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  1. Oooo would love to try these remember a pair of proacs where playing when I auditioned my pm1s and they sounded sweet
  2. Genesis - foxtrot the cd version is missing so much I listened to Daft Punk - Giorgio by Morodor on a system at Geoffs with some old B&W speakers sounded amazing bought the album sounded-flat on my system missing so much bass Hounds of love is an exceptionally produced album in my opinion
  3. I really didn’t drool honest good luck mate
  4. I am not going down the rabbit hole again I am not going down the rabbit hole I am not going down the rabbit hole again
  5. Looks bare and dusty but missus can live with it
  6. Yeah its safe to say this is a no go sorry guys
  7. slight reduction which will hopefully reduce my earache from missus
  8. Derek and dominos sold on the bay
  9. Like Geoff said yes I did awful timing really [emoji22]
  10. This has now sold if a mod would be so kind as to move to relevant section
  11. to be honest I am not sure about the eq as I struggled to get it working with my mac mini thats why I moved on to the Bluesound I know it works with the Ipad though