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  1. Sounds like it has died. Assuming you have not changed anything before it happened. See if you can see the drive in the Bios, if yes use storage tools under the administrative tools, to see if the drive is visible from there.
  2. For my Gyro, I got mine from here SORA
  3. Still Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Tribute on Deezer
  4. New Alex Lifeson music on his website
  5. I use an Ultimate Boom 3 for when we are outside.
  6. To get at the innards of the okki, take the bottom off, not the top.
  7. I had one. I didn't like the HEOS app and using it to play music from my NAS was a pain, so sold it.
  8. JMJ's Amazonia binaural version on Deezer
  9. Big Big Train - The Underfall Yard on Deezer. Having a listen and if I really like it will buy the hires version.
  10. I switched mine off at the wall, and it took some fiddling to get it back working. Lost the connection to my NAS box and wouldn't reconnect.
  11. I have it running now and have been using the Powershell to shut it down. I'm now looking at using the piCorePlayer CLI to start LMS 10mins after power on and a cron job to shut it down. I'll run the player off the usb connection on my Synology, which I have set to power on/off daily.
  12. I would rather not have to login to the player to shut it down. Just run a script from the windows desktop if I can.
  13. I was following the wrong instructions, so was trying ssh into the box. As mentioned this has now been disabled by default and it needs a ssh file to make it work. Interestingly the ssh still works by default when using the piCorePlayer image. Now I am on the hunt for a script I can run from my PC to shutdown the LMS before I power off the pi
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