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  1. Thanks Alan, interesting. And thank you to all for your help. Much appreciated ! Paul
  2. Hi Folks, I have just got this deck and can't discover what "mark" it is. It has: A label saying ... SL-1210...Limited Edition. Speed buttons on the right [not seen that anywhere on the web!] Pitch +\- 10% Antiskate up to 7g Phono and ground at the back of the plinth. What looks like a headphone socket on the back. Black tonearm pivot parts. Anyone know what model this is please?? Thanks for looking, Paul
  3. I have a G2 and it's great. The remote can be particularly useful. I did wonder if it was too expensive ( l got an exdem deal) , but l have never regretted it. Ben at REL has been very helpful. Excellent backup. I use it with Maggies which have super fast bass. Good luck, Paul
  4. Thanks everyone ... SD1 it is then. Cheers, Paul
  5. That's great mikey! That was very clever. (You confused me I'm afraid) Thanks for all your help. Paul
  6. Hi Sorry l can't post pics, which l know would of course be of great help !! These are slim floorstanders with: 2 x 8inch bass 1x Morel 5inch mid 1x ribbon tweeter The top is open baffle with a 3 sided frame grille. I used to own some SD OBS many years ago which l bought direct from Steen Doessing himself. I seem to remember those had a single 10inch bass unit. So l think these may be a later model. Are they SD1 ?? Any info much appreciated. Thank you, Paul
  7. I inherited it from Dad! I think he was in at the beginning of Hifi. He had some corner speakers built into the house with Tannoy 12"units, maybe Leak amps and a Brennel reel to reel! I've been box swapping since Comet, Trio amps, Garrad SP25, Celestion and Rogers speakers. Over 60 years! I love looking at all the old stuff on Gumtree. I've owned most of it!
  8. Lovely speakers! The ruby red satin paintwork is very attractive. High-end quality with 3 units in each speaker including the SAES Crescendo tweeter. Original boxes in good condition. Each speaker weighs 55kg. RRP £16,000 Would like £2950 please (plus delivery). I am in Southampton and would much prefer collection. Could be couriered, to be arranged by buyer. Thanks for looking. Pics by email if you send me a PM please. Cheers, Paul
  9. I have some Maggie 1.7s plus a REL G2. The combo is excellent. The panel speakers are really fast in the bass and the sub adds a lot of low detail. The G2 is fast too and the remote is very useful as you can tune the bass from your listening position. The sub cost more than the speakers!! But it works. Cheers, Paul
  10. Brilliant speakers. Good guy. (All the best Jerry.) Bump!
  11. Bad form Chris4891. Please note: No one should pollute other Wammer's advertising efforts. We don't do that sort of thing on this Forum. PM sent.