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  1. Yeah its safe to say this is a no go sorry guys
  2. slight reduction which will hopefully reduce my earache from missus
  3. Derek and dominos sold on the bay
  4. Like Geoff said yes I did awful timing really [emoji22]
  5. This has now sold if a mod would be so kind as to move to relevant section
  6. to be honest I am not sure about the eq as I struggled to get it working with my mac mini thats why I moved on to the Bluesound I know it works with the Ipad though
  7. I really didnt think I would get rid if I am honest but been waiting on the Denon for 8 years so couldnt say no GLWTS yourself
  8. After acquiring the Denon integrated these are no longer required would prefer them to go as the set no boxes at the moment but i could certainly acquire some but cant imagine postage would be cheap as they are not light. My PM1s have been sounding great and they are fussy even the missus appreciates the sound and she has no clue original sale from spen ago Looking for what I paid would prefer to meet up after restrictions have been eased but like I said I am willing to source boxes buyer sources courier so £750 for the Monos and £400 for the pre also as a note the pre has a continental plug
  9. still here going on the bay shortly
  10. Sorry I wouldn’t have posted thought you had it in the bag
  11. Well it arrived safe and sound it looks new and sounding sublime glad I got tipsy