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  1. 100%, I currently live is show box in the middle of the road. I nick the electric from a street light to power my boom box
  2. What I have fitted to mine
  3. I’ve used the Evo stuff in the engine of my bike. I know that only gets to 120 ish, with no issues,.
  4. I have used Evo's version of JB Weld and that can take upto 300C. I believe JB-Weld can take upto 500C.
  5. Ok 39m and 17seconds But it is still a short album. I have had a listen to it via Deezer. I like it, but not enough to pay for a CD, and definitely not vinyl.
  6. It's a lot of dosh for 35mins
  7. Same here, PM wont go through
  8. Yes that's for running off a Synology NAS. I think there are similar for running off Windows etc. Logitech dropped support ages ago, so now reliant on the community for updates etc. Eg here
  9. I'm running 8.x on mine. All info on these releases and where to get them from can be found here.
  10. Had this about a year, but don't use it as I have a streamer built into my amp and cd player. No marks scratches or dents on it or the remote. I have the box and packaging, but would prefer pickup (Crewe, Cheshire) than post. £350 +P&P
  11. I've got them all as well. Would like to see Yessongs getting the remaster treatment.