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  1. Friday evening bump. You've had a hellish week, kick back with a few beers, then, when suitably refreshed, buy a lovely, lovely amp.
  2. Hi, yes it is, I'll send you a PM with my mates contact details. He can tell you more about its features than me.
  3. Sensible offers invited, bearing in mind that these are already keenly priced...
  4. Sensible offers invited, bearing in mind that this is already keenly priced...
  5. This is probably the cheapest AS1000 for sale anywhere at the moment: https://www.hifishark.com/model/yamaha-a-s-1000
  6. Morning morning bump. Forgot to say that these are located in Liverpool. Collection preferred, but a Wam taxi would be fine.
  7. Monday morning bump. Forgot to say this is located in Liverpool, but postage could be possible, or a wam taxi?
  8. You're quite right Lawrence, Listing corrected
  9. Dunno, I just cut and pasted his description. I'll ask him.
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