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  1. I can see you put those shelves to good use. Bet it sounds sublime.
  2. Love to hear about those Kharma speakers…..an intriguing brand.
  3. Yep, usually tuned into R3 and on a good night just about hiss free and excellent tonality.
  4. Been living with Allnic for about five years now and still very satisfied with the sound.
  5. More screams here. I too use the dsp unit to correct bass boom to very good effect and likewise I feed the dsp input from the pre out of my main valve amp and then feed the dsp output to a ss power amp which then feeds the bass drivers of my bi ampable Boenicke speakers. No amount of speaker positioning would solve the problem. Had not the dsp worked the speakers would have to have been jettisoned.
  6. Great to see such persistence. Cannot understand why this has not been snapped up. Its such a useful componant and easy to install for the non technical. Keep going.
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