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  1. Ambar Lucid - Garden Of Lucid https://tidal.com/album/130711424
  2. Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure
  3. Aurora - All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend https://tidal.com/album/77618364
  4. Noga Erez - Off the Radar, liking this lots https://tidal.com/album/78033328
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  7. Quick update. For the 500 or so quid this TV is excellent. Grandkids love watching films and playing on their ps4. Philips Ambilight 65in, Mission M Cube 5.1, Yamaha AVR by FITBITSFELLA, on Flickr
  8. My plastic Sugden remote works just as well as a solid gold replacement would. No need for the extra expense.😁
  9. Its just like buying an expensive car. Same key as a cheaper car from the same manufacture. Pointless jewellery.