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  1. Thanks. Let me do some research and I will come back to you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. thanks. Did you have some idea of what you would want for them?
  3. Something like a Garett or Fisher would be good. What do you have? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Anyone got a metal detector they are looking to move on? Thanks Steve
  5. Hi I never thought I would ever sell this but needs must as the roof needs replacing so some sacrifices have to be made. I was thinking of keeping it and living in my car but Mrs Stidge was not keen. I bought this new from MFA a couple of years ago with Jonathan Billington, MD of MFA, delivering it himself. I traded in my Classic V2 and visited the workshop in Hastings to drop it off. It was amazing to see the transformers being wound by hand and the amount of work that goes into making these incredible passive pre-amps. There are lots of excellent reviews for these pre-amps: Mine is silver and is fitted with 2 pairs XLR and 4 pairs RCA for input and 2 pairs of outputs (both XLR and RCA) and 2 ground lift switches. Dimensions are: 97mm height x 250mm wide x 275mm deep. I used it connected directly to my active ATC speakers which is a classic pairing but it will of course work with a power amp and passive speakers. It sounds marvellous, or rather it doesn't actually sound at all but just gets out of the way of the music to allow you to hear all the detail in the recording. The unit is absolutely unmarked. One additional benefit is it is passive so doesn't require a power cable so no more reading those interminable cable threads! The new price for these is £6120. I am looking for £4000 delivered. It has its own flight case so it will be fine to send although you are very welcome to collect if you fancy a trip to either Tunbridge Wells in Kent or Castleford in West Yorkshire as I am up there a weekend or two a month. Any questions please let me know. Thanks for reading Regards Steve
  6. I had better get my order in or at this rate the 22 pairs will be sold out! Just need to sell my house first
  7. I have one I might be looking to move on. I did some measuring and changed a few things but it seems I am not detailed focussed enough to delve deeper. Would rather enjoy my music rather than worrying about wringing out the last 5% of sound quality.
  8. Afraid not as they had the new tweeter when I got them @Fourlegs might be able to comment as he did the upgrade in his 150s. All the reviews suggest it is a worthwhile upgrade. I think they have to go back to ATC though and they certainly aren’t light! I still remember the struggle getting them out of their boxes when I got them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Yep I am in Kent, Tunbridge Wells, so near the East Sussex border. However I do get up to West Yorkshire at least once a month so depending where you are I would love to come and have a listen if we can make it work I checked with ATC and my 50s have the ATC tweeter and the current spec amp packs so nothing to be done to improve them. I got them 6 years ago as a cancelled order so only cost me £7.5k brand new which I think was a great deal. It seems the larger actives will give me a bit more bass or some lower frequencies but they are massive so not sure if they would be overkill in my room
  10. Hi I have some Active 50s (tower version) and am thinking of maybe some 100s or 150s. Anyone here moved up the range and if so was it worth it? Thanks Steve
  11. Interesting, thanks Won't I get hit by import tax and stuff though?
  12. Thanks but I was too late. All gone! Anyone else?
  13. Hi With time on my hands I fancied having a play around with REW and doing some measurements in my music room however I can't see any stock availability for the recommended microphone so I thought I would ask if anyone has one they are looking to move on or that I could borrow for an appropriate rental fee. Please let me know if you can help Many thanks Steve