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  1. Thanks for the replies,
  2. That's it answered then. Link back to Tidal album page I'm listening to. Seems strange YT links open correctly or show in reply (ad revenue perhaps). I only post link's as it may interest other wammers, Posting a pic is more faff and less likely to followed up. Cheers
  3. works on Pink Fish and Abattoir but not on here on PC and phone, not the end of the world.
  4. Trentemøller - The Last Resort https://tidal.com/album/65749629
  5. same again, was working now not, opens to Tidal home page Sault - 7 Check out this album on TIDAL: "7" by Sault https://tidal.com/album/117687198
  6. Sault - 7 Check out this album on TIDAL: "7" by Sault https://tidal.com/album/117687198 why does this forum mess links up!
  7. Shabaka and The Ancestors - We Are Sent Here by History https://tidal.com/album/133475667
  8. Dua Saleh - CROSSOVER https://tidal.com/album/200351320
  9. Sault - 5 https://tidal.com/album/108228046
  10. Johanna Warren - Chaotic Good https://tidal.com/album/135493539
  11. Hi Mark, I'm always music first, the system's a means to an end. Just like using my phone and 30 quid in-earbuds or in the car, I get equal enjoyment and odd looks in the car . Just listening to some Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on the system and it sounds incredible, literally they're both sat in front of me. Astonishing tbh. NAD 10, Q Acoustics 3050i and a nice Project TT with RIIA built in and I'll still be able to enjoy Ella and Louis. Plus tie in my TV with the NAD for a simple 2.1. Not only will it be simpler, free up space and cash and I can dial the sound in via the DIrac live voodoo thing. Will it sound worse ofc it will. After a month I'll not give a damn. Maybe ill keep it all. Sorry for the thread derail
  12. Prince - The Truth https://tidal.com/album/92986560
  13. Lol. I'm certain a green 900 yo wammer having a something interesting to say.
  14. I'm almost certain I'm gonna downgrade. Decided on the replacements I want but will wait a few days until New Year etc. TT to be sold and replaced by something cheaper, streamer, phono amp, pre-amp and power-amp replaced by all-in-one and lastly speakers to be sold and replaced by something cheaper. Gonna keep my speaker cable Look out in the classifieds soon.
  15. The Divine Comedy - Regeneration https://tidal.com/album/1562576
  16. Never seen him in a gig apart from guest appearances. This Standing at the Sky’s Edge album is just perfection in every way
  17. quality album, her Evermore is class too
  18. Richard Hawley - Standing at the Sky’s Edge https://tidal.com/album/14868736
  19. My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me the Workhorse https://tidal.com/album/19352409
  20. Blonde Redhead - Misery Is a Butterfly https://tidal.com/album/49794706
  21. PJ Harvey - White Chalk https://tidal.com/album/1129683
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