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  1. Yes, thank you for your suggestion Mike, that seemed like a good idea to me too! Therefore, I have already asked about this very issue, thinking he might be able to fit at least the RIAA 'seperate box' into the existing case of my 25. He suggested there were only limited components that could be changed in the 25 and 7 (essentially power supplies and capacitors) and that upgrading the phono stage within my existing 25 was not an option I could take. Hence I'm thinking about external phono stages.
  2. In other news have a query re phono stages please. I have a Croft 7 and a 25 (with internal phono stage), they are probably about 4 years old, both have upgraded power supplies installed, though only to the level of the present 7/25s. Turntable is a mid-range LP12 with AT 740 ML moving magnet cart. I've never owned a phono stage before. I might upgrade the 25 to R spec in the medium term. Can anyone share their experience of what difference an external phono stage might make? Would it make a significant difference? I'd be thinking around the £500 mark. It couldn't be a Croft as I'm short of space, and not a Linn either as I don't want to spend that much. The internal phono stage isn't thrown on without an afterthought but perhaps a separate external one would justify itself?
  3. @bencat re gain, I'm not familiar with the OTP 3 but Glenn has previously suggested to me changing the valves can influence gain, not sure this would be a solution for your needs or what valves you'd need. Glenn can also adjust the circuits inside, though this may not be attractive given you've only just got the unit back.
  4. Oh go on then. I'll be the first to recommend the Bluesound Node. Ticks all of your requirements. God knows about BBC Sounds though. I don't think that's intended to work with anything, though your mileage may differ.
  5. That's really helpful Jules, thanks very much- now at least I know what I'm looking for!
  6. I have a query, Cambridge owners. My brother in law bought a used Cambridge Audio A1 (mk 2) integrated amp for my nephew. He paid about £40 from ebay. At the moment my nephew's only got a handful of LPs and a turntable/speakers and doesn't use CDs/stream (though I've offered him my old Sonos gear which is not in use). Anyway the amp didn't work and they had the lid off looking for loose connections etc, still nothing. I told my nephew to bring it to mine where we found out it does work but only for the other sources (CD, streamer), and not the phono source. Looks like the phono stage might be busted, me thinks. I phoned up a local dealer to ask about the price of fixing it and he says it may never have had a phono stage at all (in which case looks like my brother in law wasted his money). Is there anything outside the box to tell whether it has a phono stage inside (though if it does, it's not working). Or how can you tell from looking at the inside? There's no box or instructions. What are people's views on whether the amp is good enough to justify an external phono stage (eg used Rega Fono, or cheap Pro-ject, which I'd have to buy for (say) £85 for Xmas), or should we just flog it and buy a better amp with the money that would've gone on a phono stage? Nephew is only 15 so doesn't need a Krell, that said he deserves something vaguely decent.
  7. thank you gentlemen, you're both being very understanding and I'm grateful for the avoidance of harsher interpretations. Let's face it I think we all also know that, in the right environment, perhaps after a few pints in the pub with mates, this kind of thing could cause a descent not just into banter but into full on abusive piss-taking... It's nice to know WAM's 'safe space' credentials have been advanced!
  8. Thank you so much for your suggestions. It wasn't samples, it wasn't restricted albums, it wasn't software, suffice to say that now the problem has gone. It definitely wasn't my fault, none of it had anything to do with me, and OBVIOUSLY, it wasn't anything as simple as the subscription having run out, oh no, that would have been just stupid. Anyway let's not dwell on that, there's nothing to see here. Turns out that 30 seconds shuffle routine IS exactly what happens when your 12 months is up and your card has been changed in the interim. That's great sleuthing gents, thank you very much. And another routine fix I've learned!
  9. I wonder if anyone can advise. I'm streaming Quboz via Bluos via a Node 2i. Just recently the streaming has screwed up. If I play an album I get about half a minute of each song before it moves on to the next, picks up from any point in the next song, plays another half minute or so of that and then moves onto the third track etc etc. Neither my wife nor I can put up with it. Radio stations via Tune In and Radio Paradise, both of which I stream via Bluos, are unaffected In addition, I have a separate set up upstairs, with a second Node 2i, which is wired to use the DAC in my Accuphase CD player. About the same time as the streaming skips started downstairs, the Node 2i upstairs stopped working completely. Maybe the DAC in the Accuphase has coincidentally failed (odd, why would it?), or maybe this is related to the skipping downstairs. Anyway, overriding the external DAC, and using the DAC in the Node 2i brings it back again. However using the on-board DAC, I get the same as downstairs, namely half a minute of each track before jumping on to the next. Any ideas how I can fix this? Maybe I've knocked something on settings? I looked on the Quboz website but can't see any help options - phone, forum, email etc. There's no point in paying for Quboz if the streaming is unlistenable. I've had it about a year and I've never had this before.
  10. When I was a young man I used to read all the books I started. But what for? I speak a bit of Spanish and French but for many years I've only read books in English, my mother tongue. Each year in the UK about 175k English language books are published, in the US, maybe 250k. That's more than a million every 3 years, plus there's a whole stack of old stuff published up to 200 years ago I might be interested in. How many books do we read? In my case, only 10-15 a year. Say I get in 80 years of reading before I die (if I'm lucky), that's 80 years x 15 books, that's only 1,200 books. Even if you read 2 a week that's still only 8,000 in a lifetime. These numbers are utterly pathetic, you can't even scratch the surface. In one language. Life is short, and there is no time to read books that aren't grabbing you. When this dawned on me in my 20s, I started giving up on them - though I usually give them at least a couple of chapters or more to impress. So my advice to you OP, there's no need to beat yourself up .
  11. Ten hours work is billed at 10 x agreed hourly rate, but in elapsed time, it requires 37.5 hours to complete.
  12. I'm sure his case isn't isolated. Pfizer jab is apparently 96% effective at keeping you out of hospital and AZ 92%. We know that the jabs are not always effective. That 4% and 8% have to come from somewhere. To avoid risks (hospitalisations, long Covid, death, transmitting to others) it seems to me the best thing to do is to avoid getting Covid at all - even if you are double jabbed. Unfortunately opening everything up, and not even requiring masks, is going to make that very much more difficult. And for those at risk who can't have the jab for medical reasons, well it looks like they've been thrown under a bus.
  13. Good luck to you Blzebub. However I think a 1,000,000th share in a George Cross is almost certainly less than you and your colleagues deserve. Although I don't myself work for the NHS, my personal preference would be for those who do to receive proper recognition and a non-stingy pay rise.
  14. "Cannabis is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and carries a ban of up to four years. However, that can be reduced to three months if athletes can show taking it was not related to sports performance." I don't think she's going to have too much difficulty avoiding a long ban! Utterly ridiculous. Admittedly she's an athlete, so should 'know better', but what proportion of 21 year olds wouldn't test positive for cannabis?!!
  15. Most likely. It's George Peckham's signature, it was written on many of the records he mastered. https://www.discogs.com/artist/380591-George-Peckham
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