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  1. Here's my system from 1975 Sony ST70 Tuner, Sansui Au2200 amp, Garrard SP25 turntable, Marantz Tape deck ( no idea which model) and out of shot are Solavox TK19 speakers, the only item I still own for some reason as I found them at my dad's this weekend, I came across this photo while helping my dad pack in preparation for a move. All bought from Comet in Dundee EDIT: the cable coming from the amp front left is going to a pair of Wharfdale DD1 headphones that only got binned a couple of years ago.
  2. Musicraft only became a distributor recently and Willowtree Audio are unaware would be my guess.
  3. Thanks for that info, very helpful [emoji3526]
  4. I'm tempted, think it might be a good match for my Fidelity Research FR64fx arm, I too have a Hana ML that I really like and this Koetsu has got me thinking [emoji6] Does the fact that it's a Goldring restore ie not original make a difference and 'devalue' the cartridge in any way, and does it sound like it did originally?
  5. Primaluna I drive my Berkeleys with the Dialogue Premium HP power amp and I'm more than happy with that combo.
  6. When we stayed in Germany a couple of years ago, it was brilliant to walk around the town centre of Wiesbaden on a Sunday where every shop was shut. Only thing open were a few cafes. Must be great for staff. We certainly enjoyed walking the quiet streets on our way to the local park. I’d like to see that brought back here.
  7. People keep banging on about digital [emoji6]
  8. Collection from where? EDIT: It's ok I found it ( doesn't show in Tapatalk )
  9. I better make sure I've got the right model, it's been in the attic for about 10 years lol
  10. Denon TU-260L any good to you? At least I think that what it is lol. Free if you pay postage costs. Just sitting in attic taking up space.
  11. @£1500 I think you’ve undervalued the SME IV arm Due to SME no longer selling arms separately, prices have soared for used ones [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Yip, I think if I'd heard my MKI amp at the start of my renewed hifi journey a few years ago I would have saved a fortune.
  13. MKII has Class A - B choice, I think the Class A mode is 20w. I think there's a couple of other subtle differences but it's the Class A mode that's the main one. I already have a MKI that I recently got back from full service and it's superb. If you get the chance to hear one then do. I bought mine to go with my Technics SP10 MKII turntable and Tannoy Berkeley speakers to create a same era vintage system, but unfortunately my wife prefers the look of the Primaluna Power amp valves, grim choice eh [emoji23] It's now powering a second system in my computer room.
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