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  1. Well Good Evening folks. I've not been on here for a while due to various reasons. Mainly life lol. Anyway, Its lovely to see this thread still going. I still have my Rega system, Small as it is. I've moved things around a bit since I last posted as I've moved my Partington rack into the bedroom to accommodate my growing Arcam system. I'll get some photo's up later when I can get some day time shots I'm hoping to get a Rega CD transport soon followed by some floorstanders to replace my Monitor Audio Bronze BR2's. ( Which are joining my Arcam system. ) Please keep posting and hopefully I'll have a CD transport related update soon
  2. Haha isn't it just?! I know its not everyones cup of tea & if I had an extra room I'ld have it as a listening room, Alas we can't all have all the rooms we want, So I have to keep all of my hobbies in one space. lol
  3. A little Update. I got fed up with the TV being way too high for my eye level and my neck was suffering from it lol... So we took the unit apart and "modified" it - Before - And After - Its only a matter of inches, But its made a HUGE difference! With this lower position the Viewing angle is now perfect and we're now noticing more of what this TV can actually do. Really happy with the outcome
  4. I just noticed there is no thread for Technics Owners apart from a turntable specific one. Im sure Im not the only member here who owns/owned products from this Japanese Giant? And with the return of this much loved brand I thought now would be a great time to start this thread! [video=youtube;y4NY0i425sw] http://andreweverard.com/2014/09/03/technics-the-comeback/ Ill get a list up later but I still own CD Player Minidisc Recorder Tape Deck 2x SL1200 MKII 2x SL1210 M3D 2x SLBD22 And I plan to get another amp, Tuner, DSP etc... I'll always have technics gear in my home, Even if its in storage until I decide to rotate my system. So who else is a Technics owner, Past or Present. And what are your views/feelings on the rebirth of the brand? All the best Paul - - - Updated - - - Im waiting in anticipation to see a new AV Receiver, DAB/Internet Radio, Maybe even some portable gear??? Lets hope some great products are on the way....
  5. My happy Place... Recently Ive taken a pause in upgrading my hi-fi and started sorting my very out of date home cinema. Its a lot of gear in one room and Im extremely lucky to have an understanding wife. Ild have a separate cinema room if I could but alas we're not in that place yet lol.
  6. Ive heard good things about the Viso's. Im quite tempted myself
  7. This. he has got a bit of a workload on, But coming from a "waiting" customer I assure you he will get around to your order. like monya said, best way is to pm him on Head-Fi. His cables are definitely worth the wait
  8. Little bump, How did you get on with this?
  9. I've just killed two birds with one stone and bought a Sony DTC-60ES DAT Player/Recorder. I have always wanted a DAT deck and always drooled over the ES gear with the Wooden panels. Anyhoo, I know the ES series has quite a following so thought I'ld throw this thread up for fellow owners/collectors/enthusiasts! I'll get some pics up once she's here and all set up. Lets see what ya got
  10. Looks like Richer Sounds and Sevenoaks Stock it, Not sure what dealers are in your part of the woods...
  11. Sorry for going off on a tangent there, Thought it may be a solution for you. The cambridge audio is something I've been looking at with great interest. It may work if you get a lightning to 30pin adaptor, But then the iPhone would either have to sit somewhere else or not fit properly. Will have to do some finding out.... - - - Updated - - - Here you go, Arcam have something for you... http://www.arcam.co.uk/products,rSeries,iPod-Docks,rDockuni.htm
  12. Trust me I get out a lot! Lol & I have the gear to take out with me, So Ive always got a good sound source. But there are days like today where this hobby becomes very therapeutic for me, But hey ho..
  13. Not a Dock but look up the Cypherlabs Algorythm Solo. Any CL gear really. If you can afford it its amazing stuff and as an added bonus to you can be used in a portable rig ( Its intended purpose! ) Its one of the more renowned iDevice specific DAC's in the Headphile community EDIT, Not being biased, There are obviously other iDevice friendly brands out there - Vamp Verza Centrance JVC Fostex Onkyo TEAC Wadia All make great iDevice DAC's ( & Headphone Amps ) At varied prices.
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