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  1. Martin, you are right about the Speakon used by REL. I had forgotten I had the cable re-terminated when I bought a Velodyne sub to replace the REL some time ago. So, to anyone else reading this post: the cable will need to be re-terminated to use with a REL subwoofer, but will be OK with a Velodyne or any make of sub that accepts banana plugs for the high level inputs. Just to complete the info here: I am selling the cable because I now have a pre-amp (not a home theatre model, I hasten to add) that has a dedicated mono subwoofer output. How's that for niche?!
  2. I'd be happy to accept 150 GBP for the cable - less than half of what I paid. I'm sure it will serve someone else very well. I'm happy to answer questions.
  3. Bump! I know it's a bit of a minority interest. But at over 2 kg in weight this is one hefty cable - heavier than some amps! It needs a home.
  4. One "speaker level" REL sub-woofer cable, made by Chord, 5m in length (yes 5 metres). This cable connects at the source end to the speaker outputs of your amplifier, using the four bare "banana" type connectors shown. At the other end are another set of the same connectors to fit into the sub-woofer. (I had this end of the cable re-terminated by Chord for my current Velodyne sub, as described in a later entry below. REL use a Neutrik connector, not banana plugs.) I originally used this cable with a REL B1. The length of the individual wire connections at the amplifier end of the cable is 17 cm each. I don't think Chord routinely make these cables any more. They told me that this one is based upon their Epic speaker cable. It cost me 350 GBP when I bought it from Sevenoaks. I will provide the purchase receipt to the buyer. The cable is in excellent condition. All reasonable offers will be considered. Thank you!
  5. The amp is now for sale on eBay, and can be removed from the this section.
  6. Bumped again! I suppose it will have to go to *bay if no-one is interested. Offers?
  7. The amplifier has now sold. Thankyou. And, yes, it was a bit of a wrench. I was an AS owner for over 20 years.
  8. One Sennheiser HDVA600 headphone amplifier, in perfect condition. I have owned it since new. The amplifier has both balanced and "single ended" analogue inputs. The amplifier will also drive headphones in balanced mode, which is the way I have been using it with my HD800-S 'phones. I've been very happy with the amplifier. As you can see from the photos, the amplifier comes in its original packaging (the CD contains the manual and other information). Please be aware that this is a pure analogue amplifier, and is *not* the very similar looking HDVD800 which has a digital input in addition to the analogue ones. The amplifier cost about 1100 GBP when new, and I bought it from a local dealer (Basically Sound, near Norwich). I am looking for about 650 GBP for the amplifer, but will consider offers. The reason I am selling the HDVA-600 is that I am now using a Benchmark HPA4, in part because I also wanted a pre-amp (to drive a power amp and then speakers). I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
  9. One Audio Synthesis Desire Decade stereo amplifier (175 W + 175 W into 8 Ohms), in perfect condition. The amplifier has been owned by me since new, and relatively lightly used (I'm also a headphone listener, and the amp was boxed up for several years while I was working abroad). The amplifier was serviced and tested by Audio Synthesis earlier this year. The amplifer will be supplied in its orginal packaging, with manual and spare fuses (also original!). A description of the amplifer can be found on the Audio Synthesis website, from which these extracts are taken: "DESIRE DECADE is designed to act as a very high impedance load - 440kohms - to avoid any load distortion of the preamp's output stage. It provides a user selectable gain to facilitate use with either a passive preamp, or a standard active preamp." "The DECADE range is fitted with German precision WBT input and output connectors with dependable Swiss XLRs for the switchable balanced input. For ultimate transparency all input connectors are attached directly to the individual channel boards and solidly bolted to the substantial rear panel for long term trouble-free use. To preserve the transients originally present in live music it is particularly essential that all output current paths are of low inductance. In DESIRE DECADE this is accomplished through four solid, high purity silver star quads, each individually Teflon insulated and with in excess of 12mm squared of silver. A total of eight terminals per stereo amplifier are fitted and to eliminate interaction between speaker drive units, all bi-wiring is directly wired back to the common output devices and high current earth return star point." I've been very happy with this amplifier, and used it to drive B&W speakers and then, more recently, Monitor Audio Platinum series. The reason I am selling the amplifier is that I am now using a Bryston. I am willing to consider shipping abroad, but the purchaser will have to pay for the postage and insurance. I live in Norfolk. I am looking for about 900 GBP for this well regarded amp, but will consider offers. I'm happy to answer any questions.
  10. Servicing Needed! Hello, everyone. I'm writing to ask whether anyone has recently communicated with David Heaton. My Desire Decade seems to have developed a problem, and probably requires attention. I emailed the Audio Synthesis "technical@..." address at the weekend (and later left a phone message), but haven't had a reply yet. David might simply be away at the moment, but I thought I ought to check whether it's known if he is still regularly servicing equipment. Simon C. PS: I had connected the amp via the balanced inputs for the first time in several years, and when it came out of standby there was a bang from one or both speakers and (I think) the internal fuses on the amp blew out. The amp was connected correctly (inc. the rear switches "down") and to a source whose balance output is functioning correctly. If anyone else has had the same experience I'd like to hear from them. (Just to be clear: the amp had been connected "single ended" (RCA sockets) up until a week before trying the balanced input).
  11. Hey Simon


    did you ever sell your sub?




  12. Yes, not all PS3s play SACDS. Look at the table here: http://www.ps3sacd.com/faq.html I did have someone offer me a PS3 used for ripping but the seller wanted 250-350 GBP for it which I thought excessive. (I can't remember the exact figure.) I might still have the email address of the seller if you are rich and interested. SC.
  13. I have tried eBay and, for each unit for sale that I investigated, I had to ask the owner what the model number and firmware revision was. (They rarely state them in the ads.) The one I bought - which should have worked - failed to recognise SACDs because it had some fault or other. My only recommendation is to keep trying eBay. It's what I'll have to do. SC.
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