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  1. I have an original too, boxed. I think there is a small crack in the lid. I am in Cornwall, so may be a problem as I wouldn't post.
  2. Still getting severely hammered in Cornwall. Terrible wind and rain, but still got to Truro for a curry , Thanks to Michelin Cross Climate tires and my lad picking us up.
  3. Whatever sounds best to you. Impedance of the Speakers will vary with Frequency, so its difficult to say.
  4. Not Yet! Bloody Wet n Windy down 'ere in Cornwall and I think its just getting started.
  5. I would be a bit cautious with WD40. Back in the 80's, with a Sinclair Spectrum, I had a Robot arm and spraying with WD40 seized the plastic components beyond repair. Quite aggressive on plastics IMO.
  6. Digital Cables normally consist of a central conductor and a screen with an overall impedance of 75 Ohms. Most RCA interconnects use 2 Conductors for Signal and Ground, plus a screen. I doubt you will hear any difference, but I normally use RG59 Spec for Digital and Analogue. Just don't buy a cable with a copper plated Conductor as I am not sure what the base metal is and solid copper Cables are cheap as chips anyway.
  7. Quite often, the effects on Dolby 5.1 are more pronounced and identifiable than many full 7.1 and HD Atmos soundtracks. I have to admit, I have loads of Dolby 5.1 Blu Rays that still give really good effects, its only when you get a well engineered soundtrack on 7.1 or Atmos that you really notice the gains. I use Dirac Live on my Arcam Processor and it does sound rather stunning with everything. It could also be the audio quality of the Rotel is superior to that of the Yamaha/Sherbourne Combo. Have you tried playing the same 5.1 through both systems? I always use an SPL meter when setting up my volumes, plus the supplied Microphones with most Receivers are pretty crap, I use a Umik1 on my Arcam.
  8. If you reroute the sub cable, can you get it so the neon stays off? It will probably be Ok to plug the Sub in as the Chassis of the amp may be floating (double insulated) and will earth out when connected to the sub. Make sure everything is completely powered off when connecting though. I would turn the sub gain down and recalibrate, by turning the gain on the receiver up. It probably won't reduce the switch on thump, but may help, but also it will stop your sub switching off at low listening levels.
  9. With regard to voltage on the RCA cable, it is probably induced by noise picked up from nearby mains cables. I have measured 50 volts AC plus with a very high impedance multimeter on my RCA, so try and keep Signal and Mains apart and crossover the cables at 90 degrees if you can. I doubt there is much to keep the switch on thump down with the MA sub,( the amps are pretty crap and built to a budget) have you tried with the gain very low and with the sub connected?
  10. I have just bit the bullet and got a 65 inch Panasonic FZ802. I am staggered at the difference in PQ between my 50 inch PG10 Plasma, I wasn't expecting such a huge improvement. Strangely, the Picture Quality at home is much more impressive than in the shop. I am a happy bunny.
  11. There should me metal links (unscreened) between the pre and power terminals, so it functions as an integrated amp. Do you have them?
  12. You asked the same question on the AV Forums in June. No, it is not class D it is class A/B
  13. The XTZ EDGE-A300 is a fine sounding amp. Drives my Martin Logans very well, uses B & O ICEpower. I'm well impressed.
  14. Hi Steve, I have a Sony BDP-S7200 which has had little use. Has a couple of minor scratches on top. Plays SACD too. Boxed with hardly used remote. I would take £50. PM me if interested. Would have to sort Postage from Cornwall. Cheers Mike
  15. I am in the same situation as yourself. Have seen some lovely OLED TV's from several manufacturers, but there are lots of complaints about Screen Burn after a few months of use. I also looked at the QLED from Samsung and it looks really stunning initially, but the Black Images are nowhere as deep as an OLED and off axis you lose the image quickly. Have a look on AV Forums and see what you think. Good Luck, Mike