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  1. Anyone got any thoughts on a fair price for a pair of second hand Proac 140’s? Thanks
  2. Don’t suppose any forum members are thinking of parting with their ProAc 148’s? Mahogany or cherry or preferred but all finishes considered, given there aren’t likely to be many coming up! Thanks.
  3. Would be interested myself but already have these cables in my system!
  4. I guess I could pull them forward during a long listening session. Yes getting hold of a pair (140's or 148's) may be difficult - don't suppose anyone on the this thread who has them will want to part with theirs!!
  5. @Sotosound thanks for your reply. I hadn't really thought about the 148's but being the replacement for the 140 I guess they are similar and worthy of consideration too. Same query on placement for the 148's I guess then - how fussy are they regarding space? The place they will sit means that the rear of the cabinet would only about 30cm from the back wall but fairly close to side wall and I wonder if this will compromise performance? I was hoping that the downward firing port means they can go closer to the back wall than a speaker with rear firing ports.
  6. Thinking about replacing the Monitor Audio Silver RS6’s in my current system. I’ve read on the Wam that the Proac Studio140’s will pair well with my Quad 909 and just wondering if someone who has had these can tell how much space they need to get the best out of them . Any other other thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. 909 now purchased. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks for the photos @MarginWalker but I am going to hang on for one that is top cosmetic condition. Not so fussed if it doesn't sound the best as I intend to have it recapped, etc, anyway. Anyone else looking to move a 909 on?
  9. Looking to upgrade my power amp to a Quad 909 if the price is right. Anyone looking to move one on? Thanks.
  10. I'm after some Chord speaker jumper cables to match match my Chord Epic speaker cables. Thanks