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  1. Ironically I had the screws strip on a genuine furutech recently heres a pic of the HB one, no difference to my ears, gold and rhodium finishes available iirc
  2. HB labs do a decent copy, check eBay, circa £40 IIRC using furutech and HB personally
  3. Sold to FM shipping to you today many thanks
  4. its currently at my dealer, and about to be listed on their used webpage, but could do £600 shipped if interested
  5. thanks, I upgraded to the Trigon Advance with built in battery unit to reduce my box count
  6. price drop £625 delivered if my low post count is an issue check me out on PFM
  7. expecting new rack next week so I have another base section with taller shelf also available [bottom 2 pieces on right hand rack, 3 shelves total]
  8. bought new by myself from UK dealer, battery unit bought new by me from German dealer selling due to upgrade, fantastic configuration options for MM & MC condition as new with all original packaging £650 plus delivery, located central Scotland
  9. 300 for 5 as shown 250 for base and 2 shelves
  10. thanks, sadly going to waste in my garage right now :(
  11. or it was edited 30 mins ago ? nice speakers btw, been eyeing up some 3000's for a while now
  12. 5 shelves, base section 200mm gap, 3 shelves 150mm gap, overall height 875mm marks are mostly from release agent on vibrapods £350 collected central Scotland, can accommodate a halfway meet up to 100 miles if petrol covered listed elsewhere