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  1. I too will send some funds every little will help
  2. What’s the Bluetooth like on this I have the jr and it’s dire
  3. he lost his job due to COVID so has put everything on hold till he is sorted
  4. As someone who needs 2 m runs I would have one run off you too
  5. Mike himself is based in Bolton and it’s a little bit awkward to get to at the wrong time
  6. Will be making a trip to drop my amp off shortly if anyone else in the Liverpool area needs anything fixing
  7. Can this post be archived as the Decos have been sold
  8. Gutted to have to put these up as they have blown me away but needs must and as there has been no interest in my PM1's I am going to stick with them.Wife loves them I love them but our house is just not big enough for 2 sets of speakers.Selling for what i paid for them Cheers Simon Original sale thread here
  9. I see that makes it simple for an idiot like me Cheers
  10. Stupid question how would this work with an old integrated amplifier with only a tape loop left?
  11. i used to use an oppo for cd play back nothing wrong with them at all
  12. I never really thought the day would come that I would move these on as I love the sound paired with the right amp they sing. I’ve been unlucky and replaced the tweeters 3 times as they are a magnet for kids (so if you have young kids these are not for you} As you can see in photo they have also had some knocks (breaks my heart) I was contemplating getting them vinyl wrapped but I love the look too much and you can’t see from straight on. These cost £2400 with the stands about 7 years ago They have just come back today after having the tweeters replaced for the last time. No boxes for these an
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