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  1. Between £130 - £170. For the mk 2's. If you go onto e-bay, type in the thing you're looking for, then, from the category column on the left of the screen, choose 'completed' or 'sold', it will show you what happened with the items previously on there, such as whether it was sold (and for how much) or unsold.
  2. Amazed all those records don't pull the wall down.
  3. Poll answer from me? Absolute no brainer. I'll bite their hand off. Where do I sign? Yes please. That's not to say there are no risks. Every vaccine is associated with some risk. Some people may have allergic reactions to it, for others there may be quite serious effects, it is not impossible that, further along the line, there may even be a fatality (or more), if the vaccine can be proved to have brought on a heart attack or something. I'm sure anti-vaxxers will be delighted to flag all of these risks up for us. But the point is, the risks of NOT having it are far greater. Especially for older people, or people who are sick. Between March - December 2020 in the UK alone there were around 70,000 excess deaths, relative to the 5 year average. How bad could the vaccine be??!
  4. New outbuilding yes, but not specifically for music. Well not for music at all in fact, for an office. It's affectionately called 'the shed'. I type this from there now. It's about 5m x 4m, it's toasty warm, has cabled broadband, double glazing, several Velux windows (great for natural light), pitched slate roof, intercom to house, alarm etc. So it has all the facilities needed to easily convert it to a music room one day, I'd just have to turf out all the office rubbish, and find another job. I'd say it's been a great success and at about £15k (about 4 years ago), far cheaper than moving house and paying another £100k for an extra bedroom. I'd recommend all the above features, but the one above all would be, make sure you have tonnes of insulation. Kingspan or similar, inside the walls, floor and ceiling. Otherwise, you won't want to go in there for 6 months of every year.
  5. Even so, the OP seems to be having to crank up rather high to get to the preferred listening volume. I've had a few amps in my time (including a first generation NAD 3020, in the day) and can't remember being able to get any of them more than half way round the volume knob without the house falling down. I don't know the d3020 v2 but it's hard to imagine you going wrong with that or the speakers (which would be an absolute synch to drive, underpowered or not, if your NAD can't drive those I'd be amazed). The Node 2i is a great streamer and you've already checked that the volume from that is not interfering. If it were me I'd do 2 things before I consider more serious action, if you haven't already done them. First, delve into the settings bit of the Bluesound app, specifically the Audio sub-control. Check or change a few of the settings - volume limits, fixed output level, replay gain. What's a CA Sub? I'm assuming it's a sub-woofer. If you don't get any benefits from changing the settings on the app, disconnect the sub-woofer, so it's just a straight 2 channel set up. If it works, at least you've got a starting point to talk to Sevenoaks. It doesn't sound like you are being fussy (though as above, you can check whether you are with a phone based DB meter app). If you need to go back to Sevenoak it will help if you can tell them you've at least done the basics. Out of interest did you hear your current set up working in the shop (with the sub woofer) before you bought it?
  6. Thinking about it, Christmas present wise, I think I'm OK thanks. I'm not all that tempted to buy a £19.9k power cord (reduced from £37k) on ebay, from a bloke who doesn't accept returns, can't spell 'cord', and has been registered with e-bay for 10 years, during which time he's amassed, err.... 12 feedback points. In fairness it is the first time I've seen 'amplifier cages', though at £400 (reduced from a grand) I can probably manage without them.
  7. If youre looking at the RD80 DomT's above comes with a Linn Basik Plus arm. I dont know about Ariston decks but used value of the arm alone would be £120-£150 (check ebay).
  8. Hi Paul welcome to the wam. Lots of questions! You can post them on the 2 channel thread and see what advice you get. My views, for what they are worth: If you are throwing £1-2 k at an amp and speakers that will be enough to buy a valve amp if you like, but personally I'd be going for sound not looks, and that may (or may not) be a valve amp. I have a valve amp but unfortunately you wouldnt know from looking at it! I dont use headphones but my understanding is that bluetooth is not lossless. So yes, you will get a reduction in sound quality. If its wires you're wishing to avoid lossless wireless headphones (not bluetooth) are a thing. Check out the headphones forum and ask! All the best and good luck.
  9. Very often it's possible to get better SQ in used rather than new vinyl. I hope your experience works out and that this is the case with your new purchase. In my experience, e-bay has a greater chance of offering a disappointing outcome than Discogs (more amateurs who aren't sure what they're selling or are more likely to exaggerate when defining a record's quality), though for the same reason it's also more likely you'll end up with a bargain rather than just the 'market price'. For future reference the Steve Hoffman audiophile forum usually has reams of reams of comments dating back years on which particular pressing is preferred for different albums. Just google the title of the album and 'best vinyl pressing' or something similar, invariably the links will take you there.
  10. This is a worrying thread, especially as, like several other posters, I have a pair of these on order (or have just taken delivery of them). On the plus side i will never play Striesand through mine. However I certainly wouldnt be happy if I bought a pair of nearly 2 grand speakers and they made an unlistenable screeching noise. I dont question the OPs judgement at all, if he personally finds it unlistenable, thats not a matter of debate. He is not alone according to at least 1 review and the experience of at least 1 other poster. So there appears to ve no question it's a 'Thing '. And to the OP, on top of the growing to do list I'd also be speaking to the dealer. However to understand the scope of this problem and the degree to which it's widely experienced, it'd be instructive to consider definitions (unlistenable,screeching, loud). Probably only one of these has an objective measure (loudness), so I echo suggestions for the OP to share loudness at which this is experienced. I think you can get indicative dB metres on the app store. Knowing the tip over point in objective terms might not help the OP with the immediate problem (which is it happens when he plays at his preferred volume) but it might help him describe the problem to those who might fix it (dealer, manufacture), and to manage expectations for other interested parties. Good luck anyway, I hope it can be fixed. If not, I think I'd want to make steps to return them if they were mine.
  11. You're gonna lose the OCD grammar crew if you're not careful. Just remember between them they might have dozens of Croft Micro 25's stored in their lofts.
  12. Resurrecting this thread from a couple of months ago, I benefited from the thoughts of many contributors above and I thought it would be fair to revisit in order to resolve what subsequently happened - things didn't quite turn out as I'd expected. I rang my dealer towards the end of September after kicking the can down the street too long, to find that the Majik/Jelco 'package' was no longer available, essentially Linn had no more Jelco arms. I could wait for the Majik/Krane package, with its unfamiliar arm (£3.5k, except I'd already decided I needed the Lingo too, so more like £4.8k), buy the components to make the Majik/Jelco package (my dealer had a boxed Jelco even if Linn didn't), or buy the components to make the Majik + Lingo and keep my Linn Basik plus. My dealer, I knew, wanted me to listen to something (he had a plan even if I didn’t). So on his advice my friend and I listened to a standard Majik (Jelco arm, included Karousel), to which the dealer consecutively added a Linn Lingo 3, a Kore, and then a Linn Lingo 4. We felt there were very significant improvements with the introduction of the Lingo 3 and again with the Kore (I could tell almost on the first bar), and a less significant improvement when the 3 was swapped out for the 4 (at that stage we were comparing the 4 to the 3, rather than the 4 to the Majik power supply, we could tell there was an improvement but it wasn't night and day unlike the other two changes). I can’t remember exactly but the Akito may have appeared in this (understandably the dealer didn’t have the right combination of decks to play me the exact components), but my objective was to A/B test components, rather than get an understanding of the ‘exact’ sound I’d get at home, so I didn’t mind that. The point of my original post was that I wasn't willing to budget for a £1600 Akito and I wasn’t sure about the value the Jelco would bring. My dealer (and many of you) suggested keeping the Basik Plus. On the basis of the evidence that I heard (and I hadn’t heard the Basik Plus against the Akito), I ordered a new LP12, with Karousel, Kore, Lingo 4 and an Audio Technica VM740ML, altogether £4.4k. I had effectively swapped a Jelco for a Kore. It was more than I thought I would spend at the start (and perhaps not something I will be readily admitting to my non-hifi friends, this is a lot of money, and if I'm honest I'm slightly embarrassed about it), but having gone through the A/B tests in all but the arm (which I understood to be a lesser component in the hierarchy) I felt this was the right place to put my cash to hit the ‘sweet spot’. Now, I have what I think is a very solid deck under the platter (I don’t intend upgrading from there – he boldly states) and it should be relatively straightforward to switch an alternative arm in later. Buying expensive kit is not an easy decision (I still don’t know what future arm choice - or none - I might make, but that’s for another day), but it's made easier when the knowledge of the WAM massive is shared. So thank you!
  13. Well done and thank you for posting, @dannybgoode. This is exactly the kind of thing we should be saying. I mean, not always, and on every thread, but sometimes, when we need to. This kind of stuff doesn't respond well to sitting in a corner on your own not mentioning it to anyone else. I hope you get a bit of comfort from others here, and also remember that you posting that may well help other people who don't have your courage. Attitudes to depression have changed a lot over the years - and we've still got a long way to go. And by talking about it, and supporting people who suffer, we can all help.
  14. Try this: You heard them a long time ago in your head you have allowed the memory you have of the quality of the speakers to escalate way beyond their actual quality they won't sound as good now because your amp is not the same likewise your source, room and cables are not the same you were in a very particular frame of mind that day in Bolton, you were very open minded and looking to be impressed, and so you were more easily influenced you only heard them for a few minutes, if you buy them you will need to live with them 'there is no way [you] can justify any more speakers when [you] are not using the ones [you] have there are much better speakers available these days. In fact, you probably already own them if you get them, you will only be disappointed where are you going to put them? And if you use them, where are you going to put the ones they displace? your wife will be frustrated with you (and she has a point), better to avoid upsetting her and think of her first this time you probably won't be able to demo them, because of lockdown you could always get them another time, they're bound to come up again and circumstances will be different then. Any good?
  15. If I were 'totally renovating' my house wireless would honestly be the first thing to go. I cant be the only one to suffer from dropouts, I've a friend in IT who told me wired is always the way to go and in my experience that's true. So while I had all the floors up and plaster off the walls I'd put in network cables. I don't know anything about ceiling speakers but I was talking to a bluesound salesman a couple of weeks ago about a connected system for the kitchen and he advised me not to bother and that they're good for bathrooms. I bought some proper speakers. Probably not what your nephew wants to hear.