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  1. 7 weeks amateur my amp has been away for 4 months so far [emoji33]
  2. Not hugely in to classical but would like a decent version of this if anyone can suggest a version for me to try Cheers Simon
  3. Home is where The Wam is [emoji3590]
  4. Thought I’d give this a go on a Black Friday 3 for 2 offer love the track Gypsy
  5. Do they let you do an at home test Geoff? would love to experience the difference in my setup
  6. You do know I’m pulling your leg i hope
  7. I’m not sure the table decoration is dead centre [emoji847]
  8. I would say the 851 too that’s pencilled in as my next upgrade I have the Bluesound you are more than welcome to borrow once my new CD player arrives It’s sounding great through the Yamahas Be interesting if your DAC would improve it
  9. Don’t know him personally but the Wam is family and it’s heartening to see all the well wishes and support Sad news indeed
  10. It doesn't sound fantastic my £1 cd sounds much better
  11. Not listened yet the wife needs to go out [emoji23]
  12. Listened to this on holiday so had to give it blast on the main system can’t wait till he does the remaster Quite shocked at the price of some of his cds on the bay
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