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  1. Absolute legends - you don't see these come up very often. GLWS - very tempted but that's serious dosh!
  2. Purchased this from fellow wammer Mac72 back in July of this year. At the time it had around 40 hours on it and I've added probably another 20. I've got three cartridges here and I'm sticking with my Dynavector XX2Mk2 which mates perfectly with my Arkless GTI Turbo phono stage. I've also got a Hana ML which needs replacing as it's got a bent cantilever (!) and selling the Wood will go a long way to paying for that. The original description was: "It seems my plan to install second tonearm to my TT is not going to happen , DV507 has a new home now so Benz Wood SL I bought from Expert Stylus is for sale . I bought this cartridge in ex-demo condition with approx. 28 hours of use , I have put another few but no more than 10 while my Cadenza Bronze went back to Denmark " "Cartridge has 38 hours from New, possibly less , it wasn't re-built , I have an e-mail from ESCo to confirm this if anyone interested in this cartridge" Original pictures (Hope you don't mind Slav!) from when I purchased it - looking for £575 + £9.95 RMSD for UK buyers.
  3. Weekend bump. Any interest at all? Sensible offers welcomed
  4. Firstly – this is an awesome CD Player and the only reason I’m selling it due to the fact that I just can’t accommodate a top loader. It needs to sit on the top tier of a rack but that’s where my turntable is and it’s too awkward trying to load it when it’s sitting on one of the shelves. Since I bought it I’ve literally played 4 Cd’s so it’s in the same top condition as when I received it. This was supposed to be the “end of the line” CD player for me but I need a CD player with a drawer! I bought it from Tommy (LMR) here on the ‘wam back in July and his description of it was: “in excellent condition, not much use and since been safely stored and boxed for over the last 6 years. ……everything is working fine before re boxing. …..associated cables, manual, remote, box, outer boxes present and included” “Could I also add, the equipment listed is in excellent condition and even though not made anymore, have been barley used and boxed for quite a while. Everything comes with the double boxes etc.” I also purchased the LNS1 PSU from hifinut which I’m including with the CD2. The pair come double boxed (I'll pack the LNS1 with the CD2). I paid £1190 including postage for the two and I’m looking for £1050 UK next day insured delivery included. Expensive way to play 4 cd’s!
  5. Benz Micro Ace S - low output moving coil cartridge. Around 3 years old - working fine but may need a retip in the not too distant future. I was using this with a second turntable but that's now sold. Boxed with some mounting screws. I don't have any way of photographing the tip so priced accordingly. Around £700 new, £150.00 including UK next day delivery.