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  1. Thanks for the offer. I'm ideally looking for a micro sized player like the TEAC H300 type. If I can't find one of those I may come back to you on the Marantz.
  2. A friend of mine got me properly into hi-fi. He had a really flashy Sony midi system which ended up being stolen in a house burglary. He was given vouchers to replace it by the insurance company so he went off to buy a replacement. He got talked into buying separates by the salesman and came back with a NAD setup. It was so different to the usual flashing lights and boomy bass of the Sony et al that I was pretty captivated by it. When I could finally afford to buy kit myself some years later I went straight out and bought a NAD C320 amp, C521i CD player and a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers. I kept that system for a couple of years and then began experimenting with other kit. The rest, as they say, is history...
  3. It is rather lovely. Completely different in design from the usual stuff which is what attracted me to it. I recently discovered the La Scala range, nice and compact looking separates system. Very much up my strasse.
  4. Anyone ever own this system? I remember seeing it years ago in Stuff magazine (I think) and really lusting after one. I seem to remember they had some proprietary connection system based around firewire meaning you couldn't use the components in other systems. Would be interested to hear experiences of how it was quality wise!
  5. About £50 I should say. I would probably pay more but dependant on condition and if it's boxed etc.
  6. Looking for a cheap CD player, specifically a small unit like the TEAC/Denon/Yamaha ones. Dedicated CD only not looking for anything integrated with an amp or tuner. Must have optical/toslink out. Thanks!
  7. Grandiloquence


    Hi all, Selling my GeForce RTX 2070 (non Super) graphics card. Around 18 months old, just isn't getting the use to justify keeping it and I'm downsizing to an ITX build (and this card is bloody massive!). Comes boxed with accessories and original invoice. Cost £460 new. Ideal for a higher end gaming build, 8GB RAM and more reasonably priced than it's bigger brothers (2080 and 2080TI). Looking for £360 shipped in the UK. Thanks!
  8. Been wondering this myself as I have been eyeing up some old Meridian CD/DAC combos as I have always fancied owning one. Need to get something sooner rather than later as my current CD player is on the verge of conking out!
  9. Thanks again. Will try a 34 too so updated the title of my post.
  10. Great info, thanks. I guess the Mk.III is fairly rare then? Typical! That would ultimately be the model I'm after. Might just shoot for a 66 and have done with it.
  11. Thanks. If I can't source a grey one I will give you a shout!
  12. Thanks for the info. It's partially a nostalgia thing as I owned a 44 back in the day. I'll look at the 34 though.
  13. Hi all, looking for a Quad 44 preamp, specifically the grey "Mk II" version. Thanks!
  14. Got this arriving next week too (just need to acquire a preamp for it!):