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  1. You liked the black Sabbath because dual woofer front loaded horns will produce the best midbass and midbass integration. And those woofers are Altec 515, which are still reputed to be among the best woofers ever made. Those old woofers produce tremendous bass with very low watts unlike the woofers of today, which is why you are hearing that black Sabbath and the cello on an amp under 5 watts
  2. Hi all, Not everyone is comfortable uploading videos, but given that we cannot travel in COVID times to listen to systems, this is next best. Please upload your videos shot on mobile phones. My request is for you to play classical, jazz, and then whatever tickles your fancy. Please listen by streaming to a headphone or a small speaker, not on mobile. Here are a few I have shot of friends' systems. I have covered below hORNs Universum (Radian 950be, Radian 475 tweeter, active downfiring woofer), Altec 817, TAD 4003 in a dual FLH with JBL, Cessaro Gamma (TAD 4001), AER BD4 and BD5, and Tune Audio Anima I would be interested in hearing some other horns, especially JBL, Tang Band, Lowther, Vitavox Starting with hORNs Universum Altec 817 TAD 4003 with JBL dual FLH Tune Audio Anima AER BD5 and BD4 The two of Murat's below haven't been shot by me Cessaro Gamma Cessaro used TAD 4001, here is another 4001 from a Russian named Oleg I would be interested in hearing some other horns, especially JBL, Tang Band, Lowther, Vitavox, Tannoys, etc
  3. As the ad says. Please make offer
  4. bonzo

    Horn tweeters

    Hi, anyone here who uses Fostex 900/500a/925 Coral H100/104 various JBl (2404/2405/075/077/045BE Onken 5000T TAD ET 703 This is a Bengal Tiger horn loaded tweeter
  5. bonzo

    Front loaded horns

    UK has exited the EU but you still haven't changed
  6. bonzo

    Front loaded horns
  7. bonzo

    Front loaded horns

    Looks very interesting. What will you be driving them with
  8. bonzo

    Front loaded horns

    Interesting, 4001 in TH 4001? Tweeter? What are you using for Midbass and bass, and it is front loaded open?
  9. bonzo

    Beyma TPL 150

    Hi any Beyma TPL 150 owners here? Want to investigate
  10. Hi how many here have their own front loaded horns, and what drivers?
  11. Interesting. Can you explain with the example of the amps what changes you had to make for the power
  12. Hi what are the upper frequency drivers people are using here on top of front loaded VOTT type bass cabinets? I am thinking of a Radian with Altec 817 type cabinet. Also, anyone using Radian or any other beryllium driver here?
  13. Hi, who here owns VOTT horns, with Altec or any other drivers, or any other variations of altecs?
  14. bonzo

    Tannoy Owners

    Oh ok. I was really impressed by Montesquieu's HPD 315a in Canterbury cabs done by RFC Paul with Silvercore 833c 20w (it has good grip). So now investigating