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  1. Pm sent - hifinutt - I’ll take you up on your offer if LRB255 accepts my offer
  2. what PSU comes with the CD2?
  3. If you call EAR they can tell you when the unit was made from the Serial Number. I've found them extremely helpful in the past.
  4. Sounds like sage advice - I'll pick up a new headshell and try it out.
  5. It will be going in to my office system as a replacement for the Micro Ace SL I’m currently using. Won’t be using it for a while though - there’s still some mileage in the Ace. It was more an opportunistic buy to get a good cartridge at a good price as a ready replacement when needed.
  6. Selling my 6 month old Hegel H120 amp. It's a great amp and works really well with my Harbeth P3ESR's. Selling as I've gone for a Croft 25R/7R Pre/Power combo - I wasn't using the DAC and Streaming capability on the Hegel so I've gone for a pure Analogue approach instead. The Amp was purchased from Igloo Audio and the receipt will be supplied. The amp is boxed and in excellent condition and comes with the remote and a euro mains lead/plug(!). You'll need to supply your own UK mains lead. Shipping via RMSD will be subsidised at £25.00 fully insured, EU wammers - courier will be £25.00 tracked & signed for. This amp is getting great reviews and it really is worth it. UK new price is £2200, looking for £1625 + shipping.