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  1. often wondered why the houses look so frail. Is it just too expensive to build a house that will survive 150mph winds? In the last big hurricane here i think we got to 90mph which was scary. At midnight we were pitch and putting on Wandsworth common, by 04-00 i drove to work in total darkness.
  2. Have you got any pointers for a good repairer? My SA11-S2 has stopped recognising SACDs.
  3. Most dismal harvest for ages, all the barley round here has been downgraded to feed, not malting. Let's hope a beer famine isn't imminent.
  4. I usually work on the principle that if you aren't into it by page 10 try another. Sometimes go further if i've only got one book and a long day ahead. Only exception is a history of the rubber trade which is interesting but not quite gripping enough, add to that that i'm forgetting some of the detail and can't be bothered to go back to the start.
  5. I usually aim to buy in the last 2seconds, sorry that doesn't answer your question but they might go up dramatically in the end.
  6. I'd get it out of there as soon as possible, wouldn't trust them to look after it, let alone fix it.
  7. It used to be common practice in some garages to bill on standard job times so you could be charged 12 hours for an 8 hour day. When my independent was doing jobs for the first time ever he could usually get done in the official dealer time. Get on to an older machine and you could spend a day getting one sheared water pump or manifold bolt out saving a block.
  8. Not very keen on his politics but under £20 for a cheap bottle of Oz plonk plus a small steak and chips is hard to beat. Bonus that the steak was edible and cooked as blue as requested.
  9. If the repair man hasn't turned up repair it with a little bit of wire and connector blocks. 6" without coax won't make any difference. Torn muscles are a pain, IBP can help reduce inflammation but i've still got a small dent in my arm from last time.
  10. If you could get your Mum to calm down would you be in a position to help her keep the house? As a long term tenant on Room For Rent she might appreciate your return. She might also be happier than moving in with your brother. Be wary of the impact of a good bank balance on any benefits. If you and your brother might inherit the house one day might it help if your brother chipped in a little to help? Don't rush into anything irreversible.
  11. Daughter uses a Bose (Soundlink 2 ?) which connects to the cigarette lighter socket on long trips to charge through a standard usb charger. 12 to 240 Volt inverters are dead cheap and efficient now so you could use anything 240 Volts so take the Bluetooth speaker you use at home.
  12. Exactly, it's wrong! Plenty of active systems have a crossover / amp cab next to the speaker box. I would have had that but i couldn't quite find enough cash in one go; then the VAT rise was announced so i had to get the amp order in sharpish so might as well have let the bank buy me actives.
  13. Good luck! They were on my shortlist back in the day but i couldn't even find a demo, then they were discontinued. Looked like the ideal B&W for us.
  14. Move to Jaywick, you'll be able to afford a spare room for it all. Lovely spot in the summer but an Easterly winter wind can be brisk.
  15. Would your actives go on their sides under the TV? A decent (that could be an oxymoron) soundbar will be 6" high so a 12" wide speaker will only raise the tv a little! Whatever you do listen to the soundbar carefully; it's easy to spend £400 on a pretty pile of direness.
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