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  1. Hi I have some Active 50s (tower version) and am thinking of maybe some 100s or 150s. Anyone here moved up the range and if so was it worth it? Thanks Steve
  2. Interesting, thanks Won't I get hit by import tax and stuff though?
  3. Thanks but I was too late. All gone! Anyone else?
  4. Hi With time on my hands I fancied having a play around with REW and doing some measurements in my music room however I can't see any stock availability for the recommended microphone so I thought I would ask if anyone has one they are looking to move on or that I could borrow for an appropriate rental fee. Please let me know if you can help Many thanks Steve
  5. Clearly I haven't. So what turntable set up do you have and how much have you spent on it?
  6. Fighting talk and a bit unnecessary! I think I know a bit about turntables but never heard of either of these clamps. Never even used one. Can buy a lot of music for £200. But its your money! If record clamps were worthwhile don't you think turntable manufactures would include them with their decks or even make them? Strangely they don't.
  7. 2005 called, they want the Hifi World website back... My 9 year old niece could do a better job.
  8. Thanks for the comprehensive answer - very helpful. I cancelled Stereophile due to its, understandable, US focus and the fact I don't have $80,000 for a pair of speakers or huge power amp but some of the articles were interesting. I will give Hi-Fi News a look. Maybe in WH Smiths before committing Thanks again - really appreciate the information
  9. Which one is better? I have just cancelled my subscription to Stereophile so might be interested. Are they aimed at different groups or both much the same?
  10. Unfortunately it is a legacy one. Completely destroyed the value with their announcement...
  11. What is strange is that I bought a Play 3 at the same time as the Play 5 so surely it would have the same memory and processor constraints but they are not making that a legacy product. If I was cynical I might think that was because they don't have a direct replacement for the Play 3 in their current line up but I am sure that can't be the case...
  12. Hi Selling my Sonos Connect (the one without the amp) having upgraded to an Auralic Vega. Great way to add streaming into your system as it includes a decent DAC if you don't have a separate DAC. Supports almost all the streaming services, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon, Google etc. Can stream the Hi Fi versions of each of the services at 44.1 kHz / 16 bit and can also stream from a NAS. Looking for £130 plus postage. Any questions please let me know and thanks for looking Regards Steve
  13. Now sold. Thanks Mike for your bump!