. I currently use a SOtM sMS-200 Neo in my office system (powered by a Paul Hynes LPS), which works perfectly as a Roon Bridge and sounds great. I have a Zen Stream arriving next week. Happy to share my thoughts once its here... Mani.
  4. I've got an AR-T Legato (https://ar-t.co/LEGATO.html) that I'm not using any more. Not very well known, but this is by far and away the best USB-to-spdif converter I've ever heard. Pat at AR-T is an RF expert, which shows in the design (just look here: https://ar-t.co/geekspeak.html). However... - technically, mine is the 'Veloce' (requiring an external 9V PSU, not included) and not the Legato (which has an internal PS) - they're otherwise identical - true 75 Ohm BNC only (no RCA, but I have an adaptor) - 16/44.1 output only (no real problem, 16/44.1 can sound as good as hires with a well-designed DAC) From recollection, I paid around £500 for it after shipping and taxes. (No idea how much Pat makes them for now, if he does at all. I had to wait 3 years for mine... no kidding.) Yours for £250 + shipping... if you're interested in the absolute best. Mani.
  5. SH-10 B3 plinth & dust cover £900 (both in excellent condition) Mani.
  6. I've had a few enquires whether I'd split the listing. Seeing as I've had no firm offers for the whole listing, I've decided to split it: *Black* SP-10 Mk II & PSU £1750 (both in excellent condition) Mani.
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