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  1. Most likely because 100s of thousands of Master tapes were destroyed in the Universal Studio fire a few years ago and all that’s left is digital copies. Some artists lost their whole catalogue.
  2. No problem, that would save me a bit of work 😉 I'll do no stripping yet 😊
  3. Is that with or without power supply? If it’s with then it’s now priced at £1075 plus postage, if without psu then I’ll need to work a price out.
  4. Well, when it was fully modded I thought it sounded excellent and a couple of HiFi friends who’d heard lots of kit over the years thought my system at the time was amongst the best they’d heard. Of course I’ve sold off the Mike New Bearing and Platter and if you are keen on the deck as it is now you’d better be quick as I’m about to spit the psu from it for sale on its own with the power regulators that will be removed from the deck at the same time.
  5. Found it! There IS an option to show the bitrate, I just had to tick the box within ‘settings’ There you go [emoji6] Qobuz Hi-Res
  6. 21v 4amp, see photo of rear for label. No idea about the nuc sorry. Quick google suggest NUCs are 19v
  8. Any interest in the PSU and Regulators on their own? I can split the PSU and Regulators from the deck so if anyone wants that, the price will be £650 posted, retail on those is around £1100.
  9. Here’s another couple of images to show what you can bring up on the Material Skin for LMS when you tap the current track image. Handy for adding music to playlists or your library, or just looking for more information about the artist, album or track. This was when playing the Radio Paradise Mellow Mix station but it works for all media played. Tapping the image gives you this little pop up menu. That leads to this. The darker text options on that last menu are clickable [emoji6]
  10. Yip, I've donated to help out twice this year [emoji6] I've not asked about the data showing yet and to be honest it's a nice to have rather than an essential, maybe one day I'll see if it's possible.
  11. That's one thing I don't have showing on the Skin yet, there might be a plugin for it but I've not looked yet.
  12. I dumped Roon before my years sub was out, I now use Logitech Media Server with Material Skin and MoOde on one Rapberry Pi and Picoreplayer on another for outside. Does everything I need for next to nothing, I donate to MoOde and for the Material Skin as they are definitely worth it. The photos below will show what LMS and Material Skin looks like. Main screen showing the plugins I use. My favourite radio stations. My most recent Qobuz favourite albums Currently playing Hit the ‘I’ button for detailed info. All with clickable links I have no desire to go back to Roon and the £90 a year fees [emoji6] Edit: this next photo shows my music collection that includes my NAS drive, Spotify and Qobuz favourites ( see the icons on the album covers [emoji6] )
  13. Hi, Sorry headshell NOT for sale as it belongs on my Technics deck. Based in Scotland
  14. Decca Supergold Cartridge just back from checkup and service by John Wright. Unknown hours but John said stylus was just grubby and only needed a clean and recalibration at a cost of £90, I've only used it for about 30 minutes to check everything was fine with it after John worked his magic on it. Not boxed but will be sent in a decent plastic case fully insured next day UK delivery. £425 Headshell NOT included