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  1. NOTHING IS FOR SALE ANY LONGER! Not been updated for ages as I'm busy working on our house, items are no longer for sale as repeated requests to sell just the amp are not what I was looking for. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the messages of support, most kind... Better images now added to my original post and a link to Imgur with plenty more, especially close up images of the small damage to the Vitus bottom corner and the back edge of one of the Tannoys. Ade
  3. Here is an old picture of my system which I am selling. More better pictures now added. I'm located in Dover, Kent. I don't want to sell but because of pending house renovations & a terrible turn of personal circumstances with my wife falling very ill, I have taken the tough decision to sell it all. I'm realistic in pricing but obviously want the best bang for buck, so no silly offers please, i'm not frightened of offending... Ideally I'd like the lot to go as one, obviously I appreciate this limits interest, however, best price for taking as one. I will be listing individual prices too but will only consider splitting apart after a while of being listed here first. Asking for everything; £8000 which apart from you needing music on a NAS is a plug & play option. The sound is detailed, smooth & controlled and doesn't fall apart when playing difficult or layered music. My choice of music is questionable to anyone who knows me but this system makes it sound great! The system as a whole is as follows and I'm happy to demo for anyone interested: Plenty of pictures below on the Imgur Link of all components including small damaged area of Vitus and a small scuff on one of the Tannoy Bradleys too. https://imgur.com/a/9FR8pE5 Vitus Audio Integrated SS-010 MKll solid state Class A / AB with the 48 stepped volume control. Comes complete with the Andromeda mains cable which retails around £900 on their own. No need for a review, plenty of favourable comments on line. 25 watts conservative, only 2 inputs & no phono board. Item could be described as very good condition, however it does have the odd blemish which you need to look closely for, one small issue is the bottom left corner has a small crease to the fascia at the base, not noticeable once in the rack but I'd like to be completely honest. Asking £4000. In original 2 box packaging complete with the original metal remote which I've never used & is unchecked and a Harmony remote which is what I use all the time, original manual too. Linn Akurate DS Katalyst, silver fascia so an original model, upgraded in 2012 to a DS1, then just upgraded last year in July to the newest Katalyst board which made a significant difference to how good these sound ordered & supplied by Soundcraft Hi-Fi in Ashford. Quite a rare beast with the older fascia as most Katalyst DS's are with the preamp as a DSM but still very desirable and without doubt a very decent digital front end. In very good condition, almost immaculate. Asking £3250. Boxed with original packaging & manual, as well as plastic remote. Tannoy Bradleys 12 inch driver, pretty rare to find a pair for sale in the UK, similar to the Cheviots. Refurbished and completely overhauled crossovers by Paul @ Reference Fidelity Components last year and new style banana plugs also fitted. Lockwood Audio replaced the surrounds within the last couple of years with the correct replacement having been done by the previous owner (Gabriel) @Inamelotone. All checked and voice coils aligned by Paul, sound absolutely sublime. In very good condition, a small scuff on the inner edge at the back left side of the speakers' corner and probably one of the nicest pairs currently in the UK. Asking £1500. No original packaging. A 5 shelf glass and metal stand, not sure of the brand but it has 4 of the 5 shelves with an acoustic sandwich between the glass. Can be taken apart as it is modular I believe, although I've never tried. Was very expensive once, now asking £300. No original packaging. With very substantial spiked feet. Brushed chrome finish. A mark to one of the glass shelves noticeable when empty. Tellerium Q Black ll speaker cable 1.5M each with banana plugs both ends. Retail supplied late last year, which sounded very nice against other cables I demoed, asking £100 as almost brand new but fully run in. Boxed with original packaging. Any questions just ask... Thanks for looking & happy to answer any things I've forgotten to mention already either PM or here. I'm not on the Wam much due to other commitments but I do receive email notifications if someone should enquire... Regards, Ade (Parcelmonkey)
  4. Is it Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley?
  5. In case anyone is interested? Peter Gabriel (yes, him) below: - Has now put loads of lovely music on Bandcamp - HERE For you to purchase / listen to & stream... Including the song swop - Scratch My Back / And I'll Scratch Yours , the concluding part of a series of song exchanges in which Peter and other leading artists reinterpret each other’s songs. In case you wanted to know...
  6. Hallelujah The Hills - A Band Is Something To Figure Out
  7. After a very stressful last few weeks after a house move, I'm back up and running again, although time limited. Enjoying this from Byron Metcalf - Shamanic Trance Dance
  8. https://s.amsu.ng/si46rUv9ulxN Scorpions - Lovedrive That's what it looks like to me? If I'm correct, someone else take my go unless you wait until this eve?
  9. Or an Imgur account, free and easy to set up... Unlimited usage, just don't use their mobile app, I couldn't get on with that, using a laptop is fine!
  10. Thought it was Jon Hopkins Small Craft On A Milk Sea but upon checking, alas not...
  11. Just had my 12" Bradley's fettled by Paul @ Reference Fidelity Components. Crossovers re-done and speaker coils re-aligned... These really sing beautifully now. Most pleased and the bill was extremely reasonable. Highly recommended.
  12. Not yet, just paid out a huge cash sum to our Solicitors today for our house move on Tuesday; so CD & download purchases have to take a back seat for a while... Bathrooms etc need installing and we need all our cash for other than musical things! Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - The OMD Singles
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