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  1. I was very tempted, have a donation instead, and bon chance
  2. Hi Andrew, glad you got what you wanted. The work was done by the Expert Stylus Co. I had it made up as a reserve. I haven't tried it yet but would have thought the sytylus upgrade would give it a nudge in the right direction. The latest ones now have a shibata on them I believe. I prefered the shibata to an ML on a Quintet Black so interested to hear you get on ! all the best, Jonny
  3. Hi Andrew, if you are unsuccesful in tracking down an AT I have a Dynavector DV10x5 which has just been rebuilt with a ML stylus. Zero hours.
  4. I have a dynavector dv10x5 which has just had a new cantilever and low mass paratrace stylus fitted. Not mm, but compatable with mm phono stage if that is of interest ?
  5. have a listen to Robert Lucas "Luke and the Locomotives" - a fabulous recording of proper modern(ish) Chicago blues - Joe Cocker "Sheffield Steel" is also a bit of a favourite (Talk Talk too, but already mentioned)
  6. I have a sugden a21se stage 2 sitting around doing nothing ..
  7. I thought the Harts sounded very disconnected, as if the bass and treble were coming from different speakers - thast said I was very briefly and early on the Saturday and they were still trying to get themselves sorted out. +1 for the Audionote room - playing at a volume you could hear over all the coming and going and some decent "tunes" also enjoyed the alacrity Catherhun 8s
  8. Some of the Cyrus amps are worth considering:-if you are quick: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cyrus-6vs-Integrated-Amp-Silver-Immaculate-No-Reserve-/231171458000?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Amplifiers&hash=item35d2e483d0
  9. Your post made me laugh, I went to buy something sensible to go travelling on the continent and came back with a Porsche 928GT..so take everything I say with a pinch of salt..but: The Passat is the sensible choice, they are cheaper 2nd hand than the Superbs, about the same as a Mondeo, the other sensible choice, me ? I'd trade the beemer in for something super sensible like a TVR or Noble..
  10. +1 for camskill and blackcircles, also try micheldever tyres (they do have a national program, not just Winchester)
  11. Subaru and Honda a surprise in particularl
  12. disregard the nonsense talked about the benchmark, the treble is neutral,( the whole thing is pretty balanced) I have no idea whether it stacks up against some of the other dacs you have mentioned but it bears no resemblance to the stark screechy unit that I have seen described - it would never have cut it as a pro unit otherwise
  13. can you take your amp along to whomever is selling the speakers ? I imagine that your amp would drive both the D28 and D38 fine as neither are desperately inefficient and if it works with 140s then it should drive 28s/38s fine (very nice speakers by the way)
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