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  1. @Sotosound thanks for your tip on the 150’s by the way - I wouldn’t have considered them otherwise.
  2. I’m loving them and very pleased I made the purchase. The most striking thing for me is the extra sense of realism they seem to convey and they also have a big sound without being over the top or to boomy as the RS6s could be. I’ve now gone through a full upgrade cycle and have just got a Chord Qutest to finish things off. This fits really well with the 15O Reds in my view and I am just going to sit back and enjoy the music!
  3. I have recently introduced a Netgear GS305 5 port gigabit switch to my system - £16.00 on Amazon. If I plug my Auralic Aries Mini direct into my router or via the switch I can hear no difference in the sound. I guess I may hear an improvement if I were to use a more expensive switch but I am not minded to experiment at the moment.
  4. Sure- as soon as my computer is available I will upload one.
  5. Quad 34 up for sale as now surplus to requirements. I would say it's in pretty good condition cosmetically although there is a "ding" under the power button (see photo) and a much smaller one on the other side. It has just had the benefit of a service by Rob at Amplabs. As such it comes with a years warranty, from 29th Jan 2021. This is an older model with the DIN connections. The output one is a bit loose and needs to be "just right" to get a solid connection but works fine when inserted correctly. Will include interconnects if required. Looking for £275 + postage or socially distanced collection from Malvern. A few photos below (more available on request):
  6. Yes I think espresso making is much much like hifi, particularly in that upgraditus can strike at any time and there are great number of tweaks that can be applied to try and get that extra bit of flavour from the beans. My grinder was an ex-shop unit costing £150 and I have put off going to the next level as I really wonder whether I will be able to taste the difference. That and it means I have more cash to invest in hifi.
  7. Some do and others, like Audio Emotion, will give a refund if not entirely happy.
  8. With your forum name @FastFred looks like we can expect quite a few changes of kit over the coming weeks! Many on the forum have separate power supplies for their streamers and dacs. The best thing to do is demo them at home and see if you can hear a difference, but in the meantime enjoy your music.
  9. It’s an early model with DIN connection but in good condition cosmetically overall and now with a years warranty from Rob.
  10. Yes EBay is a good start point. Was wondering if any had sold on the WAM recently - not that you would know the final agreed price mind.