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  1. Any way to run an Ethernet cable from the router to the CCA? If so then use the CCA Ethernet psu to connect power and internet via cable. https://store.google.com/uk/product/ethernet_adapter_for_chromecast
  2. And up she's goes, feel free to make an offer, you never know [emoji6]
  3. Edit: deleted and sent via private message
  4. Covid is certainly hitting people hard, both my daughter's who are self employed didn't earn a penny for 4 months. I'm in no rush to sell as I'm now using an SP10 MK2 so this is just sitting in the Hifi room waiting on a new owner [emoji6]
  5. Retail cost must be around £1800 +/- for this, and that’s not taking into account the labour for fitting the regulators and PSU [emoji6]
  6. Morrow Audio Ma2 cable 1m highly thought of in the USA. £35 posted in the UK. NVA Soundcord 1m £20 posted in the UK. SOLD SOLD SOLD Advertised elsewhere
  7. I have for sale a Mike New Platter MK1 for Technics 1210 Turntable. I used it with a Funk Firm Achromat as seen in the last photo. Comes with two bolts for easier mounting/removal. I no longer use my 1210 so this is up for sale ( See my other advert for the 1210, I could do a combined price [emoji6] ) £475 including next day UK delivery.
  8. Technics 1210 MK5 Turntable fitted with Paul Hynes and Ian Mac Power Regulators, with Paul Hynes SR7 Power supply ( won't split so don't ask [emoji6] ), Isonoe Feet and Mk5 Tonearm and Technics Headshell. Standard platter, bearing and mat. Buyer to collect or organise their own courier, I can pack it really well for transit but can't guarantee the cover so consider that a freebie and hope it survives. £1175 plus postage. Considering the PSU is around £1000 retail IF you can source one, I think the asking is a fair price.
  9. Anyone used www.hitmenR'us.com ? [emoji23]
  10. Must be a few cold dead hands out there [emoji23]