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  1. advices
  2. Hi - thanks for your advises. DbPoweramp only screw up some of them not all and i don't know why. I am taking my time over buying the streamer for this because there are so many of them out there. I don't have any experience of using/buying them and i don't want to swap boxes around all the time. Just trying to read up on stuff like Roon, Brennan, Bluenode and others before i get one.
  3. hi - it is not the node 2. i spent days ripping the cds onto a NAS using dbpoweramp. All looking good when importing... then i need to use Plex for streaming then about 1/2 of the metadata got completely screwed up and it merged some CDs into others... a real mess. Just wondering if any of the streaming stuff is worth the effort really.
  4. thanks. I definitely need something but just been having a horrific time with Plex on the NAS that makes me never want to touch any streaming music.
  5. i just bought myself a sony xa20es as a stop gap. turns out to be an excellent player. The transport is solid metal with a puck like a turntable. Fixed laser - very nice sounding
  6. such beautiful amp. I already have a pre which i want to use but i will have a think. Thank you
  7. Hi would this read files on a NAS and show them on an ipad?
  8. hi - i have my cd collection on wd my home cloud. Would this thing read it and show the collection on an ipad ?
  9. I am looking for a Mark Levinson, WADIA 381i, audio research cd or a Naim HDX. Please PM if you have one for sale. Thank you
  10. I have a pair of the award winning partington super dreadnought speaker stands in black for sale. in very good condition. Minor marks at the base and top. I resprayed the spikes black (not the stands) as they got abit rusty from storage. New these are £250. £I am selling them for £75. Buyer to arrange courier at your cost. thank you Philip