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  1. mfin

    USB Cables

    Don't worry I agree completely that they do. I was just commenting in the context of the gear the OP is saying he has. Sablon Reserva is the best USB cable I've experienced by the way.
  2. mfin

    USB Cables

    The context of USB cables for the OP with the particular two bits of kit he's connecting is, I feel, more specific that some of the replies. For example, someone is mentioning Sablon, and those are amazing cables, but overkill here. The question first should be, how is the OP connecting and playing the music from the Mac Mini to the Auralic G1, and I don't mean "with a USB cable". Then it can be looked at as to how this could be done differently/better. The wider topic of USB cables is, well, a wider topic! There are systems where USB cables make an immediate and noticeable difference, and there are systems where there will be far less in it and it's much more effective to start addressing other things for better gains.
  3. iFi iPurifier 3 for sale £70 posted UK mainland only Anyone looking probably knows what it does. Typically you'd plug this in the back of your dac and then put your USB cable into the back of this instead. No configuration needed at all.
  4. For sale, Curious USB cable, it is what they call their regen link, but all that means is it is short, a good thing if you don't need a long usb cable for connecting a streamer etc to your dac, or of course if you have some kind of USB regen device sitting in between your digital source and dac and want a short cable for one side of that. £75 delivered, UK mainland only. PM me if interested
  5. Sorry, it is SOLD... I missed the comments on here (it only alerts me about PMs), but I'd already sold it, it went very quickly.
  6. KingRex Mk2 5v Linear Power Supply £150 posted (UK mainland only). SOLD There aren't that many good 5v LPSUs like this around it seems... Comes with original DC cable and an upgraded one. The thin output cable is the original one. The thicker cable is a Ghent Audio one, (I use them on all my Linear Power supplies as they are brilliant) The Ghent one is 2.1mm and I believe (by looking at the ends) that the original one is 2.5mm, I could be wrong but don't think I am. PM me if interested
  7. Oh, I forgot to say, it can save all the attached expensive items from power spikes and it has a bit of reserve power to get through a momentary power cut too.
  8. I don't think these often come up for sale, and I thought I'd never sell it but I am moving to a completely different setup so I no longer need it. I think a lot of people were gutted it was discontinued really, as it's bigger brother was overkill, potentially noisy in comparison and it didn't have IEC outlets so you'd end up with a load of fuses in use that you didn't need and maybe even an extension block. So, this is 500w and gives a constant 230v of pure mains, it makes a big difference on things like sources, dacs, preamps, turntables and phono stages. The only thing you wouldn't use it for is any kind of integrated amp or power amp as it doesn't gel with them even if the current draw is within spec. It can be vertical like in the photo, or the feet come off for horizontal, it is heavy and 2U height and width. I first put this on a preamp and was really impressed, then used it to power low draw devices, you can even feed linear power supplies from it if you wanted to go mad. There are 4 cables I am including, 3 are Missing Link Opus cables re-terminated to have Martin Kaiser silver plated IECs, the other is an MCRU one which I forget what it was. Missing Link Opus are fantastic cables for low current draw items like the things I mention above, I never found anything significantly better but found many worse (I believe the MCRU one was £50. Regular Opus cables with a mains plug at one end are £99 each from Missing Link). Ok.... this is collection only, far too heavy to post, and this his Herefordshire (Note, Herefordshire NOT Hertfordshire). £425 ono SOLD the lot, and a great upgrade path if you have several low current draw separates you can power from it, but worth it even for one item in many cases. PM me if interested.
  9. Due to changing my whole hifi, I'm selling my favourite USB cable as I no longer need USB cables. It's a 0.7m Phasure Lush, £130 inc delivery. SOLD I tried a good few and found this to be my clear favourite (I bought it new at £267 delivered). PM me if interested!
  10. I have a KingRex linear power supply that's 12v, I'd be after £150 delivered It has a upgraded output cable too I'll include with it.
  11. Soundcare Superspikes just adjusted to get some tilt is easiest, they work well on hard floors and don't cost too much. Isoacoustics Gaia a more expensive option. I'd go for tilting as others have said, doesn't take much tilt at all for an average listening distance to achieve the same as a 6" raise, a simple bit of trigonometry would work it out.
  12. mfin

    Toslink cable

    Also, check in the TV's settings that the audio output is set to stereo, if it's changed and is outputting any form of surround signal then your dac won't be able to handle it and not give any sound. Another thing is check the TV isn't on mute. Many digital outs on TVs also are affected by selecting mute. If you lower the volume of the TV down to zero instead of mute the digital out will still work in these cases. Also, has the cable simply fallen out!?
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