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  1. The sound experienced in the 'sweet spot' from the Experiment was sublime and IMHO the 'best of show'. It was incredible to experiment with how moving just 1-2ft away from the sweet spot changed the sound experienced at different frequencies- (constructive and destructive interference effects coming into play?). TVM for setting this up; this is what makes Scalford so special.............
  2. Have just put it in a Jiffy bag- will post Monday. (US 2-prong power plug; will need adaptor). Andy Posted 11:03 this morning (Mon 17 Mar) @ Sleaford Post Office
  3. PM sent re Charger. I have this and can pop it in a jiffy bag- it WAS in the bottom of the Richer Sounds bag of speaker cables/interconnects that I won in the raffle. (Just seen this thread). Andy