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  1. elite pre sold. QMP monos are still available
  2. Dear All, Up for sale is my quad combo which does not get much use and deserves much more. The price is firm but i am willing to sell them separately as well. Quad elite pre is for 499gbp Quad Qmp mono pair for 1299gbp One can expect outstanding performance and natural sound paired with my Harbeth speakers. Pick up only as i don't have the original packaging anymore. Please note that none of the QUAD QSP or the Marantz 8801 are for sale that you can see in the pictures. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi All, on behalf of a friend for sale some bits and bobs: Shunyuta Research Hydra 2 £199 with optional Supra LoRad SWF-US mains connector two pieces £16 Total: £215 + postage Isotek Sirius Evo 3 6 way in original box and accessories £225 + Isotek Elite 1.5m mains cable with Furutech FI15 £65 Total: £290+ postage Russ Andrews Classic PowerKord 1m £45 + postage Cheers Las
  4. Hello do you still have the Isis DC player for sale?

    thank you


  5. Hi just an impulsive offer for 150 GBP cheers Laszlo
  6. Best setup I have ever heard with Harbeth speakers until Zsolti replaced the QSPs with QMPs. Highly recommended setup from a highly recommended seller!!! Serious up for these and I am still tempted...:(
  7. I received many offers in the region of 1500GBP. As I said I am in no rush. Speakers are mint with original boxes and they are currently my surround speakers so not much in use. My absolutely lowest price I would sell these beauties is 1699GBP. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hello Max, Yes they are still available. Cheers Laszlo
  9. Would you consider a swap for a mint pair m30.1 plus 700 from you?
  10. Still for sale. The cheapest m30.1 available on the market with original boxes.
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